The Bishop's Daughter

The Bishop s Daughter Leona is Bishop Jacob Weaver s daughter and a dedicated teacher in a one room Amish schoolhouse After her father s tragic accident Leona s faith wavers How could God allow something like this to happ

  • Title: The Bishop's Daughter
  • Author: Wanda E. Brunstetter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Leona is Bishop Jacob Weaver s daughter and a dedicated teacher in a one room Amish schoolhouse After her father s tragic accident, Leona s faith wavers How could God allow something like this to happen to one of His servants Outlander Jimmy Scott comes to Pennsylvania in search of his real family When he is hired to paint an Amish schoolhouse, Jimmy and Leona find theLeona is Bishop Jacob Weaver s daughter and a dedicated teacher in a one room Amish schoolhouse After her father s tragic accident, Leona s faith wavers How could God allow something like this to happen to one of His servants Outlander Jimmy Scott comes to Pennsylvania in search of his real family When he is hired to paint an Amish schoolhouse, Jimmy and Leona find themselves irresistibly drawn to each other Can anything good come from the love between an Amish woman and an English man What secrets will be revealed and what miracles await God s people in Lancaster County

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    1. Wanda E. Brunstetter

      New York Times bestselling and award winning author, Wanda E Brunstetter is one of the founders of the Amish fiction genre She has written close to 90 books translated in four languages With over 10 million copies sold, Wanda s stories consistently earn spots on the nations most prestigious bestseller lists and have received numerous awards.Wanda s ancestors were part of the Anabaptist faith, and her novels are based on personal research intended to accurately portray the Amish way of life Her books are well read and trusted by many Amish, who credit her for giving readers a deeper understanding of the people and their customs.When Wanda visits her Amish friends, she finds herself drawn to their peaceful lifestyle, sincerity, and close family ties Wanda enjoys photography, ventriloquism, gardening, bird watching, beachcombing, and spending time with her family She and her husband, Richard, have been blessed with two grown children, six grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.To learn about Wanda, visit her website at wandabrunstetter.

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    1. This book draws a nice conclusion to the Daughters of Lancaster County series. Unresolved issues that carried over from the previous two books finally reach a climax in this installment of the triology. Leona Weaver, the Bishop's daughter, is dealing with a grieving heart and Jimmy Scott is trying to find out who he really is. Both of these subplots make for an interesting and inspiring story.

    2. While the story itself was very good and well written, I was extremely disappointed in the ending. It happened so quickly and without much explanation. It was like the "line ride" that some cartoons have in their scripts. You're waiting and waiting, getting even more excited to see what's at the end of the line and then they tell you that the line was the ride and you're thinking, "What? That was it? How disappointing."

    3. These books were nice to read while I was woozy in the hospital, but were a little melodramatic (3 fiances die, one baby kidnapped, one case of amnesia).

    4. This was a wonderful happy ending to a 3 book series by Wanda E. Brunstetter. It follows the life of Leona Weaver, who has lost her fiance and swears not to fall in love EVER again. But of course she does when she meets Jimmy Scott, an Englisher, who has come to Lancaster CO, PA to find his birth family after finding out from his Dad on his 21st birthday that he kidnapped him from an Amish family 21 years before.What the reader is hoping for finally comes to pass at the very end of the book, whe [...]

    5. The third in the "Daughters of Lancaster County" and I was pleased to meet again Abraham, Naomi and Abby, with the key characters here their close friend's family of Jacob, Grace and Leona Weaver. The other strand of the book brought up to date the situation of Jimmy Scott, which I had found frustrating in the earlier books. I found this the most readable of the three books in the series. I felt involved with the characters, and learnt more abvout their Amish faith, as seen through outsider Jimm [...]

    6. I found this entire series to be well-written, well-thought-out and quite enjoyable! It is a NICE change from Beverly Lewis' story lines that all end in "become a Christian-leave the Amish faith". In these stories, the answers are HOME, FAITH and FAMILY.

    7. Note: Kristin reads and reviews both Christian and secular fiction on A Simply Enchanted Life. Out of respect for my readers, I am including a content review. This content review will help you decide whether this book is suitable for you.Content Review:Christian or Secular: ChristianProfanity: NoneSex: NoneViolence: NoneTrigger Warnings: NoneDisclosure: Mentions of alcoholism & treatment.You know, sometimes you find a book that just does it for you. I won’t say that this book is without fl [...]

    8. Wow I hate and despise this book for sooooo many reasons. It is hard to focus on just one.First of all there a critical secret that comes up in conversation so often and EACH TIME the author contrives an interruption of the conversation so that the information is not shared and we are left waiting to see an important matter be resolved. IF you don't want to have charachters to aqctually share information or COMMUNICATE then fine but at some point the polot used to keep interrupting the conversat [...]

    9. Series Daughter of Lancaster County, book #3"The Bishop's Daughter" by Wanda BrunstetterI was happy to read the final book in this series wanting to know how would Jimmy Scott find out about himself, he had been kidnapped and thought he was adopted throughout the series to his parents Jim and Linda Scott. This book tells the story of Leona Weaver who is a Bishop's daughter. the Bishop had been longtime friends with Jimmy's dad back when he was a baby named Zach. The kidnapping made a whole in th [...]

