Rick Steves' Europe 101: History and Art for the Traveler

Rick Steves Europe History and Art for the Traveler Now in full color comes a witty and engaging look at Europe s history and art from America s European travel expert Rick Steves Rick Steves Europe helps you make the most of your sightseeing A f

  • Title: Rick Steves' Europe 101: History and Art for the Traveler
  • Author: Rick Steves Gene Openshaw
  • ISBN: 9781566915168
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • Now in full color comes a witty and engaging look at Europe s history and art, from America s European travel expert, Rick Steves.Rick Steves Europe 101 helps you make the most of your sightseeing A fun but informative guide, this professor in your pocket features chronologically organized chapters from the pyramids to Picasso that explain the forces behind Europe s moNow in full color comes a witty and engaging look at Europe s history and art, from America s European travel expert, Rick Steves.Rick Steves Europe 101 helps you make the most of your sightseeing A fun but informative guide, this professor in your pocket features chronologically organized chapters from the pyramids to Picasso that explain the forces behind Europe s most important cultural and artistic periods Other features include handy lists of sights that allow you to link your newly acquired knowledge with the specific paintings, sculptures, and buildings you ll see on your trip, a humorous, readable style that is a joy to read compared with the history textbooks you slept on in school, and timelines, maps, drawings, and photos that illustrate Europe s story and round out your education.

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    1. Rick Steves Gene Openshaw

      Richard Rick Steves is an American author and television personality on European travel He is the host of a public television series, and a public radio travel show, and the author of many travel guidebooks and autobiographies.

    323 thoughts on “Rick Steves' Europe 101: History and Art for the Traveler”

    1. This book should be required reading for all Americans who travel to Europe. (Or for Europeans who are travelling, for that matter). It somehow manages to give you a complete rundown of the history of Western Civilization in a mere 333 pages. Not to mention that it's a very fun book to read.There's no way that either History or Art could be boring, with Rick Steves explaining them to you. He does a good job of somehow summing up 5,000 years of history and manages to be just a bit irreverent thro [...]

    2. If you're traveling to Europe and, like me, were not well schooled in its History and Arten this book is just what the doctor (of philosophy) ordered!This is not some stuffy Art History tome. It presents a light, entertaining, and easily digested helping of background to enhance your European Experience.This was the perfect accompaniment to my first backpacking trip to Europe. It helped me appreciate what I was seeing by orders of magnitude.HIGHLY recommended.

    3. This will take me awhile to plow through, but I really like it. It is worth reading with highlighter in hand. What a great book covering art and history from the beginning of time until now-- who needs a liberal arts education when you have this? :) It is great to finally read the textbook I wish I had back in high school and college. It will definitely direct my future trips to Europe!

    4. Awesome. I'm an art history major and this book is a great great refresher, providing context of the works before seeing them.

    5. Very fun way to learn about European art and European history in general. Great for anyone about to take a trip to Europe

    6. Don't go to Europe without this! It totally helps you appreciate everything more and get more out of your trip.

    7. Fun and interesting read, with pretty pictures. I suspect the next edition will require an update on the "Europe now" chapter, however, after Brexit and the uncertain future of the EU. Also, there's a few random strange phrases scattered throughout the book which just make you scratch your head. No, it's not that I didn't get the jokes. I think the editor must have taken a break here and there. Otherwise, a punchy and lively take on European history and art for the traveler.

    8. Art is a narrative of history; Rick Steves has championed the narration of history through art in this very readable tome.As a non-westerner and non-Christian, I was somewhat familiar with Christian themes and Graeco-Roman figures (both real and mythological) but it was all a big jumble; Rick created order within that topsy-turvy chronology.The book is very readable, and makes you quirk your lips quite a few times. Although read post-travel, (after my travels to Italy, Spain, Turkey and Greece) [...]

    9. I've always been a science and math type of girl. I have an interest in art and history, but no patience for them. As such, this book was perfect for me. It gives a brief (500 page) history of Europe and its art from prehistoric times to today with lots of color photos and sidebars. I was very appreciative of the bit at the end which explained Christian themes and symbols and Greek and Roman mythology, which in just a few pages increased my understanding of the vast majority of European art. I h [...]

    10. What a fun way to learn European history! Rick and Gene write fluidly about 3000 years of European history, making this an entertaining read. Druids, medieval knights, renaissance men and scientists cavorting in the Age of Enlightenment come alive in these pages. Art, music and architecture is traced through the eras, giving us an insight into art evolution, and a framework to appreciate all that Europe offers its gawky travelers. Factually correct and narrated in brief, history majors might gaw [...]

