Fantasmas do Passado

Fantasmas do Passado Em um jovem deficiente condenado pelo assass nio da sua av Em Harold suicida se na pris o Trinta anos mais tarde um antrop logo publica um ensaio com o nome Mentes Perturbadas um estudo

  • Title: Fantasmas do Passado
  • Author: Minette Walters
  • ISBN: 9789722341677
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback
  • Em 1970, um jovem deficiente condenado pelo assass nio da sua av Em 1973, Harold suicida se na pris o Trinta anos mais tarde, um antrop logo publica um ensaio com o nome Mentes Perturbadas, um estudo sobre os erros da m quina judicial brit nica com base no caso de Harold Stamp, que Hughes acredita ter sido condenado injustamente Na sequ ncia dessa publica o, recebeEm 1970, um jovem deficiente condenado pelo assass nio da sua av Em 1973, Harold suicida se na pris o Trinta anos mais tarde, um antrop logo publica um ensaio com o nome Mentes Perturbadas, um estudo sobre os erros da m quina judicial brit nica com base no caso de Harold Stamp, que Hughes acredita ter sido condenado injustamente Na sequ ncia dessa publica o, recebe uma diversidade de cartas de pessoas que de alguma forma tinham estado pr ximas daquele julgamento tr gico e entre elas encontra se George Gardener, que tem os seus pr prios motivos para acreditar na inoc ncia de Harold A coopera o entre ambos revelar se extremamente proveitosa, mas o mist rio adensa se pelo facto de muitos dos intervenientes j terem morrido, ou n o estarem interessados em revelar certas verdades Um dos romances mais interessantes de uma grande senhora do policial brit nico contempor neo.

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    1. Minette Walters

      Minette Walters born 26 September 1949 is a British mystery writer After studying at Trevelyan College, University of Durham, she began writing in 1987 with The Ice House, which was published in 1992 She followed this with The Sculptress 1993 , which received the 1994 Edgar Award for Best Novel She has been published in 35 countries and won many awards.The Sculptress has been adapted for television in a BBC series starring Pauline Quirke Her novels The Ice House, The Echo, The Dark Room, and The Scold s Bridle have also been adapted by the BBC.

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    1. I can understand why there are some negative opinions about this book. It is not her best - not least because the twists and turns are so complicated and the ending lacks the satisfaction of the more normal "villain is found and gets punished" we are so used to. Also, the interesting main characters in the first part of the book, Jonathan, George and Andrew seem to fade away completely in the second half only to re-appear at the very end. Jonathan's metamorphosis from self-loathing to self accep [...]

    2. * Recommended for 18+ Strong themes including sexual abuse, suicide and murder.I am really enjoying Minette Walters novels, they all seem to have one thing in common; the strong taboo topics people dont like talking about even today and the differences in life/people/attitudes, etc between the 70's, 80's, 90s to now.Walters knows how to deliver a story with a slow progression uphill, slowly attracting the reader deeper and deeper until they want exactly what the MC wants- justice,vengeance or re [...]

    3. Excellent 'mystery' by Minette Walters. I think she is one of the unique mystery writers I've ever read. Each story I've read is uniquie in its own right and covers different aspects of human behaviour. In this story, two investigators, one a university professor and the other a town councillor, Jonathan and George, delve into the past to try and prove that a convicted murderer, a young man with mental difficulties, who committed suicide in prison, was, in fact, innocent of the murder. The trail [...]

    4. 2.5 stars rounded up to 3Well, Der Aussenseiter is definitely difficult to rate. I liked the general topic of the book - a journalist and a city councilior are working together in order to proove that a severe judicial error has been made in the case of Howard Stamp - a young man who has been convicted for murdering his grandmother. I also enjoyed the different perspectives the author has been offering during the investigations and I liked the newspaper articles, the emails and the protocols tha [...]

