Abe Lincoln Grows Up

Abe Lincoln Grows Up A beautifully told story of young Abraham Lincoln s coming of ageDrawn from the early chapters of Carl Sandburg s Pulitzer Prize winning biography Abraham Lincoln The Prairie Years this is the story

  • Title: Abe Lincoln Grows Up
  • Author: Carl Sandburg
  • ISBN: 9780156026154
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • A beautifully told story of young Abraham Lincoln s coming of ageDrawn from the early chapters of Carl Sandburg s Pulitzer Prize winning biography, Abraham Lincoln The Prairie Years, this is the story of Abraham Lincoln s childhood Growing up poor on the family farm, Abe did chores, helped his father cut down trees, and expertly skinned animals and cured hides As a younA beautifully told story of young Abraham Lincoln s coming of ageDrawn from the early chapters of Carl Sandburg s Pulitzer Prize winning biography, Abraham Lincoln The Prairie Years, this is the story of Abraham Lincoln s childhood Growing up poor on the family farm, Abe did chores, helped his father cut down trees, and expertly skinned animals and cured hides As a young man, he became an avid reader When he witnessed a slave auction while on a flatboat trip down the Mississippi, he was forever changed and so was the future of America This is the remarkable story of Lincoln s youth, early America, and the pioneer life that shaped one of our country s greatest presidents.

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    1. Carl Sandburg

      Carl August Sandburg was an American writer and editor, best known for his poetry He won two Pulitzer Prizes, one for his poetry and another for a biography of Abraham Lincoln H L Mencken called Carl Sandburg indubitably an American in every pulse beat.For info see enpedia wiki Carl_San

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    1. This reprint is taken from a portion of Carl Sandburg's Pulitzer Prize winning 1926 biography of our 16th President (Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years). In the Publisher’s Note from this edition, it is said that since 1926, “…it has become increasingly evident that the book lives for people of all ages and kinds; but the later chapters on Lincoln’s political life are of necessity less interesting for boy and girl readers of today than the earlier ones about his own boyhood.” This segm [...]

    2. سپس ایب لینکلن قطعه ای به قلم جفرسون خواند: "اگر در میان ما کسی هست که آرزو دارد این اتحادیه از هم بپاشد، یا شکل جمهوری آن دگرگون شود، بگذارید چنین اشخاصی همچون مظهر امنیت جامعه به شمار آیند که در برابر خطای عقایدشان باید شکیبایی نشان داد، زیرا منطق و خرد آزاد است تا پنجه در پنج [...]

    3. I did a report on Lincoln when I was in high school in the 80's. I WANTED to do Reagan (I was totally Republican then) bc I didn't want to work hard to find the information, but everyone wanted Reagan and someone beat me to him, so I did Lincoln.

    4. This is a beautifully written and illustrated book. This slim volume is a reprint of the first twenty- seven chapters of Carl Sandburg's "Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years". It is a true classic, with original illustrations by James Dougherty. These early chapters were selected because it was felt that they would be most interesting to young readers, so the book is usually found in the youth non-fiction area. I throughly enjoyed it. This is also the story of America as it "grows-up" along with [...]

    5. You learn about a former president and what he did throughout his life. They grew up poor and it was difficult for them. He worked with his father, and tried the best he could. He became an amazing skinner. He was a young man that loved to read. it was a good story about his younger life and how the country has changed so much.

    6. I very much liked this book. Unlike other biography's about Abe Lincoln that tell about him being a president this one goes deeper. though out this book it foreshadows that he would become the president but even to the end never said it. This book is just plainly about Abe growing up. It starts before he is born and ends when he is an adult and leaves his family to make a life for himself. Over all this book was really good, and even though it doesn't have as many pages as books I usually read i [...]

    7. There’s a wealth of detail about 19th century life on the American frontier, and there’s a lot of information about historical figures like Daniel Webster, Johnny Appleseed, and Andrew Jackson, but there’s very little information about Abe Lincoln. I have no idea why this book is so highly regarded.

    8. In his book "Abe Lincoln Grows Up", noted author Carl Sandburg examines the heritage, birth and early years of America's 16th President. Born to poor but industrious parents, Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks, on February 12, 1809, near Hogdenville, Kentucky, Lincoln was a product of the western frontier. At seven years of age, young Abe's parents moved to the fertile lands of Indiana. There, Lincoln loses his mother to the "milk sick". Shortly after her death, young Abe's father Thomas returned to [...]

