Viking It and Liking It

Viking It and Liking It Did you know that our word Thursday comes from the Viking god Thor as in Thor s Day Neither did the Time Warp Trio Did you know that if you say Thursday over and over again too close to a certain magi

  • Title: Viking It and Liking It
  • Author: Jon Scieszka Adam McCauley
  • ISBN: 9780142400029
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • Did you know that our word Thursday comes from the Viking god Thor as in Thor s Day Neither did the Time Warp Trio Did you know that if you say Thursday over and over again too close to a certain magic Book, you will get sucked back two thousand years to the time of the Vikings Neither did the Time Warp Trio Can our trusty heroes, Joe, Sam, and Fred, survive aDid you know that our word Thursday comes from the Viking god Thor as in Thor s Day Neither did the Time Warp Trio Did you know that if you say Thursday over and over again too close to a certain magic Book, you will get sucked back two thousand years to the time of the Vikings Neither did the Time Warp Trio Can our trusty heroes, Joe, Sam, and Fred, survive a wild ride with Leif Eriksson, match wits with his evil cousin, and get back home in one piece

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    1. Jon Scieszka Adam McCauley

      Jon Scieszka is a writer and teacher He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and two children Occasionally he has been known to howl at the full moon from the dust jacket of The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs Jon Scieszka is also the author of the best selling ALA Notable Book, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, as well as Knights of the Kitchen Table, and The Not So Jolly Roger He teaches as The Day School in Manhattan where he is known as Mr Scieszka He lives with his wife, and two children in Brooklyn where he is known as Dad from the dust jacket of The Frog Prince Continued

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    1. Having never heard of this series before, I did not really have any expectations. I had a feeling it would be similar to the Magic Tree House Series, which I remember as a kid, actually taught me a decent amount about things I was interested in, but didn't learn about in school. Upon beginning the book, I was immediately disappointed. Mainly for the lack of educational content and I also hated how inappropriate some of the characters names were, especially for the age group this book has been ai [...]

    2. Viking It & Liking It, the twelth installation in Jon Scieszka’s Time Warp Trio Series, is a hoot and a half! I wish these books had been around when I was chapter book reading age. Once again, Sam, Fred and Joe find themselves in the middle of an unlikely, time-travel adventure, aided by their mysterious, magic book. While playing an NFL video game the trio is transported to a beach in 1001, facing a Viking longship. They are taken in by Leif Erikson, participate in a feast, learn some Vi [...]

    3. Hey boys and girls this book is the kind that will make you want to not make you play or hang out with Vikings because of what I read in the book. My opinion about the book is the best because it made me laugh and made me be surprised because of how the Vikings write. I said that because at the end of the book when you are done there are more like it teaches you things about Vikings like how the write (the abc) and how they got the days names and also there names but be careful of the name you c [...]

    4. Did you ever want to time travel? Well this book is about time travel and Vikings . The genre of this book is Sci - fy. I personally like this book because it has Vikings , time travel . That's why I like the book . The setting of the book is mostly in Viking days and a little modern day. This book is about three kids Fred, Sam, and Joe who have a book that makes them time travel to the past or future depending on what they say . The book was givin to Sam by his uncle. The conflict is person vs [...]

    5. It all started with amagic book and the word Thursday. Leif, Fred, and Sam where doing what all kids do. play video games. Leifs uncle had given him him a magic silver book for his birthday. Leif opened the book and said repeatedly Thursday,Thursday,Thursday. Suddenly this green puff of smoke comes out of the book and with out Knowing they were warped back in time to were the vikings were. They appeard in the middle of the beach. A whole crowd of vikings charged against them."STOP" yelled Leif. [...]

    6. Personal Reaction: I personally don't like books that are sci-fy. I used this book for a literature circle and the enjoyment the children got from the book is why I really enjoyed the book. They found humor in different parts of the story. I think it is a good series that other people would enjoy. I personally just don;t like the genre of the book.Curriculum: This book would be great for a literature circle for students. It has language than can expand their vocabulary through the use of context [...]

    7. This book, Viking is and Liking it, by Jon Scieska is a part of the Tme Warp Trio series. Three boys, Fred, Joe and Sam, have a magical book that takes them forward or backwards into time, and they never know when it happen, all they see is green mist. This time around, they went back in time to "Vinland" which is now known as America, and meet the Vikings. I love these books because they teach kids about history without being too obvious or too much like a text book. They sprinkle the knowledge [...]

    8. This has been featured on the young adult fiction shelf for a while now and I finally gave in and had to pick it up. The title if nothing else grabbed me and it's a skinny book, so hopefully a quick and interesting read.Well, it was quick. I read it in less than an hour, I think. However, my time would still have been better served doing almost anything else. I had read a review that said the names were too close to curse words and I have to agree that that was gratuitous. I thought that there w [...]

