Waking the Dead

Waking the Dead A KILLER IN THE WILDERNESSForensic anthropologist Caitlin Fleming knows bones So she is the first one called when seven sets of skeletal remains are found dumped in a makeshift graveyard in the Oregon

  • Title: Waking the Dead
  • Author: Kylie Brant
  • ISBN: 9780425231142
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A KILLER IN THE WILDERNESSForensic anthropologist Caitlin Fleming knows bones So she is the first one called when seven sets of skeletal remains are found dumped in a makeshift graveyard in the Oregon wilderness The skeletons bear the same distinctive marks and each is minus a skull.Cait needs outdoor guide Zach Sharper for one reason only to help her find her way thA KILLER IN THE WILDERNESSForensic anthropologist Caitlin Fleming knows bones So she is the first one called when seven sets of skeletal remains are found dumped in a makeshift graveyard in the Oregon wilderness The skeletons bear the same distinctive marks and each is minus a skull.Cait needs outdoor guide Zach Sharper for one reason only to help her find her way through the Willamette Forest as she pieces together clues Despite the attraction that burns between them, Cait will let nothing shake her focus Until the killer closes in to terminate the search and the investigators on the verge of unmasking him

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      The mother of five children, Kylie Brant claims she began writing to save her sanity Plotting stories became her method of escape from the reality of constant ball games, chauffeuring kids, and refereeing minor disagreements between her perfect offspring.In 1992 she was elated to get a call from Silhouette offering to buy her second novel Home with laryngitis at the time, she still managed to croak out agreement, and her career was born A few months later she went on to sell Rancher s Choice, the first manuscript she d written.Kylie is married to her high school sweetheart, and they make their home in Iowa She insists that all her heroes are based on her husband of 23 years because he possesses that most heroic of make qualities ironing skills Those abilities come in handy, as she juggles a full time teaching job with writing and a family.Doing things the easy way has never held much appeal for this multi award winning author She graduated with high honors from the University of Northern Iowa A graduation photo shows her in cap and gown holding her two sons, one aged 16 months and the other three weeks She went on to obtain a teaching job working with learning disabled children while completing her master s degree at night and during summers There was a time in my life when I could imagine myself as a life long student, she recalls I actually toyed with the idea of pursuing a doctorate But instead, my life took a spin and I ended up writing romances I ve never regretted it Her family has since been completed by the birth of another son and a set of twins, a boy and a girl.Kylie s books are regularly featured on bestseller lists such as Waldenbooks and B Dalton Bookseller With over a million copies of books in print, her novels have been distributed in 20 countries and released in seven languages.Family and friends are the main focus of Kylie s life When she isn t writing or teaching, she enjoys reading and flower gardening She loves traveling, preferring beach, ocean, and room service.

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    1. 3.5The series is getting better with each new book. Hopefully, I haven't just jinxed it.If you're in the right mood for a romantic suspense featuring two great characters who at first seem worlds apart, a killer who upped the sickness factor to ten, sheriff who wants to be a governor while trying to do her job at the same time, then Waking the Dead might be for you. You know how in these types of stories you know what to expect. There is a gruesome murder or murders, a member of a team is sent t [...]

    2. Seven skeletal remains (sans the skulls) have been found in a cave in Oregon and former teen model turned forensic anthropologist Cait Fleming, one of the Mindhunters, is called to lend a helping hand in identifying the remains, determine whether there are signs of foul play, and find the bad guy.Roped in by the sheriff, former Army Ranger turned wilderness tour guide and quasi-hermit, Zach Sharper is tasked with the duty of chauffeur for the big-city consultant, but soon finds his initial grudg [...]

    3. Привет, Кости))Ладно, не совсем Кости.Кейт Флеминг – судебный антрополог из команды Рэйкера. А в юности была весьма успешной моделью. Но мозг победил, и Кейт долгие годы потратила на то, чтобы ее воспринимали как специалиста, а не как «девочку с обложки». Собственно, до сих по [...]

    4. This is the third book in Kylie Brant's "Mindhunter" series, and it was absolutely BRILLIANT!!This book had it all chills, thrills, romance, an über-bad-ass lead male, and a kick-ass-super-smart female lead.The writing and characters were amazing, and the author had me engaged right till the very end trying to figure out "who did it".By the end of the story I was likeaarrrrrr WHO DID IT?? and then finally, the Author tied everything up nicely Can't wait to read the next book in this series!

    5. It's a 3.5 for me.This book reads like an episode from Bones and as I was a fan of the show can't say it didn't work for me. What bothered me a little but not enough to ruin my enjoyment was: The ending was a bit rushed, the fact that Sharper found her and not the cops, the fact that the killer tried to murder her and then conveniently died (otherwise can't believe they would have found him), the fact that no FBI was present on this case, the fact that although I liked the main two characters se [...]

    6. This was easily the best of the Mindhunters books so far. The chemistry between the hero and heroine was smokin' and the Oregon woods were so real they were almost another character. Can't wait for the next set of these books to come out.

    7. This is my second read by Kylie Brant and won't be my last. Cait Fleming is a forensic anthropologist (think CSI/NCIS) whose specialty is bones. She's called in as a special investigator to a scene in Oregon where a local outdoor guide has found 7 sets of remains deep in a cave, all without skulls. Cait knows her stuff and works for and has proven herself to the highly respected firm called The Mindhunters. Unfortunately, she's hampered by her looks. You see, Cait was a teen model. A very succes [...]

    8. WOW! Just finished #3 and it was fantastic. I only hope there will be more of these "Mindhunters" books. I'm anxious for more information on the leader, Raiker.

