The Tears of My Soul

The Tears of My Soul When Korean Air Lines flight exploded in killing passengers international law enforcement officials immediately started searching for the hardened North Korean terrorists who could have

  • Title: The Tears of My Soul
  • Author: Kim Hyun Hee
  • ISBN: 9780688128333
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Korean Air Lines flight 858 exploded in 1987, killing 115 passengers, international law enforcement officials immediately started searching for the hardened North Korean terrorists who could have committed such a crime What they found was Kim Hyun Hee, an idealistic young woman who had been transformed by her country into an obedient killing machine The Tears of MyWhen Korean Air Lines flight 858 exploded in 1987, killing 115 passengers, international law enforcement officials immediately started searching for the hardened North Korean terrorists who could have committed such a crime What they found was Kim Hyun Hee, an idealistic young woman who had been transformed by her country into an obedient killing machine The Tears of My Soul is her poignant, shocking, and utterly compelling story Kim Hyun Hee grew up in a country obsessed by the loss of South Korea, an Orwellian world where right and wrong, good and evil, slavery and freedom meant nothing but what the North Korean Communist Party said they did At sixteen, she was singled out by the Party for her intelligence and beauty and given special training in languages At nineteen she was honored to be chosen for the North Korean Army s secret and elite espionage school There she was trained to kill with everything from her hands and feet to grenades and assault rifles, enduring years of grueling physical and psychological conditioning designed to make her an effective and utterly obedient tool of the Party s spy masters And in 1987, at age twenty five, she was sent on the mission that would, she was told, reunify her divided country forever Kim and her control agent, a man she considered her spiritual father, were captured only hours after the explosion They were provided with suicide capsules, but hers failed and, for the first time in her life, Kim was outside the control of her masters After than a year of soul wrenching questioning and deprogramming by the South Korean police, Kim realized the full enormity of her crimes, made a full confession, and waited for execution But in a remarkable decision that sparked national outrage, the South Korean president gave her a full pardon, declaring that she was as much a victim of North Korea as the passengers Kim Hyun Hee has devoted the rest of her life to atoning for the 115 lives lost on flight 858.

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      Kim Hyun Hee Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Tears of My Soul book, this is one of the most wanted Kim Hyun Hee author readers around the world.

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    1. A terrific insight into North Korea and its harsh regime and how a dictator can brainwash a whole society from birth to death. A very short and concise book and yet it delivers on all counts.I had a difficult job sourcing a copy of this book to read as it is very expensive book on all the regular sites but was lucky to get the loan of a copy as this was such a worthwhile read.There is a free copy of this book online onscribd For anyone interested.The Tears of My Soul is the memoir of Kim Hyun Hu [...]

    2. اين اثر يك داستان واقعي بر اساس ماجراي زندگي و جاسوسي يك دختر جوان در كره ي شمالي است. در اين اثر محدوديت هاي حزبي، نحوه انتخاب افراد، نوع آموزشهاي جسماني و ايدولوژيك انجام گرفته ، به خوبي توصيف شده است. سرانجام ماموريت هاي اين جاسوس جوان و باهوشو تحولات زندگي اش در اين اثر آمد [...]

    3. 4,5 tähteäEhdottomasti paras tähän mennessä lukemistani Pohjois-Koreaa käsittelevistä kirjoista. Entisen pohjoiskorealaisen agentin tarina oli kiinnostava, mutta samalla myös surullinen. Kirja kertoi hyvin siitä, kuinka syvällä diktatuurin propaganda on pohjoiskorealaisten mielissä. Kannattaa lukea!

    4. حالا که به جمعیت حاضر در دادگاه محاکمه ام فکر می کنم امکان ندارد یاد آن لحظه در اتوبوس نیفتم مسافرها اکثرا اهل کره‌ی جنوبی بودند و با اشتیاق با هم حرف می‌زدند. در آن موقع باهاشان همذات پنداری کردم. درست است که «جنوبی» بودند ولی انگار از خودمان بودند. فاصله میان ما خیلی غیرعادی [...]