    11. Europe 101 is a largely informative book even for the experienced traveler. Organized chronologically and mostly focused on art and architecture with an eye towards history, the book does a fairly good job of explaining the cultural roots of the continent.However, there are a couple of nits that can be off-putting. The book's humor can be somewhat hard to discern at points from historical fact, and often seems forced in nature. Additionally there's a heavy emphasis on the different periods and s [...]

    12. Amazing book written intelligently, not only for art lovers, but also for those who love travel for greater understanding of human history. As usual, Rick Steves does an excellent job of smart writing, simply written, and too the point with words we can easily comprehend. Great way of bringing art and history to life. Even though my favorite is art of the 19th century, I particularly enjoyed Chapter 11 on The 20th century. We have traveled throughout Europe on several occasions and my daughter w [...]

    13. A great book for those that love to travel to Europe and the first things they search out are the art galleries. An enjoyable read, the book starts with prehistoric Europe (40,000 - 8000BC) to the present. Each chapter discusses a new historical period. What happened, why it happened and the art it produced. This is not a long book. Each era is just skimmed so you don't feel overwhelmed but you do come away with a little more knowledge about Europe and a better understanding of the art and archi [...]

    14. This is a great book, a great resource on European art and history. Rick Steves has done a great job keeping it interesting and funny all along. To those who find reading history boring, this book will certainly be a nice surprise for you. Though it is advised to finish the book cover to cover before starting on your trip through museums and historic ruins & castles of Europe, if forced to do otherwise please make sure you read at least last 3 chapters Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation &a [...]

    15. If you are looking for a concise yet informative discussion of European history and art, this is the book. Trust Rick Steves to be able to produce a quick read that does a fairly good job of providing a broad overview and some details, laced with Rick's characteristic humor. Good for use prior to taking a trip to Europe, as it was intended. Better coverage of the continent than of outlying areas such as Ireland, which make sense, as the main action was happening on the continent for much of hist [...]

    16. This was a quick read and an easy overview of European history. The authors connect developments in art to events and people in politics and religion, which is helpful. I need to take a trip, and I thought this might help me decide on a destination. I'm still undecided. Rick Steves is a reliable source for information, but sometimes his attitude gets on my nerves. He will often avoid the obvious and easy way just because there is a difficult and complicated way, with the only benefit being that [...]

    17. A (very) concise, breezy history of Europe, designed to familiarize the European traveler with the background of what they'll be seeing. Or to help someone thinking about a European trip decide what to focus on, or avoid missing. As long as you keep in mind that this is intended as the broadest of overviews, and that other more detailed works should be used to fill in gaps and provide more depth, you'll find this to be a very useful book. Personally, this book suggested at least 4-5 trips, each [...]

    18. It isn't titled "History and Art for Dummies" - but if you are geographically and historically challenged as I am (even with a college degree and living with a history teacher) - this is a great book to prep for European travels. Talks in general terms, but not too simplistic; combines history with how it impacted artists and the difference in the different artistic eras. Of particular interest to myself was info about the lives of many of the artists.

    19. Not a guide book but cheat notes to european histroy/ art/ culture. After one reading you can babble on about architecture and art movements like a skivvy wearing art student as you wander yet another town looking for a decent coffee because Starbucks is merde.It certainly provides some background on the guidebooks/ tourists offices' reccomendations and enhances the experience of another gallery that you "must" look at before getting back on the turps.

    20. I can't finish this. If you know anything about European history, it will be too basic. I appreciate Rick Steve's conversational style on his tv show, but al the little puns and jokes really get in the way in the book. I did finally learn the difference between doric, ionic, and Corinthians columns thigh, which was good. I ended up feeling like I was in a remedial history class without the art part.

    21. A good introduction to the history and the great art one sees in Europe. I feel especially blessed to have already seen a lot of what is referenced in this book and look forward to seeing more great art in Italy this Spring. At times the descriptions are quite humorous (regarding Pisa - " it just me, or does that look crooked?" The photos are really beautiful, and as I closed the book I felt I had learned a lot.

    22. I only regret not finishing this book before my recent 3-week trip to Europe. I had gotten through about a half, up to the Middle Ages, and the superb commentary really elevated my European travel experience. I was able to put famous buildings and places in terms of their historical and cultural significance instead of just snapping photos everywhere. A fantastic travel companion and primer to European history!

    23. So I didn't get to read the whole book because I left it at my parents', but it's one of the best very general histories I've read. It's informative but also very humorous, as expected of anything Rick Steves. It would be easy to pick up and just read sections on the places you are traveling or historical periods that interest you.

    24. A light, breezy trip through 2000+ years of European history, art, architecture, and culture. It offers a chance to get a "big picture" view for those about to vacation in Europe, or a quick study course for those armchair travelers. Filled with corny jokes and sometimes slightly rude observations, it is a fun read compared to many dry scholarly works covering similar ground. Recommended.

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