    5. I appreciate the message Walters was trying to deliver, I do, what she was saying here is terribly important. She did manage to say what she wanted to albeit incoherently, it became a bit garbled as it came out. I read on and the writing style, the entire plot became exceedingly contrived. I think this is her most jumbled novel. Look, it happens sometimes; writers get burn out all the time, some even write. I remember Joe Abercrombie saying he was burned out during the making of Red Country and [...]

    6. I have to agree with the many reviewers who said this was not one of Ms. Walters' best. At the risk of repeating others'viewpoints, I have to say it was too long and the ending does not provide any real resolution. Although the author is usually quite good in presenting the psychological profiles of her characters, I felt that in this novel she lingered a bit too much on the insecurities of her protagonists.Having said that, I still think she is a unique crime writer and I encourage fans of this [...]

    7. I was wary about reading this book, primarily because crime is a genre I've never read before, especially adult crime and secondly because lots of people have said that this isn't one of Minette Walters' better books. I'm glad I decided to start this though because from page 1, I was pulled in and engaged with the plot, the characters and the mystery. Jonathan Hughes and Georgina Gardener are two amateur investigators who are convinced of Howard Stamp's (a man with mental disabilities who was co [...]

    8. "Como o meu pai tanto gostava de dizer, que se pode esperar de um porco senão grunhidos?"Minette Walters conta-nos uma história que aconteceu há mais de 30 anos, intercalando a narração do passado e do presente, com excertos de livros, relatórios policiais e emails trocados pelos envolvidos.Estamos em 2003 e as provas de um crime de 1970 não são credíveis, os relatos das testemunhas não podem ser provados e a verdade é quase impossível de ser estabelecida. Apesar disso, um homem foi [...]

    9. Disordered Minds is only the second book by Minette Walters that I've read, and for me it didn't compare with 'The Sculptress'. It's certainly aptly named; disordered minds run amok in this book, from Jonathan, who's desperately conflicted about his skin colour and position within British society, through George, a woman fixated on her father, to Louise, obsessed with her dead childhood friend.For me, the book is too long; at just short of 600 pages, it might have been much improved by judicious [...]

    10. Minette Walters has the uncanny ability to turn a simple plot into an intrinsic and complex one with as little characters as possible - not that it's any bad, that's just the way I have come to look at her writing style after reading two books of hers now. Within the context of 'murder mystery' genre, Walters's 'Disordered Minds' was quite good. However, hers isn't the blood and gore type of horror but rather the kind committed by unsuspected peoples in unexpected circumstances in a neighbourhoo [...]

    11. The story was interesting, a detective story without detectives, rather interested members of the 'public' interested for professional and semi professional reasons. I skipped the first 50 pages because it wasn't clear what they actually were about and it wasn't at all clear whether the book i was reading was actually a novel at all. Very clever no doubt, but i very nearly didn't bother with it. Began reading at page 53 which was where I thought the actual story began and enjoyed it.

    12. I normally love, love, love Minette Walters books, however, this one, not so much, in fact it took me weeks to get into this. I would start and stop, not until several chapters did it actually get interesting. However, once you get past Chapter 3, one actually does get interested.Story, a young anthropologist Jon, is working on a book, he joins up finally with George, who is also working on the same story. George and Jon do not like each other, and George is actually a she! Jon is of mixed blood [...]

    13. I'm surprised that I didn't like this as much as I had hoped, given its promising beginning. A Minette Walters book is always a delightful trip down the rabbit hole -- you never know what to expect and the sudden twists and turns leave you delightedly woozy. This one, however, did not deliver the expected pleasures. It was almost tedious at times, with the endless repetition of minutiae about the crimes. It felt almost like Nancy Drew mystery -- too crisp, too clean.Nevertheless, Walters' inimit [...]

    14. This was my second read by Minette Walters. The first one I read was The Dark Room which I thoroughly enjoyed. This book had great potential with a good plot but Minette was unable to carry it off. The book was a slow read for me as the story and characters got very convoluted and confusing. In the end, the reader is left to assume who the killer was as the murder was not fully resolved. I will, however, read some more of her works as I think this was just a misfire.

