The Bridesmaid

The Bridesmaid After years of watching couples come to blows over ice sculptures Abby wants no part of the family wedding planning business Then Abby s sister Carol does the unthinkable she announces she s getting

  • Title: The Bridesmaid
  • Author: Hailey Abbott
  • ISBN: 9781417691036
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After years of watching couples come to blows over ice sculptures, Abby wants no part of the family wedding planning business Then Abby s sister Carol does the unthinkable she announces she s getting married and wants Abby to be her maid of honor.

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      245 Hailey Abbott
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    1. Hailey Abbott

      Hailey Abbott grew up in Southern California, where she split her time between creative writing and creative beaching She is the author of Summer Boys, Next Summer A Summer Boys Novel, The Bridesmaid, Getting Lost with Boys, and The Secrets of Boys Hailey now lives in New York City Her first book was Summer Boys, published in 2004, the first of a series It was described as escapist beach reading by the School Library Journal.

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    1. Onvan : The Bridesmaid - Nevisande : Hailey Abbott - ISBN : 385732201 - ISBN13 : 9780385732208 - Dar 272 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2005

    2. Book club book of the month down. I didn't love it. I didn't hate it. I was seriously annoyed with the MC a bunch and frustrated at the highly unbelievable plot and "twists" but you know's a contemporary so I have to lower my expectations.

    3. This is a story about a girl named Abby who's parents run a catering hall that hosts weddings. She hates weddings, calling most brides "Bridezillas" and she and hersister Carolo make a pact to never get married. After Carol comes home from college with a ring on her finger, things start to go a little crazy. An Italian exchange program, a (maybe) cheating groom, and a possible relationship with a life-long friend.This book, in my opinion, was not very good. Sure, it had a few jokes, it was easy [...]

    4. Abby's family has always been in the wedding business and she and her older sister, Carol, hate it! They vow to never become brides. When Carol finally graduates from Harvard, Abby is so excited to have her sister back home for the summer, so it can be "us" vs. "them." But Carol has a surprise for the family--she's engaged! Such a cute, funny story about how wedding planning can turn a family inside out. Just a side note---there was swearing in it---a LOT of "goshes" and a few of the other typic [...]

    5. Abby's sister Carol told her she was getting married to some dude named Tucker who hasn't even met Carol's family yet. Her parents are excited though because they are in the wedding buisness and are exstatic to plan their own daughters wedding. Abby though is not excited about the wedding because she hates weddings because people always go over blows about stupid stuff and brides always become bridezilla's. Will Tucker and Carol actually get married? Read this book to find out.I loved this book [...]

    6. I absolutely LOVED this book! It had so many of my favorite elements – a girlie plot, fun characters, a unique situation, and some romance too. What more could a book-lover ask for?I liked reading about the process of planning a wedding. I know that I don’t want to turn into a Bridezilla when my wedding comes around. I want to keep a cool head!

    7. With all of the books I have been reading I am so happy to have read a piece of fluffy, grin ear to ear feel good book. Loved the characters. I connected to all of them. Loved it.

    8. What can I possibly say about this book to show everyone my complete disdain for it? Giving it even one star is being so generous to it it makes me want to just delete the whole thing from my shelves, that's how awful it is. Awful writing, awful(and selfish) characters, awful plot, awful everything.Let's start with the writing. It was possibly the most bland, annoying, boring writing I've read. And I've read Twilight and Once in a Full Moon. At least those books had interesting words in them(lik [...]

    9. This is a fluffy book aimed at young people in grades 7-10. It is about a girl (16 or 17) named Abby who grows up in the wedding industry – both her parents are wedding planners. As such, she and her older sister Carol (who just graduated from Harvard) make a childhood promise NEVER to get married. This summer, Carol comes home with a fiance and all hell breaks loose. Abby is a good protagonist. She is a tomboy who loves soccer and has a crush on the boy who works in the bakery. She hates wedd [...]

    10. I read THE BRIDESMAID about five years ago and remembered it as a sweet romance with some funny moments. The library's copy was lost, so when I replaced it, I decided to do a reread.Abby and her sister, Carol, promised each other as children to never get married. Falling in love was okay, but no wedding. You see, they grew up watching many a bride turn into a Bridezilla through their parents' wedding planning and reception hall business. When Carol comes home from college and announces she's eng [...]

    11. This book was really cute just not realalistic AT ALL!!! I mean really I don't want to give anything away but it really was so unrealistic it was almost silly. Alright first off in this book I find the main character Abby totally unrelatable. She seems to me ditsy. Yes it is great that she decides to really pitch in and help her sister Carol who turns out to be a complete bridezilla but everything that comes out of her mouth seems to be over the top. Like, for example, who yells at there parents [...]

    12. this book should be called Maid of Honor because Abby was not the bridesmaid. she is 16 years old so understandably she was sometimes immature, a bit selfish and naive. i was doubtful if the wedding would really push through because i thought her sister was awfully young to get married and was Abby the only sane person to think that they might be making a mistake? i would assume that any person would go ballistic if they find out their daughter/son is getting married to someone they have only me [...]

    13. Abby's parents run Dove's Roost, a wedding planning service. After seeing Bridezilla after Bridezilla, she and her older sister make a pact that they will never get married, which lasts until her sister's college graduation. carol, a vegetarian activist Harvard grad, is smitten with a truck driving rancher from CO. Mom and Dad have viewed their careers as practice to give their daughters perfect weddings, so in spite of everyone's belief they won't be irrational as all the Dove'd Roost's clients [...]

