Essential Super-Villain Team-Up, Vol. 1

Essential Super Villain Team Up Vol None

  • Title: Essential Super-Villain Team-Up, Vol. 1
  • Author: Gerry Conway Roy Thomas Steve Englehart
  • ISBN: 9780785115458
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
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      320 Gerry Conway Roy Thomas Steve Englehart
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    534 thoughts on “Essential Super-Villain Team-Up, Vol. 1”

    1. Essential Supervillain Team-Up, Volume 1 collects the Dr. Doom stories from Astonish Tales (a comic that paired Doom with.Tarzan rip-off Kazar? The hell?) and all of the Super-Villain Team-Up issues. The first part of the book is arguably the best, with Dr. Doom fending off incursions on his territory by the former Crown Prince of Latveria, Rudolfo, and by The Red Skull (along with his utterly ludicrous team called "The Exiles"). The second half, which could just as easily be called "Dysfunction [...]

    2. Once again, we have one of those "They reprinted that?" moments with this Marvel Essentials volume. This was never the most popular series to begin with, hence the short life span. But it did have some fun moments. The book doesn't just reprint the Super-Villain Team-Up series, but also the Dr. Doom series from Astonishing Tales in the early seventies. That series featured the artwork of the legendary Wally Wood, and is simply beautiful in black-and-white, though it still seems a little out of s [...]

    3. Marvel creates a comic where two of its most arrogant, short tempered characters team up, fall out and battle each other, re-join forces and break up again and all of the marvel universe gets caught in the middle.Dr. Doom and Prince Namor are great characters and there efforts to further their perspective plots and quests and occasionally fight evil, in their own special way are quite entertaining and dramatic.What's equally interesting is the varied ensemble supporting cast that shows up to hel [...]

    4. I enjoyed this, mainly fuelled by nostalgia admittedly! I have a few of the individual issues in my collection, so it was nice to read the issues that precede and follow. Yes, it has dated, but considering the stories date back some 40 odd years that's got to be expected.The stories are popcorn fun-lightweight, quick to read and quick to forget but no less worth reading for it. In comparison to some of the doom and gloom and realism of today's comics it's a welcome diversion.And what's not to li [...]

    5. Testata storica degli anni 70 dedicata alle alleanze tra i maggiori avversari degli eroi Marvel, presenta delle buone storie accanto ad altre meno buone. Il Dr. Destino la fa da padrone, affiancato da Namor, ma con ottime presenze di un cattivo come il Teschio Rosso e tante guest stars.

    6. Namor and Doctor Doom yell at each other, get in fights, team-up, break up and re-team-up for about 500 pages. In other words, it's pretty much the greatest work of literature ever.

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