The Presence Process: A Healing Journey Into Present Moment Awareness

The Presence Process A Healing Journey Into Present Moment Awareness Showing us how to step beyond our personal physical mental and emotional afflictions and addictions and by empowering us to facilitate ourselves into wholeness this work aims to take a bold step in

  • Title: The Presence Process: A Healing Journey Into Present Moment Awareness
  • Author: MichaelBrown
  • ISBN: 9780825305375
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
  • Showing us how to step beyond our personal physical, mental and emotional afflictions and addictions, and by empowering us to facilitate ourselves into wholeness, this work aims to take a bold step into a new paradigm of healthcare.

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Until 1989, South African born Michael Brown was living what he had called a blissfully unconscious life as a music journalist He then developed an acutely painful neurological condition for which conventional medicine had neither cure nor relief This caused him to set out on what became an odyssey of self healing His exploration took him into numerous alternative healing modalities then beyond.In the late 90s Michael began to chart a methodical pathway into present moment awareness with intent to develop a practical procedure that anyone, anywhere, could follow to initiate this experience for themselves This procedure became known as The Presence Process In 2002 Michael returned to South Africa and invited others to experience this inner journey He discovered that as others embraced present moment awareness they too automatically experienced release from physical, mental, and emotional discomfort, including psychological disorders and addictions.To make this journey accessible to everyone Michael wrote The Presence Process A Healing Journey Into Present Moment Awareness The Presence Process enables us to take present moment awareness from a mental concept to an abiding experience.Brown, Michael, 1962 from Library of Congress website

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    1. This book is a must-read for everyone seeking emotional maturity so that you no longer end up in emotionally-distraught states. If you suffer from illnesses (curable or incurable), addictions, you feel like your life's stuck, or you feel awful or hopeless, this book's process is what you're looking for.Everyone can benefit greatly from this book. And yet 99.999% of people on the planet don't know how to do what this book teaches--emotional processing. It's the most important thing anyone could e [...]

    2. I've read 'The Presence Process' three times now, and each time I did the ten week program. I even joined a group that discussed this book once a week. I've met people who have read, 'The Presence Process' upwards of 15 times. They've got their copies of the book underlined, highlighted, book marked, annotated and adumbrated. 'The Presence Process' is a clear and easy to understand guidebook for a person looking to heal their emotional body and move more into the present moment. I have found the [...]

    3. "The Presence Process" has captured a man's spiritual evolution from awakening to current moment, allowing the reader to relate to the triumphs and challenges along the journey. He takes the reader through his highly integrative spiritual practices as he faced deep physical pain and offers practical steps of energetic pathways that can foster a powerful relationship to oneself and others, creating a strong foundation to one's very own experience of life in a state of awareness. This book goes ab [...]

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    5. This was the best 25 bucks I have ever spent. It’s a miraculous process for anyone who wants real change. It does take a whole lot of guts to enter the process and it’s a book that’ll find you when you are ripe for the work. The process itself is very simple. Once you recognize the causal point of your distress, it’s simple enough to change. However, your fear, anger, and grief will be brought the surface to be integrated. Staying conscious through the storms these emotions are going to [...]

    6. Best book I have ever red, it really guided me to the way to peaceful mind and spirit.I red this book twice and planning to read it a third time soon.I found the answer of many things I experience and why I face the same situation every time and why i fall in the same problem every time.

    7. Read this twice and benefited from the central message in ways that are still proving to be powerful for me a year later. If you're not ready to be accountable for your life and choices, buy it and dip into maybe just the first chapter for now. When the time is right, revisit it. You will learn about yourself, what holds you back, what keeps you stuck (and all the origins of this behavior) as well as how to move toward and through the drama and trauma to be your best self now!

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    9. After a conversation about how hard it is know what stories were are telling ourselves that keep us mired in the same tired habits of behavior, an acquaintance recommended The Presence Process to me. One can approach this at many levels, but after doing a little exploration about Michael Brown and listening to his overall philosophy and a couple of hours of YouTube audio files by him, I decided that I liked his approach and that it was worth my while to read the book and work through the presenc [...]

    10. Many of us have no clue that we're walking around with a layer of pretense; that our hearts are defended; that we're not meeting life as it comes to us, openly, now, in the moment. We have little clue that we don't have a clue, that we don't have a life, or make a life, but rather we ARE life itself: we're life, we're consciousness expressing and experiencing itself always anew. You can read books. You can visit favorite gurus. You can meditate twice daily, You can walk the walk for months on en [...]