    10. What a wonderful conclusion to this trilogy. I was hoping to read about what continued on after everything was said and done but they left that up to the imagination. Yes this series had sad parts but the many happy exciting parts far out weighed the sad. I loved it and would read the series again in a heart beat.

    11. I read the first two books in this series and found them to be "just okay" for mindless entertainment by the pool. They passed the time without drawing me in enough to take my mind off the kids in the water. I picked up the third book and read a little here and there in waiting rooms, etc. The book was due back at the library by the time I'd made it halfway through. I intended to renew it, but I dropped it in the return box instead. Even though I wasn't finished, I couldn't bring myself to conti [...]

    12. Leona's faith is tested over and over again. She starts to question why God would let things these happen in her life. Then she meets Jimmy Scott, an Englisher, who is in Lancaster County searching for his real family. Jimmy learns that he is adopted on his twenty-first birthday and wants some answers. Upon his arrival in Lancaster, Jimmy takes a job as a painter with Jacob Weaver and starts to get to know the Amish community. Leona and Jimmy become close friends and start having forbidden feeli [...]

    13. I was very unimpressed with the ending of this trilogy. I starts off 11 years years after the second one ends. It felt like the author just wanted to get this over with and that's how I felt while reading it. This trilogy was very plot driven, it's hard to care for the characters when the only time you read about them is when they are complaining or dying(so many people die it's just ridiculous, most Amish books make me want to live the plain life but definitely not these ones). These were just [...]

    14. The Bishop's Daughter is the third and final book in the three-part series called Daughters of Landcaster by Wanda E. Brunstetter. Maybe something was wrong with my mood when I read the first book of this series, because the last two were significantly better in my opinion. Still think the writing was a bit bland and the characters still a bit underdeveloped. But, the series wasn't awful. I enjoyed the last book better than the other two. I recommend this series to those who like an easy read an [...]

    15. This series finally ends with a satisfying if somewhat contrived conclusion. Again, author Wanda Brunstetter uses her novels as a witness to a Christian faith which illustrates that God is in charge. The characters in this series are not free from problems or troubles and must cope with unhappiness and tragedies, and yet their faith sustains them. An interesting story that is filled with Christian beliefs, God-fearing lectures, and biblical quotes. It was so much like being in church, I half exp [...]

    16. This series was so inspiring. Despite many trials in the lives of the characters, God's love and mercy was evident. It seemed that with each tragedy, a blessing was brought forth, making for a very engaging read. Sometimes in the story, you could tell something was going to happen, but there were definitely many twists that were totally unexpected.

    17. I enjoyed this book, but not as much the other two. In some ways, though I enjoyed the ending with Jimmy finding out he was kidnapped from the Fisher family, and then deciding to convert to Amish to be able to marry Leona. However, it did seem a little farfetched that all the happy ending, at least in this situation, would occur. But, still overall enjoyed the series.

    18. I did not like the ending. It seemed like she said - Oh I have to get these guys together and finish this book so she did it in the last few chapters and epilogue. I read the other books in the series just to see if they find their kidnapped brother then in was anti-climatic to have it written in this way

    19. This series has been one of the most inspiring and uplifting books I've read. (Just the kind of book I love!) This last book pulled everything together from the other two and leaves you knowing "all things come together for the good of those who love God" Romans 8:28. (Which is sooooo true!) I look forward to reading other books by this author.

    20. The third book of the trilogy follows Leona Weaver. After losing her fiancee Leona thinks she can hide her heart and never love again, that teaching is her path in life. An accident and Englisher make her question how God could turn his back

    21. This series follows an Amish family through three generations, as they struggle through both difficult and happy times. The most interesting part of the books, in my opinion, was learning about the culture of Amish people, their togetherness, customs and how they live their daily lives.

    22. Another wonderful story by Wanda E Brunstetter. This was an easy fast read. It was hard to put down. This was a nice ending to this series. Although I knew where this story was going it was nice to see how it all worked out. One of my favorite authors.

    23. awesome bookI absolutely love this book , it was very hard to put down , I'm going to miss the characters, the best book I've read in a long time , and I would recommend it to everybody

    24. It was lovely visit among the Amish characters created by Ms. Brunstetter and I learned something along the way about another lifestyle. I'll be back to meet more of her characters another time. Thank you Wanda.

    25. A story of a boy who was stolen from the Amish people and raised English. He discovers after his 21st birthday about his father's crime and goes in search of his family. This story kept my interest throughout, to the point where I just had to finish it asap!! A good book!

    26. Great story about the struggle of boy that finds out after a parents death he might be a missing amish man. He travels back to find out and falls in love with the community and a girl not likly to marry.

    27. need to read all three books of series VERY GOOD COULD NOT WAIT TO FIND HOW EVEYTHING TURNED OUT!!! So glad I took the time to read all three.

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