    15. I chose this as my plane book for travelling to the UK although it is not something I would normally read. I have read other Minette Walters and enjoyed them but not raved. This was a great plane read as it was pacy with plenty of twists and turns. Slow to start but once the engine was revving it was away.

    16. This was not my favorite of Minette Walters' books, but it was packed with the psychological mystery that I liked in all of the other ones.

    17. Too many words. Why say in 250 pages what you can draw out to 500? I wouldn't have minded if the writing were more interesting. But it isn't. Tell me that five to ten people remember what they were doing at 2pm thirty years ago. C'mon!

    18. While I enjoyed this book and the detail it goes into around motivations behind murder and becoming a murderer, I didn't finish the book feeling satisfied. It's like sitting on a very slow roller coaster that never gives you an adrenaline rush or a scream but you see it through till the end

    19. By the third page, I thought, "This is garbage." It doesn't matter to me what was on the fourth page or beyond. I cannot see being friends with anyone who read that far.

    20. started out really good and was hard to put down. as the book went on it became very disorganised and harder to follow

    21. Disordered Mindsis an unremarkable but solid mystery. It is not difficult to determine the identity of the killer, but this novel is less about unmasking the villain, and more about exploring the long reaching ramifications of committing violent crime. The antagonists are well developed and fascinating, but the characterisation of the two protagonists is mediocre. Both start off well defined, with distinct personalities, insecurities and prejudices, but the reader is not privy to any development [...]

    22. Im Nachhinein hatte ich mir wohl bei all dem Lob über diese Autorin etwas mehr von ihrem Schreibstil erwartet. Er ist keinesfalls das, was ich im klassischen Sinne unter "schlecht" verstehe. Die Autorin schreibt flüssig, anschaulich und vor allem Beschreibungen und Gespräche fand ich sehr gelungen. Aber trotz dieser guten Grundlage konnte sie mich in entscheidenden Momenten einfach nicht mitreißen. Action und Emotionen gingen leider fast das ganze Buch über völlig an mir vorbei und ich wur [...]

    23. Man this was an odd one. There is no better way to say it. I almost don't know how I'm supposed to review it, cause the first half was so different from the second. The first was truly awful and the further I read the more I regretted my decision to start this book. All the characters I met were assholes. Racist, mysoginistic, conceited assholes. And these characters suddenly brought the plot to a screeching halt to judge other people for their upbringing, race, personality, intelligence and rel [...]

    24. Similar to "Shape of Snakes" and "Acid Row" in peering beneath the surface of English life to find all sorts of nasty characters.

    25. Jonathan Hughes ist Sachbuchautor der ein Buch über Justizirrtümer herausbrachte. Das Buch wurde ein Riesenerfolg - und ein in diesem Buch beschriebener Fall zieht ihn aber auch andere in deren Bann. Ein junger, mit einer Hasenscharte entstellter, Mann - der Außenseiter Howard Stamp - wurde vor 30 Jahren für ein Verbrechen verurteilt, das er bestimmt nicht begangen hat. Warum sollte er die einzige Person ermordet haben, die ihn Verstand und ihm über seine Probleme hinweghalf - vor allem wen [...]

    26. Van de achterflap: In 1970 werd de twintigjarige verstandelijk gehandicapte Howard Stamp veroordeeld voor de moord op zijn grootmoeder Grace Jeffries. De veroordeling was destijds gebaseerd op omstreden bewijs en de later ingetrokken bekentenis van de verdachte. Drie jaar later stierf Stamp, tot zelfmoord gedreven door zelfhaat en het getreiter van de andere gevangen. Maar was Stamp wel schuldig?Dertig jaar later stuit Jonathan Hughes, een antropoloog gespecialiseerd in maatschappelijke stereoty [...]

    27. I am partial to a good review so bare with me here. I understand that this book is controversial, the marmite of the literary world. Not for me! Understanding what this book is about is the key to understanding the way this book is written. Yes it has twists and turns and characters drop and reappear and the order and writing style seems chaotic and confusing. The struggle and confusion that Minette has you feeling whilst reading this book is completely the point.She has you feeling like you're [...]

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