    11. So my therapist (who I really adore) brought this to my attention. I simply don't have the dedication this "process" insists upon. I'm all for finding time for myself, and I think that integration of trauma is indeed important, however the demands of this work require way too much time, effort, and non-variance. I would start to think, "Sure yeah, I can do a variation of this step, and perhaps find it useful", but then I'd read that unless you do EXACTLY what is written, (which again, asks a LOT [...]

    12. I'm in my second reading and so appreciate the insight and the work. It takes courage, and faith. I read another review from a Christian perspective; I too am a Christian, and Browne's language doesn't offend me or put me off in any other way. A rose by any other name is still a rose. I highly suspect that Presence is not offended by being referred to as Presence instead of God or Holy Spirit. It is what it is. Thank you Michael Brown.

    13. This got me into a simple form of meditation involving breathing without pausing -- it's amazing how quickly that quiets thoughts.

    14. This is the ONLY book you will ever need to become the person you were meant to be! Michael's Presence Portal website has tons of free downloads to use as companion books for the process. In 10 weeks you will be a new person.

    15. My first introduction to the term “mindfulness” came while attending a local therapy institute. In fact, my first research paper at this institute regarded mindfulness and the Christian spirituality and how the two can mesh appropriately. This process had such an impact upon me, that I began immediately utilizing it within my recovery progress of transformation and restoration. My cousin mentioned Brown’s book in passing, and then sent me her copy at my curious request. Immediately, I knew [...]

    16. I've completed the Presence Process (as required) and honestly I wonder if it does anything at all. There are stories of it integrating stuck emotional states, bringing you into closer alignment with your authentic self etc. But really? People often describe physical sensations, the feeling of being in an intense level of emotion etc. Yes I experienced that too but at the end of 10 weeks of that my life is no different than at the beginning, in fact much worse off emotionally. As in, my emotiona [...]

    17. Reading it without performing the process is enough to plant seeds in your mind and lead to consequences, but the ultimate gift it strives to offer you is commitment. Your whole life you may have committed yourself to false beliefs and sought relief in spiritual practices. If however that has not led to anything worthwhile, this gives you something less abstract for those who are caught in the mental realm. I must confess I did NOT complete the process. BUT the text alone no doubt introduced me [...]

    18. This book helped me understand my emotional body like nobody else. Great insights on why our lives might be dark, sad and full of grief and how to finally validate emotions ( especially the not so comfortable ) or simply recognize where do they come from and how they project. The awareness you receive is impactful. I did read the book like 5 times thoughe last time I read it, I did the 10 week "journey" with the help of Galali Star, a great medicine woman from Canada that has mastered the book a [...]

    19. This book and the process within is a transformational tool that everyone can benefit from. I read "Be Here Now" many years ago and believe in the importance of being present. But, until I read this book, I did not have the tools to get there. I am very grateful to Michael Brown for writing this book and showing me the way. The process in this book is not for the faint of heart. You must be willing to feel the pain fully in order to integrate your past and become fully present. This book is enli [...]

    20. This book has been life changing for me. My journey started with several amazing recommendations to read the Presence Process. My sister and I have taken the journey together and will never be the same. It is hard to describe the emotions and changes with words, but I feel different and am different. If you are seeking self discovery pick up a copy of this book.

    21. The only book that has ever actually gotten me to meditate on a regular basis. The book has been very good at helping me realize how and why I interact the way I do. Highly recommended if you'd like to do some internal work.

    22. The book is teaching me how to use my breath and stay in the moment, it is pretty powerful and does take discipline.

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    24. Feeling everything is a real joyE emotional cleansing has nothing to do with new age spirituality or world religions.

    25. Frase inicial: "Me proporciona una gran alegría y una enorme satisfacción saber que tiene usted en sus manos El Proceso de la Presencia." Después de leer El poder del ahora de Eckhart Tolle estaba en busca del algo que me ayudara a paso a paso a estar en el momento presente. Es increíble que uno busque métodos, técnicas o guías para estar en lo que deberíamos llamar nuestro estado natural en el sentido de primordial u originario, pero así es. Hemos estado ya demasiado tiempo, demasiado [...]

    26. One of those rare books that go beyond its words and convey its message to the soul who is willing to listen, changing all forever. A trusted map of life dynamics, about the stories we tell ourselves in a no ending fashion to justify our behaviors, about the unattended emotions that drive our compulsions, in sum, the mirage that prevent us to see our life and our world like really is."

    27. Real, down to earth, truthful and practical. This is a book about truth and truth itself. It lies beyond traditions, ideals and concepts and sets its wisdom in truth and only truth.

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