    9. No surprises in this book. It delivers exactly what you'd expect after reading the first two books in the series. Which means it had its good points but there were quite a few areas that could use improvement.Series Note:Third book in the "Mindhunters" series about Raiker Forensics, an independent forensics agency and the people who work there.Summary:When 7 headless skeletons are found in the Oregon wilderness, Raiker Forensics investigator Caitlin Fleming (a forensic anthropologist and former [...]

    10. It occurred to me while reading Brant’s romantic thriller that I was reading what Kathy Reichs’s Temperance Brennan might have been if Reichs had lost a few IQ points and had Tempe have rough sex with Andrew Ryan throughout the book. As thrillers go, it’s pretty good but it’s not Thomas Harris-level good and as romances go, it falls flat.The setting is picturesque Willamette Forest in Oregon, where a nature guide, Zach Sharper, finds garbage bags containing human bones in a remote cave i [...]

    11. I really liked itI still think the first book of this series was my favorite, though. I love Kylie Brant's writing style. I love that her characters have been through some serious stuff in the past. They're all just a little bit messed up, but I think that's part of what draws them together.I enjoyed the character of Cait, the ex-model turned forensic anthropologist/investigator. At first, I thought she was a little too hard, but I can see where that came from with her crazy mother and the traum [...]

    12. The third book in Kylie Brant's Mindhunters' series; and so far, I'd say the best of the three.In Waking the Dead, I enjoyed the suspense, liked the characters, the writing is easy to read and follow, enjoyed the romantic aspect, the bedroom scenes are close to a trashy romance novel, but that's okay with me, I just wish the story had a little more development, wish we got into the mind of the UNSUB a little more, felt a little more emotion, if it just had that little extra umph it would turn th [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this suspenseful novel! The characters were interesting, the suspense just right, the setting enticing. Cait is a former model turned forensic anthropologist called in to identify several bags of human bones found in an unexplored cave in central Oregon. She soon determines there is a serial killer or killers at work in the area, as none of the skeletons are complete. She teams up with a local guide who happens to be ex special forces to explore the area and track down the murde [...]

    14. I miss living in Eugene, Oregon and this book brought all those reasons back to the forefront of my mind. I enjoyed visiting my old stomping grounds and am very glad I never came across any bags of bones while out hiking.I liked the dynamic between former model turned forensic anthropologist Caitlin Fleming and outdoor guide Zach Sharper. They had a very antagonistic relationship that eventually turned romantic. I found the mystery intriguing and it kept me guessing right until the reveal. Anoth [...]

    15. I liked this book more than I thought I would from the "preview page" on the inside. I thought the female lead was someone most women could relate too even if she was a former model. I liked her brains and her guts as well as her independence. The male lead had issues that were understandable given his background and so I could forgive his sometimes stupid comments and actions. I did have it figured out before the big reveal at the end but not until very late in the book so it definitely kept me [...]

    16. I really like this book. In this Mindhunter book you meet ex-Model now Forensic anthropologist Cait Fleming. Cait knows bones. And outdoor guide Zach Sharper. Zach is the outdoor guide that happens upon 7 set of bones each minus the skulls. Because she is one of the best Forensic anthropologist in the country Cait who is a member of the Mindhunter team is called in to investigate and find out what happened. Zach is there to assist her even though he only thinks of her as the ex-model. Brant agai [...]

    17. Well it took me her first two books to really pay attention so in this third book i looked at all the characters because who else is going to be guilty party. At first I thought it was going to be similar to book two but it was not and she added a twist to whom the guilty party were. I made a pretty good guess which turned out be mostly right. It's not my usual uf book but a mystery with a bit of romance but alot of suspense. I am looking forward to book four.

    18. Much better use of the setting than in her previous Mindhunters work - the Eugene caves and forests seemed realistic. As far as characters, Zach and Caitlin are probably my favorite pairing out of the three - their interaction makes sense and they seem to have a connection. I also liked the bit of forensic anthropology thrown in, although Kathy Reichs' Temperance Brennan novels have that element in spades and more.

    19. This is more like a 3.5 Stars. I took me a lot time to warm up to the main couple. They didn't seem to have sexual tension, more like like complete opposites that only know how to snap at each other. It just didn't feel like romantic chemistry. They got better as the book went on and the mystery part was great. I really liked the forensic anthropology details and the hunt for the killer.

    20. I enjoyed this story as an excellent piece of fiction. The scientific portions of the story were well researched and the plot was plausible. I enjoyed the meeting of two strong characters and the dispelling of myths about beauty and intelligence. There was a plot twist at the end that took me by surprise. I greatly enjoyed this book.

    21. It was good, but long. It dragged in several parts and some of the subplots were totally unnecessary. The main character was strong and likable, but some of the other characters seemed like they should have played a bigger part the way the author took the time to flesh them out so thoroughly. I still liked it tho.

    22. This is the last of the series that I needed to read. The romance portions were quite developed but again, I felt the wrap up of the plot was a bit weak. I probably would not read this series again if I had known they were romantic suspense.

    23. I love this series with the story line that grabs you and holds on till the end. Its a book that you read in one sitting because you can't put it down. The details with how the cases are solved is really realistic and interesting

    24. I liked that other characters found the heroine irritating because of her overwhelming self-confidence, and that she never got smacked down and remained awesome throughout the book. My kind of romance novel.

    25. I've read 2 of Brant's books and this is the best one. Both seemed to be written using the same formula: Strong lead characters with a challening past and irresistible attraction. I didn't catch on to the twist till about 3/4 into the book which makes it an excellent mystery/thriller.

    26. I can't wait to read more of "The Mindhunter" series. Great suspense and plot, well-written characters. This felt very believable.

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