Becoming a Writer

Becoming a Writer Refreshingly slim beautifully written and deliciously elegant Dorothea Brande s Becoming a Writer remains evergreen decades after it was first written Brande believed passionately that although peop

  • Title: Becoming a Writer
  • Author: Dorothea Brande John Gardner
  • ISBN: 9780874771640
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
  • Refreshingly slim, beautifully written and deliciously elegant, Dorothea Brande s Becoming a Writer remains evergreen decades after it was first written Brande believed passionately that although people have varying amounts of talent, anyone can write It s just a question of finding the writer s magic a degree of which is in us all She also insists that writing can bRefreshingly slim, beautifully written and deliciously elegant, Dorothea Brande s Becoming a Writer remains evergreen decades after it was first written Brande believed passionately that although people have varying amounts of talent, anyone can write It s just a question of finding the writer s magic a degree of which is in us all She also insists that writing can be both taught and learned So she is enraged by the pessimistic authors of so many writing books who rejoice in trying to put off the aspiring writer by constantly stressing how difficult it all is.With close reference to the great writers of her day Wolfe, Forster, Wharton and so on Brande gives practical but inspirational advice about finding the right time of day to write and being very self disciplined about it You have decided to write at four o clock, and at four o clock you must write She s strong on confidence building and there s a lot about cheating your unconscious which will constantly try to stop you writing by coming up with excuses Then there are exercises to help you get into the right frame of mind and to build up writing stamina She also shows how to harness the unconscious, how to fall into the artistic coma, then how to re emerge and be your own critic.This is Dorothea Brande s legacy to all those who have ever wanted to express their ideas in written form A sound, practical, inspirational and charming approach to writing, it fulfills on finding the writer s magic.

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    1. Dorothea Brande John Gardner

      Dorothea Brande 1893 1948 was a well respected writer and editor in New York.Dorothea Collins died in New Hampshire.

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    1. Holy crap, Dorothea Brande, why the hell is your book almost completely forgotten?I give "Becoming a Writer" five stars not because it's the most amazing book ever written -- it is, after all, an instructional book, and as such has its limits -- but because it feels almost like it was written yesterday, not 75 years ago, when it actually was published. More importantly, it far surpasses even the most famous and best-loved books on writing that have come since. I couldn't bring myself to finish N [...]

    2. I read this classic, first published in 1934, thinking it might be able to help me write well. Instead, it merely showed me why I am not a writer. Why I cannot be a writer. Why I've stopped writing reviews here at and why I have plenty of books which I've finished reading and now find difficult to write reviews of, partly because I've lost my immediate impressions about them together with whatever it was which had kept my interest alive while reading them.How many times have I heard that in ord [...]

    3. On 13 September, I posted a piece on the difficulties that often beset writers on my blog. In that post I mentioned Dorothea Brande’s excellent book, Becoming a Writer, and, having discovered I had never actually reviewed this seminal work, promised I would do so. I re-read the book, and here’s that review.As budding writers, we’re all faced with a bewildering panoply of books on the techniques of the craft. As beginners, this huge bulk of work on how to perform the miracle many of us see [...]

    4. Without exception, this is my very favorite book on writing. More than craft, it’s about psychology – the psychology of the artistic mind. Dorothea Brande breaks down the creative process into two parts: the unconscious or imagination, and the conscious or inner editor. When you see the stereotypical “temperamental artist,” she explains, what you are seeing is an artist whose conscious and unconscious are at war with each other. When artists get themselves in balance, both their writing [...]

    5. Recommended by Bradbury in Zen in the Art of Writing, this has some interesting ideas on respecting and working with your creative unconscious.

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    8. Long before Julia Cameron gave budding artists a creative kickstart with "The Artist's Way", Dorothea Brande was coaxing aspiring writers out of self-imposed dry spells, first with her creative writing classes and finally with "Becoming A Writer", which is a Cliff Notes version of the practical lessons she presented to one roomful of disillusioned students after another during the 1920s. "Becoming a Writer" was originally published in 1934. Long before introspection became the norm in our societ [...]

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    10. This is a duplicate, slightly revised, of the review I wrote back in 2001. It's actually the top-rated review there. (Edited to add: I have just discovered that has removed that review! No idea why.)Becoming a Writer is unlike any other writing book on the market today. As Brande says in the introduction, even then, back in 1934, there were several books on writing, and most of them are about the basic rules of storytelling, organisational problems, and so on. This book is different. You will [...]

    11. BECOMING A WRITER is not a writer’s manual in the sense that it will not teach you about plot or grammar or viewpoint. Instead, think of it more as a manual for the artist’s brain. Brande writes about how to confront your fears and doubts, how to get your mind in a place to be productive, and how to balance your inner editor against your inner creative. In other words, this is the book you need to read before you start writing. It’s a great tool for beginners or for those who have been fee [...]

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    13. I like especially her chapter 5, Harnessing the Unconscious:Toward Effortless WritingWriting calls on unused muscles and involvessolitude and immobility. There is not much to besaid for the recommendation, so often heard, toserve an apprenticeship to journalism if you intendto write fiction. But a journalist's careerdoes teach two lessons which every writer needsto learn —that it is possible to write for longperiods without fatigue, and that if one pushes onpast the first weariness one finds a [...]

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    15. Ok, can I say how much I liked this book? It has very good advice for beginners at writing, and for those of us who have been going at it alone for more than 10 years, it's amazing to read, from an experienced woman, all the advice she gives to novices, and realising you've been doing exactly that on your own. Sure, with this book I should've gotten to where I am sooner, but thinking back on my journey, I kinda like exploring it on my own terms. It made me happy knowing I've been doing things ri [...]

    16. This is a wonderfully lucid book. I would not hesitate to take writing advice from Dorothea Brande, for the simple reason that her own writing is so elegant and clear. As I was reading, I was reminded of George Orwell’s dictum that good writing should be like a window pane. Brande’s book, written in 1934, is a perfect exemplar. It does not draw attention to itself, but simply communicates the author’s ideas in a clear, pleasing manner.Brande states from the outset that she will not deal wi [...]

    17. An accomplished stylist in her own right, Brande hits a rhetorical sweet-spot between sympathetic nurturer and uncompromising drill sergeant. This is a book on overcoming the (many) psychological hurdles to developing a writing life. It's accessible, practical, and inspiring, and now has a permanent place near my writing desk.

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    19. I've loved this book for the last 15 years. First published in the 1930s — it's so outdated that she talks about how you need a portable typewriter — this is hands-down the best book I've ever read on how to write and the only one you'll ever need. Writers write, right?

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    22. I know I say this every time, but this is one of the best books I've read about writing. Very interesting ideas about how to work in greater harmony with your unconscious, and harness its power deliberately. We think of the 1930s as being a long time ago (as they are) but in some respects people then had things better figured out.

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    24. If I could, I'd give 10 stars. I cannot recommend this book too highly.Instead of discussing how-to-write Plot, Character, Setting, or POV, Brande says that a fledgling writer first needs to understand the psychology of an atypical writer. She then talks about what it's like to actually be a writer: how you act, think, how the mind works, and even how to train your writing brain (i.e the duality of Composing and Editing) to actually work FOR you!!!!!This is great stuff! Where's this been all my [...]

    25. This is a book that aspiring writers must read to achieve the magic that gets those words on paper.All my life I thought I could do both- live a normal life and write. It's only now that I realise I can't. It is a heady time I am 71.In the last few years I have had five books published, before that it has been journalism and a few short stories. It has taken all this time to realise that writing is a full-time business.I follow Brandt's precepts. I have place set aside for writing, there are no [...]

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