Master of the Moon

Master of the Moon Unknown to the citizens of her small town policewoman Diana London is a shape shifting werewolf on the track of a killer vampiress Through erotic dreams she is drawn to Llyr king of the faeries But

  • Title: Master of the Moon
  • Author: Angela Knight
  • ISBN: 9781101158142
  • Page: 478
  • Format: ebook
  • Unknown to the citizens of her small town, policewoman Diana London is a shape shifting werewolf on the track of a killer vampiress Through erotic dreams, she is drawn to Llyr, king of the faeries But despite sparks, Llyr is a complication in her life Until the vampiress at large finds an ally, Diana and Llyr have no one to turn to but each other.

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    1. Angela Knight

      Angela Knight is an American author of mostly erotic fantasy She was a reporter for ten years and a comic book author She lives in South Carolina First published under Red Sage, she was able to write romantic fiction for the first time in 1996 She published several short stories in their Secrets anthologies Editor Cindy Hwang brought her to Berkley Publishing and has helped her become a best selling author.When developing her Mageverse series she wanted to create a unique spin on the vampire tale Taking the Arthurian legend and twisting it, she has vampires that are not evil, still possess their souls, and can reproduce Merlin was an alien who traveled to Earth from the Mageverse an alternate world where magic is everywhere to establish protectors Merlin s race had seen species that destroyed themselves as they advanced To avoid this, he searched Earth for worthy men and women who would give everything to protect others After drinking from the Grail, men became Magi, vampires and women became Majae, witches They have a symbiotic relationship The Magi have to drink blood from the Majae to help absorb the energies of the Mageverse The Majae have to donate blood or they will suffer heart attack from excess blood and elevated pressure The Majae are the magic in the Mageverse The Magi also sleep during the day as another means of gaining magic The men and women could theoretically live forever, should they not be killed.They are capable of reproducing with mortals to ensure that there are potential candidates to recruit Anyone born of such a union is a Latent Their Gift, becoming Magi or Majae, is triggered by three or sexual encounters with a Gifted man or woman A Latent must be approved by the Magi or Majae councils Many can not psychologically handle the impact of the Mageverse It can trigger insanity There are professional court seducers who Gift latents on the Councils orders.On Mageverse Earth, there are Fairies, Dragons, Unicorns and the city of Avalon where the Magi and Majae live They magically create gates to travel to Realspace Earth The Fairies are featured in Master of the Moon, which has King Llyr of the Faeries.Merlin, who knows that power can corrupt, created another magical species in case the Magi and Majae become out of control These are werewolves They do not have to wait until the full moon to change They are a rigid society that has been hidden from their inception In Master of Wolves, the werewolves declare themselves and fight alongside the Magi and the Fairies.Master of Swords introduces the dragons of Mageverse in depth and the hero for Master of Dragons is introduced.Futuristic BooksJane s Warlord introduces Jane Colby, a 20th century reporter Baran Arvid is sent back from the future to protect her from another time traveler, Druas Druas travels back in time to commit the Jack the Ripper murders and his next target is Jane Baran is a technologically and genetically enhanced human classified as a Warlord.Mercenaires is three short stories originally published electronically set in a future like Baran s They can be technologically and genetically enhanced Space travel has extended to other galaxies and other life forms have been discovered Humans have established many new colonies on planets capable of sustaining life.

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    1. I tried book 2 because it was supposed to be better than book 1. It wasn't really, so I think I'm dunzo.

    2. My favorite term is in this book: ex-Marine. *sigh* This generally loses me the instant it shows up in a story. Fortunately, it only appears once and the book itself intrigued me enough to give it another chance. Unfortunately, the book lost me to something else shortly thereafter. The main problem I have is that the story is a near complete carbon copy of Jane's Warlord, with a few things changed. I liked JW. I don't need a reworked version with fairies, werewolves, vampires, and magic. This on [...]

    3. Unbelievably awesome! AK knows her stuff. Erotic and funny, the plot doesn't need twists as suspenses and mysteries do. The characters colouful, the action terrifically written, and the erotic scenes will make you blush (if you're a blusher!). Master of Wolves is next, and I can't wait to read it. I hope AK writes a heck of a lot more of the Megaverse series. An awesome story-teller, AK's writing style is easy to read. If you haven't read this series, you don't know what you're missing!

    4. What can I say, every now and again a girl needs a little romance. At least there are vampires, werewolves and a vengeful spiteful brother feud to flesh it out. I can honestly say that although this book is not going to win any prices for the most in-depth thought provoking book, it was fun. The writing is not the best, the plot is shaky but it put a smile on my face and provided a little light hearted romance and entertainment.

    5. I liked this one as much as I liked the first book. The writing is good, the characters are likable and well written, the back story is interesting, and it's not too hard to follow. Again, my only real complaint is that I could do without the detailed sex scenes. Oh, not a complaint, unlike typical PNR this doesn't have the heroine hating the hero then getting herself in trouble only to be rescued by the hero and fall deeply in love with him.

    6. Talk about faeries, different realms and worlds. This paranormal romance was a excellent read. A must read for any and all paranormal lovers everywhere. Diana London is a direwolf and Liyr happens to be king of the fey. they are on a hunt for a killer vampire. Problem is Diana is his mate and his evil brother wants him dead. This is a most interesting book.

