Chicky Chicky Chook Chook

Chicky Chicky Chook Chook What a great read aloud sing aloud shout aloud book this is with its fun to imitate animal sounds and rhythmic rhyme Bright yellow chicks golden bees and striped kitty cats play in the warm sunsh

  • Title: Chicky Chicky Chook Chook
  • Author: Cathy MacLennan
  • ISBN: 9781905417407
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What a great read aloud, sing aloud, shout aloud book this is, with its fun to imitate animal sounds and rhythmic rhyme Bright yellow chicks, golden bees, and striped kitty cats play in the warm sunshine, clucking and buzzing and skitty scatting Then they rest, snoozy woozy But what is this The pitter patter of raindrops Now the crash, bang, wallop of a storm how willWhat a great read aloud, sing aloud, shout aloud book this is, with its fun to imitate animal sounds and rhythmic rhyme Bright yellow chicks, golden bees, and striped kitty cats play in the warm sunshine, clucking and buzzing and skitty scatting Then they rest, snoozy woozy But what is this The pitter patter of raindrops Now the crash, bang, wallop of a storm how will they get dry Soon the sun and sweet breezes come out again Wonderfully textured art you can practically feel the cats fur and the chicks softness , as well as a sleepytime ending, will make this a favorite to read again and again.

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      Cathy MacLennan Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Chicky Chicky Chook Chook book, this is one of the most wanted Cathy MacLennan author readers around the world.

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    1. A read aloud for young children, this book is FULL of rhyming word play, alliteration, sound effects, and onomatopoeia. Also, children will love saying the repetitive lines with you. An example page: "Chick, chicky, chook chook. Chick, chick chick. Chicky, chicky, chook chook, peckckpick." Great for developing pre-reader's phonological awareness. The illustrations are drawn on a background that looks like a brown, paper bag which makes the yellows, orange, blues, and green really pop. The whimsi [...]

    2. First page:Chicky, chicky, chook, chook. Chicky, chicky, chook, chook,peckckpicked I say more?okaycond page:Fizzy, fizzy, buzz, buzz,fizz, fizz, buzz.Fizzy, fizzy, buzz, buzz, busybusyzzzzzzzzYou're on your own for the rest and it's worth it.

    3. Great book to use in KS1- particularly reception as it could be used to link in with learning about chicks and their lives- link to growing up.Drama strategies as children could reenact particular elements of the story and even have a hot seating session where a child pretends to be a chick and the rest of the get to ask them questions about the story and their feelings at different times. Speaking, spelling and phonics- The beginning would be good to use in a phonics lesson as it revolves aroun [...]

    4. What a great read-aloud, sing-aloud, shout-aloud book this is, with its fun-to-imitate animal sounds and rhythmic rhyme. Bright yellow chicks, golden bees, and striped kitty-cats play in the warm sunshine, clucking and buzzing and skitty-scatting. Then they rest, snoozy-woozy. But what is this? The pitter-patter of raindrops. Now the crash, bang, wallop of a storm—how will they get dry? Soon the sun and sweet breezes come out again. Wonderfully textured art (you can practically feel the cats†[...]

    5. This book was a lot different than most picture books, but in a good way. There is not really a plot but is still a really fun book to be read aloud to children ages 3 to about 5 or 6. The text is almost entirely made up of animal sounds and other sound effects. It is a rhyming book and is almost a tongue twister to read aloud but I really think children would love to say the catchy phrases along with the teacher. They would probably be saying these fun phrases for the rest of the day after read [...]

    6. I hope that my four star rating of this book is accurate, because I read it to kids that I'm not sure it's meant for. Chicky Chicky Chook Chook is certainly well below my niece's reading level, but she was pulled into the story. My nephew is really more into Spider-man than fluffy baby chicks, but he was also pulled into the story. Why?This book was all about the sound of language, and about how words can be strung together to form really musical, rhythmic sentences. Our voices can create music [...]