    9. This is one of my favorite series to recommend for 2nd and 3rd grade readers. Scieszka is hilarious, and I love that he weaves true facts about history into the plot of these books. In this story Fred, Joe and Sam go on an expedition with Leif Erickson. The activities at the end of the book were awesome, and the additional information on Norse mythology and runes inspires deeper investigation into Vikings making this book pair extremely well with nonfiction. Hello, Common Core. Fans of Mary Pope [...]

    10. Owen here: "It wasn't that interesting, but it was fun to learn about the Vikings. I remembered when the characters were playing NFL Smash because I like football."Rob here: "This book was a kind of funny that pre-teens might enjoy more than we did. The time traveling theme was interesting enough and, honestly, more happened than I thought would. The book as a whole felt much less substantial than the similar Magic Tree House series."

    11. 3.5 stars. Read this as a read-aloud during our review of Viking times. It was entertaining while weaving in facts of Norse myth, and viking history however there were a few things that seemed a little inappropriate for the target age (viking names), and the football references totally were not interesting to my 8yo girl. This was our first TimeWarp Trio book, and I am not sure if we'll be exploring any others in this series we may just stick to Magic Tree House - which we really enjoy.

    12. By repeating the word Thursday over and over again near the magic book gets the Time Warp Trio sucked into Viking times. There they run afoul of Lief Ericson and are saved only by the fact that Leif things they are sorcerers. The boys have to figure out a way to get back to their own time before the Vikings discover they're not able to manipulate magic and deal with them.Another solid entry in the Time Warp Trio. Fans will love the zany, madcap adventure.

    13. I loved this series as a kid and am enjoying the newer installments as I gradually collect them for my son. While not quite the best of the bunch, there's still a lot to like in this quick, entertaining Viking adventure. I also appreciated the educational activities in the back, especially since the "Figure Out Your Own Viking Name" coincidentally used "Jill Johnsdottir" as an example, which would essentially be mine.

    14. I like this book because these boys were warped into the time of the Vikings and they didn't know what to do. I learned not to give up whenever somebody tries to threaten you. I learned that Vikings fight next to ships or on the beach. Vikings are cool because they know how to do almost everything except dance. I wish I could see the boys big blue book up close because it is magic. Review by Elena age 7

    15. What does saying Thursday over and over again have to do with the Vikings? Sam, Joe and Fred find out after they are transported to a cold, dark, unfamiliar beach by their time warping book. The boys manage to get themselves in the middle of a feud between Leif Eriksson and his not-so-nice cousin, Grim Snake-in-the-grass. What possible form could The Book take in this time of sagas, scrolls and runes?

    16. Most of what Jon Scieszka writes will get a four or five star from me, just due to his weird sense of humor, and the fun of reading what he writes. Although this book would be geared to the 8-12 year old male, female in the same age group would also enjoy it. Actually, certain passages would get a good smile, maybe even a good chuckle, from an adult reader. Certainly did for me.

    17. The book is about boys that where in a room and travel back time with the vikings and football players.But the boys are scared because they think there going to be dead.When the boys saw the ship they where like dancing and scared.A recommended this book to children that like historacal fiction and funny books

    18. Fun. Fun. Fun. And a sneaky way to teach kids about history. In this book about Vikings the trio meet Leif Eriksson. Other books in the series sound equally appealing -- 'Knights of the Kitchen Table' and 'Your Mother Was a Neanderthal' etc. -- how could any kid resist the adventure, humor, and just plain silliness?

    19. This series is a great read for 6-10 year old boys. Suspenseful yet silly adventures of all sorts to grab their attention and challenging vocabulary make them smarter - there's even a little history thrown in. :) I've been reading them aloud with my 1st grader and he laughs out loud at the cheekiness of them.

    20. Okay, I confess that I didn't read the entire thing but I wanted to record that I don't think I want the kids reading this. The idea is a good one to have kids go back into historical times but the character names are inappropriate (too close to curse words) and they speak too casually and unkind to one another.

    21. I have read other Time Warp Trio books to classes and they are usually good choices for read-a-louds. Unfortunately a few names in this book were very close to curse/swear words. I can deal with "Fulluvit", but really don't want to keep repeating "Bullshik" out loud to a group of kids.

    22. This is like a magic tree house type of story with older kids. Three boys and a magic book.We quickly read this Sunday night in about 1 hour maybe 1.5. We learned at the very end that Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are named for Norse Gods.

    23. Did Thursday really come from Thor? if history books could be written by Jon Scieszka, kids would do better in school.

    24. My 8-year-old read this one to me. We are studying vikings and Norse mythology, and this was an appropriate, quick grade-level read for him. He enjoyed it.

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