Sinful In Victoria England vice of every kind can be purchased and Matthew the Earl of Wallingford makes certain he avails himself of every possible pleasure Bored and jaded he is as well known for his c

  • Title: Sinful
  • Author: Charlotte Featherstone
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In Victoria England vice of every kind can be purchased, and Matthew, the Earl of Wallingford, makes certain he avails himself of every possible pleasure Bored and jaded, he is as well known for his coldness as for his licentious affairs with beautiful women.While these numerous dalliances fulfill Matthew s every physical need, they secretly leave him numb and emotionallyIn Victoria England vice of every kind can be purchased, and Matthew, the Earl of Wallingford, makes certain he avails himself of every possible pleasure Bored and jaded, he is as well known for his coldness as for his licentious affairs with beautiful women.While these numerous dalliances fulfill Matthew s every physical need, they secretly leave him numb and emotionally void Until one night when he finds himself beaten, eyes bandaged and in the care of a nurse with the voice of an angel and a gentle touch that soothes the darkness in him and makes him yearn for .Yet Jane Rankin is a lowly nurse, considered shy and plain by most There is no place for her amongst the lords and ladies of the aristocracy despite Matthew s growing craving for the fire that burns behind her earnest facade And then there is Matthew s secret A secret so humiliating and scandalous is could destroy everyone he loves A sin, he fears, not even the love of a good woman can take away

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      Hi I write erotic historical romance for Harlequin Spice, as well as erotic paranormal romance under the name Sophie Renwick In 2011, I ll be debuting my mainstream, Victorian set historicals through HQN.I love talking about books, and have found some new friends, and really good book recommends here on I really love this community.

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    1. Huge 5+ starsTo say I love Sinful is an understatement, which is why I'm baffled it's been so difficult for me to write this review. This book had a profound effect on me, yet I'm having trouble expressing the reasons why. The characters in this story are richly layered with the complexities that make up human nature. Such as, prejudice, jealousy, envy, ego, insecurity, environment, cruelty, and discrimination, as well as kindness, generosity, charity, love, understanding, tenderness, and the m [...]

    2. 3.5/5.0 Whenever I give a book a 1/2 star rating, I almost always give it the 'rounded up' star rating.My Review:I have such strong feelings about this story. It’s one of the few books I’ve read that grabbed me from the first page and kept my attention all the way to the last. Why 3.5 stars? Because I loved the book up until the last 20 pages or so, then I hated it. And honestly, I struggled between a 3 or 4, which is why I ultimately chose 3.5. If you care to know why, read on…We were in [...]

    3. 5+ stars – Erotic Historical RomanceI’m a bit late writing my review for Sinful because I left for a trip almost immediately after I turned the last page, but I couldn’t resist doing a little bit of gushing over such an evocative, sensual, heart-wrenching, and lush read.Addicted was one of my favorite reads of 2009, so my expectations for Sinful were extremely high, and I’m elated, ecstatic, and thrilled to say that it lived up to the anticipation, and more. In this emotionally hypnotic, [...]

    4. Ahhh, this was a good one. I don't usually read many historicals but this one caught my eye because of the glorious cover, and I figured if it was half as good as its coverI was pleasantly surprised when the story more than lived up to its cover!I won't get into much of the plot, since the synopsis does a good job of it, and I doubt that I could write about it without giving away some spoilers. Just know that Sinful is a story about a devilishly handsome aristocratic, notorious, cold, jaded rake [...]

    5. WOW WOW WOW!! Such a sensual and emotional read. I was drawn to Wallingford in Addicted and wanted to learn what made this angry, virtually unfeeling man tick. He had hints of kindness in Addicted and it would have to be someone special that would draw him out and reveal who he really was. The woman that becomes Matthew’s obsession is not the beautiful, sexually skilled women that he's involved himself with in the past, but a compassionate, virtuous, hard working “plain Jane”. He falls in [...]