    7. I might have liked this book a whole lot more if I had read it to my son a year or so ago. At four-and-a-half, he liked the onomatopeia and repetition of sound. He didn't like that there was "no story". In fact, he didn't even count this book as one of his three stories for the night, so we had to read another one. The artwork, again, he might have liked more when he was younger. He liked the animals chosen for the illustrations. He liked the bright colors and the dynamics on the pages. He just [...]

    8. It's a day in the life story, condensed. Birds, bees, cats are enjoying a day of sun when a thunderstorm catches them by surprise while they are napping and gets them all bedraggled wet: "Sticky, icky, chicky. Soggy, groggy, moggy. Wet. Wet. Wet." Then the sun comes back out with a breeze and they dry out. The illustrations of wet and fluffed out dry are hilarious. I was right in thinking this would appeal to the 11mo. old, for the fun sounds of words. I think it is best enjoyed hearing it read [...]

    9. I first heard this book read by 2 young girls in our book section. They were reading it in the round. It was hilarious. They each held a copy and after the first girl finished the first page the second girl started reading. By the end of the book they were nearly yelling the words and trying not to laugh to hard. I can't say that my reading was nearly as fun. Needless to say it will always have a place on our shelves thanks to two boisterous girls.

    10. This book has a rhythm in which when you read it, you fall into.I could use this book to teach about how some books have a rhythm to it when you read it. Also, you can use it in a science lesson to teach about different weather and animals. The weather is described by their characteristics for example, the rain makes things wet, the sun dries things up, and the wind blows things over.

    11. This book is so much fun to read. It's rhythmic and full of onomatopoeia and rhyme. My daughter loved the play of language. She's really into the sound of words right now, and this was full of great sounds. I think it's the sort of book that even older kids will have fun with because of the sound of the text. It's a great way to expose children to how playful language can be.

    12. Adelaide loves this book. We have to read it to her at least eight times a day. Sometimes she reads it to us. My mom hates this book. Really hates it. I think it's kind of fun. Maria (my sister) reads it in the style of slam poetry.

    13. This book is a tongue twister of a book! The words are similar and have a quick pace when you're reading. I would use this book to help children differentiate letters and sounds in the English language. The illustrations go along with the words and it is very entertaining!

    14. What a fun book. Every page is filled with a mouthful of fun syllables that generally don't mean much but are so fun to say. Try saying "Chicky chicky chook chook." Doesn't it just make you want to laugh out loud? For ages 1-4

    15. The words and sounds and rhythms in this book are very fun. I told my two year old that we were going to take it back to the library. Today, about five days later, he asked about it. Time to check it out again! :)

    16. Great book to use during storytime with egg shakers to help teach rhythm to children. Many different sounds a cute illustrations. Reminder to self: Make chickens with yellow paint and cotton balls on grocery store bags.

    17. I think this book would be good to read to children to help with letter recognition. It may be difficult to read out loud, but I think the children would enjoy listening to you try! They would be learning about different letters and sounds and having fun while doing it!

    18. Chicky Chicky Chook Chook is an interesting book. It does not have a plot exactly, but rather is a play on a lot of similar sounding words. It is almost written as a tongue twister, but would be great when working with students on words that look similar to one another.

    19. -chicks and bees and cats have a rhyming adventure in the rain, humorous, colorful illustrations, good for read aloud and reading togetherK-1phoneme substitution,rhyme, rhythm, prefix and suffix, humor, onomatopoeia

    20. The title of this book made me highly suspicious of it, but I ended up liking it. I'm not sure I'd want to read it ad nauseum like one often does with picture books, but it's unique and enjoyable.

    21. The boys never cared for this book but my little girl loves it. The wordplay is okay, but the segmented, bug-type legs on the cats give me the creeps.

    22. This is a fabulous book (especially for phonological awareness and onomatopoeic fun), and I'm happy to have read it the many, many times I've been asked to.

    23. I'm not sure where I heard of this book or why I requested it, but I am glad I did. The use of language was incredible. I plan to use it as an example text when I teach onomatopoeia.

    24. I read this to Nathan, and he laughed and smiled all the way through. It's kind of a tongue twister read. Colorful pictures and a fun read.

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