    5. Tää kirja oli vuosia sitten varmaan kaikilla mahdollisilla kirppareilla. Ostin & luin tän silloin mutta silloin ei vielä iskenyt kuinka hullusti asiat ovat Pohjois-Koreassa tai ehkä se ei käy ilmi kirjoittajan näkökulmasta. Ensimmäisiä kirjoja P-Koreasta mitä luin (ja mitä varmaan suomeksi julkaistu? Pjongjangin akvaariot, Suljettu maa, Leiri 14)

    6. one of my favorite books that i can read over and over again. it's a true story about a north korean spy who bombed a south korean plane in the 80s. kim hyun hee is now a christian living in south korea and her story is absolutely incredible. a must read but just a warning that it is very emotional and intense

    7. It's been 23 years since I first read The Tears of My Soul (in Seoul) =0°What is this magnetic pull toward these ongoing struggles against oppression? Living in Seoul for four months in 1989 and again for two years 1993-1995, observing the fall of Communism while living in Munich 1990-1992 and the rebuilding of Dresden 1998-2000--there's something that's whispering very loudly in my soul that we are called to this life as a fight for freedom. Even in our wealthy western cultures, with the truth [...]

    8. این حجم از دیکتاتوری برام غیرقابل باور و شباهت‌‌هایی که با وضعیت ایران داشت دردناک بود. کاش یه روزی بیاد که هیچ دیکتاتوری وجود نداشته باشه و همه آزاد باشن. پیشنهاد میکنم حتما این کتاب رو بخونین.

    9. En lue (oma)elämäkertoja usein, koska yleensä minulle tulee vähän epämukava olo niistä. Luen asioita, joita on todella tapahtunut jollekulle ja se tuntuu vähän tunkeilevalta. Tiedän, että nämäkin kirjat on kirjoitettu luettaviksi, mutta tavallaan silti minusta tuntuu kuin tunkeilisin toisen elämään En tiedä, suhtaudun hieman oudosti elämäkertoihin.Sieluni kyyneleet on kuitenkin kirja, joka on ollut jo hyvän aikaa kiinnostuslistallani Pohjois-Koreaan liittyen. Pakko kyllä san [...]

    10. Giọt Lệ Trong Hồn, tên tiếng Việt, làm bản hồi ký của nữ điệp viên Bắc Hàn Kim Huyn Hee, người đã nhận chỉ thị của cha con Kim Nhật Thành và Kim Jong Il làm nổ chiếc máy bay chở 115 người, đa phần là công nhân Nam Hàn, năm 1987. Lúc đó, cô mới 25 tuổi. Cuốn sách nói về quãng đời được đào tạo dưới xã hội tẩy não Bắc Hàn, rồi "được" thu nạp làm điệp viên của Đảng, bị tước kh [...]

    11. I'm a sucker for any story with redemption as its core theme. As someone who feels grateful for being given a second chance, I wrestle every day with guilt over the way I treated good people during a particularly dark period in my struggle with drug addiction. My victims included family, friends and anyone unlucky enough to have answered my phone call in those days. This is my second time reading Tears Of My Soul and I can't begin to imagine the guilt that author Kim Hyun Hee felt after finally [...]

    12. Highly, highly recommend. Embarrassingly, I didn't know much about the division between North and South Korea before reading this book. I didn't realize how stark the divide was and is. The author paints a pretty bleak portrait of her life in North Korea and also provides an insider's look on state-mandated acts of terrorism.

    13. یک کتاب خاطرات نوشته شده توسط یه دختر عجیب و غریب .دختری که توی کره شمالی در جریان استعداد یابی انتخاب میشه برای جاسوسی و عملیات های برون مرزی ! و الحق و الانصاف دم اون استعداد یاب ارتش گرم . دختره تبدیل میشه به یه جیمز باند واقعی و ادامه خاطراتشو خودتون بخونید. من خیلی علاقمند ب [...]

    14. This is, once again, a wonderful read about someone who has been granted a new life. Someone whom, in the eyes of an outsider, would be perceived as a heartless monster, a robot machine programmed to kill. But, thinking about it now, how can we blame someone who was taught their whole life what to do? Someone who's been trained to praise "The Great Lord" and execute his orders no matter how absurd or morbid they might seem?Throughout this reading I tried to put myself in Hyun's shoes and imagine [...]

    15. Hồi ký của một nữ điệp viên Triều Tiên, một trong hai thủ phạm gây ra vụ đánh bom khủng bố chiếc máy bay của Hàn Quốc năm 1987 làm thiệt mạng toàn bộ 115 người trên chuyến bay. Sau khi bị bắt và tự tử không thành như người đồng đội của mình, cô trải qua các chiến thuật tâm lý chiến của các điệp viên Hàn Quốc thay vì bị tra tấn. Khi nhận ra những điều mình được dạy và tin từ t [...]