    14. - I can see my sister and I promising each other we were never going to get married!! ha ha!- Abby is pretty annoying. She is really selfish and ornery. She doesn't quite think things through.- Seems like the time period is in the early 90s.- Carol is super inconsiderate of Abby. I would freak out if my sister changed my computer preferences and took over my room. - This book reminds me of how painful it is to plan a wedding. Seriously, engagements and planning a wedding sucks!! I wish I had elo [...]

    15. Good chick lit, this time exchanging the angle of another religion for the discomfort of love triangles and soap operatic entanglements. Notice how I always call these good chick lit, not good books. The genre itself, in my mind, prevents that, because a good novel that is chick lit will have something not chick lit-y that overwhelms the female drama and sugary romances, like how in Pride and Prejudice we have brilliant characters to follow around. Weddings! There's not much else to say about th [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book. Abbey had me in stiches and sometimes in tears. I totally understood Abbey's feelings of abandanment by her older sister. The extra added twist to the bridesmaid story is that the parents have there own "wedding business". They deal with brides, parents of the brides and all the craziness that goes with wedding planning. Then they have to deal with there oldest daughter getting married suddenly. The whole situation makes for a very amusing story. Add to that the fact [...]

    17. I love this! This is the first book I've ever read of Hailey Abbott and I didn't know what I was supposed to expect at first. So I didn't have my hopes up. When I started reading the first few chapters, I have imagined a different ending. But it wasn't something I expected; it took me by surprise and I loved it. I was moved and I think it even got me to tear up a little bit. Family, sisterhood, friendship, love, romance, dramas; everything is mixed up in this one little book. It surely was fun t [...]

    18. I don't feel good about leaving a one star with no comment. It feels very inconsiderate. Unless it was Twilight then whatever.So, I picked up this book because a) I have been dealing with the same drama the main character was going through and b) I thought Hailey Abbott was Rachel Hawthorne who wrote the cute and fun book "Thrill Ride". As it turned out, not all fluffy books are of the same darn feather, so to speak.This book was the cheesecake factory of cheesy moments and unnecessary wordings [...]

    19. This book is about abby whose parents are wedding planners which makes her whole life revolve around weddings so Abby and her sister Carol make a decsion never to marry or become a bridzilla ,but to then Carol shows up and shes getting married. This book deals with Abby feeling like shes going to lose her sister and Abby might end up getting to a relationship too. I just love this book ,but it's hard to find a book that I don't like.

    20. I loved this book because it was sooo much simalar to my favorite movie. Her sister's getting maried. she has to be the bridesmaid. she does everything. she falls in love. sam thing hahah and thats i why i love it and yes i would recomend this book to anyone who has seen 27dresses or that just loves a typeish love story.

    21. Loved it. It was really wedding obsessed, so I had a hard time reading some of it. But as an altogether story it was awesome. I loved the character Noah, just the way he acted and his whole persona was totally real and fun to read. Thank you Kelly Sprecker for recommending this book to me =]

    22. I hated this book. Everything every character did was so freaking annoying. This might be a fun read for a fourth grader, but as a 13-year-old I dreaded this book. Almost everything was predictable, and what wasn't I didn't care about anyway. I would not recommend this book.

    23. really cute. kinda long at some parts but i loved the ending. i'm a total sucker for those of the happy kind. i wish i had a noah, in italy with my friends. minus the soccer. lol

    24. my favorite part of this book is the cake fighting scene. when she shoves the cake in his face and he retaliates. i just thought that part was so adorable. :)

    25. Imo, this is one of the worst books I've ever read. The language was not great and the story was lacking. The story was also super predictable, as it copied off of every straight romance ever. The main character was super oblivious to everything as well whereas everything going on around her was very obvious. I would not recommend to anybody unless they were looking to read a bad book. 1/10 stars.

    26. It's a cute read that surprisingly deals with a range of issues. It is a little too young for me. It started drudging up feelings from when I was a kid and I don't want to feel like a kid again.

    27. All I can do is laugh! I can't believe I actually liked this book when I first read it. Of course it was right up my alley when I was younger, but that's beside the point. The plot, oh the plot. It was ridiculous. A girl who's whole world revolves around weddings and she hates it. That's it. Abby was very self-centered. She made a scene every time she had to do anything remotely related to her sister's wedding. I can't believe it, but I was actually embarrassed for her. Can you do that for a cha [...]

    28. Set in Northwest United States, Abby Beaumont's parents own a family business of planning weddings named Dove's Roost. When Abby and her sister Carol were younger, they both vowed not to ever get married after they've seen soon-to-be-brides go "bridezilla". When Carol returns home she surprises her family with the news that she is getting married and she wants Abby to be her maid of honor. The whole family, mostly Abby, is shocked because her fiance, Tucker Robb, has only been dating Carol for t [...]

    29. Abby's family is a little bit odd in that her parents run a wedding hall and wedding planning business. As a result, Abby has seen every horrible bridezilla and mother of the bride, plate throwing fights and emotional drama. As a result, she vows, with her sister, to never get married. Fast-forward to her sophomore year. Carol, Abby's sister, comes home from college engaged and hopes to plan a wedding in 2 months. Carol morphs into a bridezilla and all the wedding planning threatens to tear her [...]

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