    7. Good readIf you like the supernatural and lots of romance and action read the Angela knight books. They are very good

    8. A couple of good parts made this book ok, but on balance, I can’t recommend it.Nothing grabbed me. Nothing surprised or delighted me. This was a role reversal story. Llyr and his evil brother Ansgar rule two fairy kingdoms. Ansgar has been attempting to assassinate Llyr for 400 years. He killed Llyr's wives, children and others during that time. Llyr doesn't fight back because he's trying to play by the rules set by his father. Ansgar is not playing by the rules and nearly wins. Llyr should ha [...]

    9. This series just keeps getting better and better!*SPOILER ALERT*Diana London is a werewolf, well sort of She is Direkind, a species created to keep the Magekind in check. She can transform into a wolf, giant dog, and the Direwolf (a 7ft Big Foot basically). She is loyal to people and friends of the town she helps protect. She is quick witted, even if Llyr doesn't always get her 21st cent. humor, passionate, and couragous!Llyr is King of the Sidhe, he is a strong, fierce, and compassionate king. [...]

    10. I really, really recommend this series to my fellow BDB fans - if you like the Brothers, you'll like the Magi! There's a little bit of everything in this seriesimarily you'll have the Magi (male vamps headed by Arthur and the Knights of the Round table) and the Maja (female witches with Morgana Le Fay as boss witch), the Sidhe (fairies aka much more magically evolved human cousins), some shapeshifting dragons, and werewolves. And just like the BDB books, the sex is graphic. I can't wait to read [...]

    11. entertaining. fun re-imagining of Arthur and Fairy legends as well as werewolves and vampires, not the best and hardly the most intelligent, but fun. Like the woman, mostly, good personality and character, love that she doubles as a police dog. What's with the long hair for guys fetish going around:P love the line come here fairy-stud I want to play with your magic wand- its horrifying and funny:P I know, what the hell am I reading:P

    12. Well, better than the first book. But then, I enjoyed Llyr in the first book so I figured I'd enjoy his story. Diana was quite accceptable as a heroine, which is high praise from me. She pretty well knew what she could and couldn't do and maintained a low level of stupidity. Again, the sex scenes became rote, and by the eleventh or so one I started skimming them. Knight leaves nothing to the imagination, and sometimes the imagination can be a very erotic thing.

    13. This book is actually one of my rereads. I liked the book back when i first baught it, but forgot most of the plot as time went by. I feel like yesterday was my first time reading it. THe firt 70 pages is a bit slow for me. they are mostlyu dealing with their feelings. but it picks up and becomes an awesome read. Looking forward to getting the other books by mrs. knight

    14. I liked this better than Master of the Night. I appreciated the strong werewolf heroine, and the silly stuff that took me out of the story in the other book was much less in evidence here (though the guys with long Easter egg colored hair were a bit much). Yes, the ending was a bit predictable but I was happy with the outcome.

    15. I love the alpha female attitude! She is more than that though, she has feelings and she does express them even though she is such a bad ass.I like the small southern town and how the author tossed in some of the draw backs of living in a small southern town. The draw backs are usually glossed over or skipped all together. It was really good.

    16. In the first novel of the Mageverse, we learned that the alien Merlin made King Arthur and his knights into vampires who must feed off the Magae (Guenevere and her ladies). In this installment, we learn he also created a failsafe in case Arthur and his band ever went rogue. The Direkind are werewolves bred to be able to take down vampires. But, they need love and hot sex too!

    17. Diana London works as the city manager and also works for the Verdaville Police Department. She's a werewolf and helps with supernatural investigations. There's a female vampire in town and she has decided to make it her playground. Llyr Galatyn is a Sidhe from the Cachamwri Sidhe and both wants to stop the vampire and help Diana.It's not a bad read but nothing spectacular.

    18. In the next installment of the Mageverse story, Llyr meets Diana in a dream only a week after his lover was killed. They team up to hunt a vampire serial killer left over from the scattering after Gerioff was defeated.I like this world a lot. I can't decided now whether I like the vampire/witch part of the Mageverse better or the Fairy part better. Must read more to decide . . .

    19. This was pretty good, very steamy in alot of parts which I love. King of the Faires, Llyr hooks up with a werewolf named Diana during her 'burning moon' to rid a small country town of crazy female vampire who is killing young men. As they work together to kill the Vampire desires run really hot between Llyr & Diana. 4/5

    20. King of the Faries + a Werewolf = this book. If there was ever a contest for an odd couple, Llyr and Diana would be it. Even though there was a dark element in the story, this was more of a fun romp.

    21. Liked it very much- sometimes, I absolutely need a healthy dose Angela Knight. Her heroes are alpha, the sex is HOT, her heroines kick ass this book is no exception. The Megaverse world building is excellent, and I'm sure that I will read lots more of this series. Addictive guilty pleasure!

    22. I really love how this series is expanding it's world. I loved the humor in this book. Diana is an awesome, strong heroine . . . and it was nice to see Llyr humbled a bit in this book.I can't wait to start the next book.

    23. Diana and Lyr come together in this Mageverse book. We learn all about the Direwolf and more about Merlin. Ms. Knight writes another great sexy book filled with kick butt characters and a sexy fae king.

    24. Very good book. I made the mistake of not reading this in the order of the other books. I read everything but this. Bad me! This story was very good, which has made me want to read through the series again. Maybe next month. Would recommend this.

    25. Enjoyed this book. It was exciting and edge of your seat action packed. Hot sex, of course. The Mageverse world is still a bit out there from what I'm used to, but everything else makes up for that.

    26. I'm not big into romance novels, but this one was kind of good. I liked the whole fairy werewolf element.

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