    16. Very interesting testimony as we follow Kim Hyun Hee, a North Korean spy, throughout her training, the moment she became a terrorist and the aftermath of her capture in South Korea. It gives you an insight into the indoctrination in North Korea, and how hard it was for her to awake to the reality of the rest of the world. The last part is about recovery and starting a new life in South Korea. The style is straightforward and the book quite short but the characters felt very human, especially her [...]

    17. This is must read book for anyone who wants to read about life in North Korea. This book gives you an insight into the indoctrination in North Korea, training camps and the way how a normal girl is made to become a terrorist. It is also a story of recovering, being pardoned and starting a new life in South Korea.

    18. No johan taas oli. Tämä on vuoden sisään nyt kolmas Pohjois-Koreaan liittyvä omaelämäkerta, jonka luin, enkä voi millään tavalla käsittää, että tällaisen valtion on edelleen mahdollista toteuttaa sortoaan kaikessa rauhassa keskellä sivistynyttä maapalloa. Aika pieneksi ja sanattomaksi sitä itsensä täällä tunteekin.

    19. This book is first which I read in year 2013 and I think this was a good start for new year. It´s a true story about North-Korean spy who bombed a South-Korean plane in the 80s. It´s old book, but it never really gets older because there is still North-Korea with people who need help even they may not know it.

    20. I read this book years and years ago, but it was such an intense and dramatic true story that it seared itself into my brain. I can still remember parts of this book vividly from my first reading of it. Whole-heartedly recommend this for anyone.

    21. How a young woman was transformed to become a tool for the North Korean Communist Party, her special mission killing 115 people and her time being interrogated in Seoul. An outstanding Autobiography

    22. No other book has ever shown me so clearly how people can be so brainwashed by lies. This North Korean spy's story is incredible, passionate, intense, heartbreaking and eye-opening. Excellent book.

    23. This was a riveting account written by the woman who carried out one of the most well-known acts of terrorism sponsored by the North Korean government — the bombing of Korean Air Flight 858 in 1987. Kim Hyun Hee describes her childhood being brainwashed to support the regime and to hate the United States and capitalism (to the extent that she was terrified to see American cans wash up on the shore during time spent in Cuba as a child), her intense training to become a North Korean spy, her tri [...]

    24. Ich fand das Buch faszinierend. Die Art und Weise wie die Indoktrinierung der Kinder und Jugendichen quasi von Geburt an vor sich geht und welche Auswirkungen sie hat zeigt sich vor allem auch an den kleinen Dingen. Wenn Kim Hyun Hee in einem Restaurant in Südkorea am Nebentisch kritische Bemerkungen über die Regierung hört und völlig überrascht ist, dass die sie begleitenden Sicherheitsbeamten nicht sofort eingreifen, ja nicht einmal reagieren und erst auf ihr nachfragen erklären, nein, d [...]

    25. So we read this book for my global book club last month. It wasn't my pick and it was kind of hard to find so it took me forever to get to - but I'm so glad I read this! I found it a quick and completely fascinating read. I especially liked it because it tells a more holistic truth about North Korea. So often in the West all we here are diatribes and oversimplifications of the issue, forgetting that there are actual real people living there. Their day to day lives are unimaginable, and Kim Hee's [...]

    26. تمام کمال سرگرم کننده،البته یک سوم انتهای کتاب کمی کسل کننده است.

    27. اگر می‌خواید بدونید کره شمالی چطور مردمشو تحت سلطه خودش نگه داشته خوندن این کتاب کمکتون می‌کنه. کیم هیون هی دختر بیست و شش ساله‌ایه که به دلیل هوش، مهارت جسمانی و ذکاوتش به‌عنوان جاسوس انتخاب میشه. جدایی خانواده سخت‌ترین چیزیه که اون و خانوادشو اذیت می‌کنه اما حکومت جوری ا [...]

    28. “Maar ik was herboren. Het kind dat als discipel van Kim Il-song was opgegroeid, was op de luchthaven van Bahrein gestorven. Stukje bij beetje kwam een ander voor haar in de plaats. Seoul, meer dan wat ook, zette dit nieuwe kind op de wereld.” (pg. 198)Het verhaal begint in een sombere wachtkamer van een gerechtgebouw, daar denkt een jonge vrouw genaamd Kim Hyon-Hi terug aan het meisje dat geboren wordt in Kaesong te Noord-Korea in 1962 en onder het regime van Kim Il-song en Kim Chong-Il opg [...]

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