History of the Christian Church, 8 vols.

History of the Christian Church vols Philip Schaff wrote one of the finest histories of the church available His eight volume work which covers Christian history from the apostles to the Swiss Reformation incorporates discuss

  • Title: History of the Christian Church, 8 vols.
  • Author: Philip Schaff
  • ISBN: 9781565631960
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Philip Schaff 1819 1893 wrote one of the finest histories of the church available His eight volume work, which covers Christian history from the apostles to the Swiss Reformation, incorporates discussion of ideas and ideals throughout the history of the church with the requisite facts and figures for each period of history Each volume contains maps, charts, notes, bibPhilip Schaff 1819 1893 wrote one of the finest histories of the church available His eight volume work, which covers Christian history from the apostles to the Swiss Reformation, incorporates discussion of ideas and ideals throughout the history of the church with the requisite facts and figures for each period of history Each volume contains maps, charts, notes, bibliographies, and an index.

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      250 Philip Schaff
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    1. Philip Schaff

      Philip Schaff was educated at the gymnasium of Stuttgart, and at the universities of T bingen, Halle and Berlin, where he was successively influenced by Baur and Schmid, by Tholuck and Julius M ller, by David Strauss and, above all, Neander At Berlin, in 1841, he took the degree of B.D and passed examinations for a professorship He then traveled through Italy and Sicily as tutor to Baron Krischer In 1842 he was Privatdozent in the University of Berlin, where he lectured on exegesis and church history In 1843 he was called to become professor of church history and Biblical literature in the German Reformed Theological Seminary of Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, then the only seminary of that church in America.On his journey he stayed in England and met Edward Pusey and other Tractarians His inaugural address on The Principle of Protestantism, delivered in German at Reading, Pennsylvania, in 1844, and published in German with an English version by John Williamson Nevin was a pioneer work in English in the field of symbolics that is, the authoritative ecclesiastical formulations of religious doctrines in creeds or confessions This address and the Mercersburg Theology which he taught seemed too pro Catholic to some, and he was charged with heresy But, at the synod at York in 1845, he was unanimously acquitted.Schaff s broad views strongly influenced the German Reformed Church, through his teaching at Mercersburg, through his championship of English in German Reformed churches and schools in America, through his hymnal 1859 , through his labours as chairman of the committee which prepared a new liturgy, and by his edition 1863 of the Heidelberg Catechism His History of the Apostolic Church in German, 1851 in English, 1853 and his History of the Christian Church 7 vols 1858 1890 , opened a new period in American study of ecclesiastical history.In 1854, he visited Europe, representing the American German churches at the ecclesiastical diet at Frankfort and at the Swiss pastoral conference at Basel He lectured in Germany on America, and received the degree of D.D from Berlin.In consequence of the ravages of the American Civil War the theological seminary at Mercersburg was closed for a while and so in 1863 Dr Schaff became secretary of the Sabbath Committee which fought the continental Sunday in New York City, and held the position till 1870 In 1865 he founded the first German Sunday School in Stuttgart In 1862 1867 he lectured on church history at Andover.Schaff was a member of the Leipzig Historical Society, the Netherland Historical Society, and other historical and literary societies in Europe and America He was one of the founders, and honorary secretary, of the American branch of the Evangelical Alliance, and was sent to Europe in 1869, 1872, and 1873 to arrange for the general conference of the Alliance, which, after two postponements on account of the Franco Prussian War, was held in New York in October 1873 Schaff was also, in 1871, one of the Alliance delegates to the emperor of Russia to plead for the religious liberty of his subjects in the Baltic provinces.He became a professor at Union Theological Seminary, New York City in 1870 holding first the chair of theological encyclopedia and Christian symbolism till 1873, of Hebrew and the cognate languages till 1874, of sacred literature till 1887, and finally of church history, till his death He also served as president of the committee that translated the American Standard Version of the Bible, though he died before it was published in 1901.His History of the Christian Church resembled Neander s work, though less biographical, and was pictorial rather than philosophical He also wrote biographies, catechisms and hymnals for children, manuals of religious verse, lectures and essays on Dante, etc He translated Johann Jakob Herzog s Real Encyklop die f r protestantische Theologie und Kirche into English.

    498 thoughts on “History of the Christian Church, 8 vols.”

    1. Insightful comments. Written in the old style of academic work where the author's opinions are more clearly seen. His devotional comments along the way are very edifying.

    2. History of the Christian Church, 8 vols Philip (and David) SchaffVolume 1: The first volume was highly disappointing. At ~850 pages, I was half way through before the author started any history. The first 400+ pages were filled with commentary that I was not very interested in. By the end of the first volume it became evident that the author is interested in telling his own opinions about everything, rather than presenting the history in an objective way. Volume 2: This was a great improvement o [...]

    3. There are about 6844 pages in Schaff's 8 volumes. At my current pace, I will finish in about 4.5 years. The reading is actually quite good, not to academic. Schaff is a conservative and takes a conservative stance toward church history. Stay tuned.

    4. Most excellent book. Deff recommend all Christians and non-Christians to read it. It provides a rich amount of history and it gives a lot of resources to the reader. I learned a lot in the year I was reading this book. Add to your library and your library will be satisfied.

    5. One of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The Church is One Holy Catholic and Apostolic. Western History is Church History. The History if the World is the extension of the dominion of Christ, through His called out ones.

    6. A set I believe every Christian ought to have at least looked through. A comprehensive history of the Church from Christ right through to the middle/late reformation

    7. 8volume set - history of the christian church from the apostles to the reformation. amazing. a LOT of anecdotal stories.

    8. Too much!I will start with the positive: The price for the 8 volumes is very affordable! (About $2.50). Also the Author makes a point of showing you both the positive and negative sides of historical church leaders. That being said here is the negative side: The Author did not always define certain terms or translated certain sections; you were left in the dark at times. Some information seemed in opinion useless. While the Author was honest he did show an extremely strong bias towards Calvin an [...]

    9. I stoped at 25% of the first volume. This book is more apologetic than critical. In his view miracles and the divine plan are part of history. Everything begins with Christ and everything leads to Him. His view is biased against everything non-christian even though at the beginning he said that a historian must be objective. He hates jews, muslims, heathens, bible critical scholars, non-believers, everyone who doesn't agree that Christ is the center of the universe.

    10. This is a great resource, the best church history history I have found. Rigorous, insightful and clearly discernable commentary (so you can see very obviously where you agree or disagree with Schaff), readable and even compelling. I wish there were a history of this callibre written in the present century. At this stage, this is the place I go to for my history needs - at least up until the point that Schaff covers (late reformation period). Approaching magisterial, five stars. The only big and [...]

    11. I can't imagine what more I could want from a 6000+ page survey of the history of the church. It's hard to believe this was written 100 years ago. The scholarship and detail are outstanding. With most topics, I imagine the interested reader might start here and the go into a more comprehensive study But when the subject matter is the history of the church, I doubt whether a more thorough overview will be produced. I did not read every page; I read a sporadic selection of over 150 chapters and wi [...]

    12. Most books are rated related to their usefulness and contributions to my research.Overall, a good book for the researcher and enthusiast.Read for personal research- found this book's contents helpful and inspiring - number rating relates to the book's contribution to my needs.

    13. Excellent and unbiased as a general history should be. Good commentary on issues related to historical events.

    14. Fantastic set, does not read like a typical history book and Schaff traces God's providential work through the church in history.

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