    9. To Be Honest i really didn't like this book but I'm not gonna hate on it. The author did a great job but the book wasn't really as interesting to me as i thought it would be. Im Gonna give him 4 stars, though.

    10. Sandburg gives us a biography of the youth of one of America’s greatest presidents: Abraham Lincoln. Since his birth in a log cabin and the migrations through Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky, he grows through in the impoverished, agrarian lifestyle that takes place in the American frontier. With his family he endures the hardships—having little-formal education, arduously settling in the wilderness, battling Native Americans, and watching strange illnesses take lives such as his mother’s— [...]

    11. Lincoln has always intrigued me, and even more so since moving to the South and discovering people who still revile him.Carl Sandburg wrote a classic biography in 1926, and this is something of a children's version of it, I gather. Sandburg's writing exquisitely captures the spirit of the nation during Lincoln's childhood years. This book covers Abe's life until he leaves his parents at 19 years of age.Westward expansion was front and center, Lincoln's own father moving them several times from K [...]

    12. After our tour of Abraham Lincoln's Presidential Museum I purchased this book in their gift shop. I may have read this when I was in elementary school but I enjoyed reading it to remember the story of President Lincoln as a young boy and history of our country 128: familiar saying I grew up with: "If you ears burn somebody is gossiping about you. If your hand itches you will get a present or shake hands with a stranger; if your right foot itches you are going on a journey; if the left foot itche [...]

    13. This version reads like a juvenile version and is a quick read of 222 pages. However, it is rewarding for its portrayal of early Allegeny Americana. Not surprisingly, Sandburg is intrigued by the words and idioms of the frontier as well as their songs. A short vignette of Andrew Jackson is included, suggesting his influence and inspiration for young Lincoln. It doesn't hurt that much is made of Lincoln's reading and love of books. There is the poet's sensitivity to nature, wilderness and words e [...]

    14. Early years of Abraham Lincoln growing up in midwest US in its midgrowth as a nation, with log cabins on one hand and slavery on other on southern plantations. Illinois and Kentucky were border states, often with families divided on the issue, neighbours and communities deeply divided. Lincoln grew up around the border in Illinois and went on to be the silent great man whose great speech post US civil war and bringing in emancipation was then derided for being not long enough, not flowery enough [...]

    15. We just finished reading this book. I really liked it because it's about one of my favorite CHRISTAN men in history. It starts from when he was born to before he went to New Salem. There's is also another book about him that we just finished too that is about him in New Salem. I love the state of IL and what makes it ten times better is tha it's the land of Lincoln. :D HEHE

    16. Abe Lincoln one of the best presidents of all time. Carl Sandburg has made a some insight to Lincoln's childhood. It wasn’t the greatest book, mostly because it doesn't always talk about Lincoln, but about people who Lincoln talked about. When it does focus on Lincoln, it teaches you about parts of his life you might not know about, like what happened to him during his childhood. - JH

    17. BiographyPulitzer PrizeMiddle school studentsThe history Of Abraham Lincoln that makes his live a little personable.Easy reading for middle school students who need to write a biblography for a classroom assignment.This book keeps your interested, so that you want to finish it withot stopping. Very factual with detailes to thing that may be new to you from the very begining.

    18. i read this as a child and it inspired a lifelong fascination with lincoln. i found his complete 5 volume set of the war and prairie years on ebay will try and give it a go in the next couple of months. lincoln grows up is a charming book i would recommend to anyone, especially young readers. i actually bought my copy years ago in the little gift shop at sandburg's home in NC.

    19. A great read that gives us information on one of the united states presidents. This book tells of Abe Lincoln's life as a young child. From reading this book I now have a better understanding of young Lincoln's life.

    20. This book follows Abe Lincoln and how his life was as a young kid and the many struggles he faced daily. In my opinion, this book is an interesting read but it definitely is not for everyone. I think it would not be of much interest for someone who doesn't enjoy history.

    21. I learned a lot of cool stories about Abraham Lincoln from reading this. Most of it is very interesting and easy to read. I enjoyed it!

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