    6. Why do erotic historicals more often than not have to be seeped in a dark and depressing misery? It seems to be that they all have something sordid about them and this one is no different. What is different is that while the others have a non-stop sex-athon with various “what the ** ?!?” acrobatics and a modicum of story, this one stays stuck in the same place for over 300 pages. The plot just doesn’t move.I had so much hope for this novel, thinking that I’d like it even better than Feat [...]

    7. Charlotte Featherstone has a true way with words, as they come alive as dark poetry off the pages. Sinful had so many moments within it’s pages, you were just quickly pulled into the story of Matthew, the Earl of Wallingford and Jane Rankin. As the heals the wounds placed on their hearts and souls. Matthew really drew me in as he appeared in Addicted, there was something about him, that made me wanna know more about him. With Matthew sometimes it felt like there were two people living in the s [...]

    8. 2.5 STARSHow and Why all my friends in here gave such a high rating to this book is beyond my understanding and comprehension. It's not that I did't have a nice time reading it because it had some really good parts which I liked a lot, but in the overall I just can't say I loved it, not even enjoyed it much. Some parts I could only pray for the book to end soon, specially at the end. Maybe with a better ending I would have given a higher rating to the book but I just couldn't after reading it.WH [...]

    9. Lord Matthew Wallingford is known as a scandalizing wastrel and womanizer and he’s fine with that for he knows he’s a broken man. He needs the appearance he’s carefully erected to shield himself and keep everyone at bay because he’s been used too many times before. Then one night, he’s attacked on the eve of realizing his fondest goal- to own his own art Gallery.Jane Rankin is a plain Jane with no family and no connections- except for the self-made oddity Lady Blackwell. By day a compa [...]

    10. You've got to be kidding me. The "hero" is a spoiled child who goes around moping about having no soul and snapping at everyone around him. He won't learn how to manage the ducal estates, he throws a tantrum when his father cuts his allowance, and doesn't even think of earning his own money to support himself. He's too weak to face his past, so lashes out at other people. Wow. Yeah, I want me some of that. (view spoiler)[Seriously? He almost rapes her, she calls it "forced seduction" because she [...]

    11. Wow, what a book! This story was emotional, heart wrenching ,sensual. It was about damaged souls, and the healing that can be found in forgiveness and true love and acceptance. This story made me angry, made my vision blurry from tears as i tried to read, and finally made made my heart swell with happiness. It is hard for me to write down my feelings about this book. I am sitting feeling so emotional and moved by this story. It will stay with me for a long time.I am spent.*the awesome epilogue w [...]

    12. Sexy Historical with an Unexpected Ending!!!The Earl of Wallingford is a debauched womanizer. He feels love for no one. He never sleeps with the same woman twice, and never in a bed. That would be too intimate of a setting. Against a wall will do just fine. Mathew, The Earl of Wallingford"Has there never been one special woman whom you thought highly of, whom you felt something for?""No. I have never allowed a woman to touch me with anything more meaningful than sexual superficiality. I fuck wom [...]

    13. "You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her."- Author unknown -4 1/2 stars.Sensually beautiful!Matthew, Earl of Wallingford knows exactly what human nature consists of - temptation and physical pleasure. Matthew is a leader in things such as depravity and scandal and he avoids any emotional entanglements. He had a secret. A secret he had to hide. Sinful. Matthew says:"I am a creature of darkness, whose element is night and shadows. I belong in the [...]

    14. samsawesomness/20SINFUL FIVE STARS - FANFUGGINGTASTIC!So my first impressions when looking at this book – “ Wowza, look at the size of that’s mans back”My husband’s first impression when look at this book – “What’s that green stuff near his ass? It looks like fart gas”- My Dave, the charmer.So once I get over the lovely comment Dave makes I start reading. This is my first Charlotte Featherstone book, so give me some credit when I say; I didn’t know what I was going to be read [...]

    15. Matthew and JaneFor about two thirds of this book I could see why everyone loved it. The character were deep, tortured and well written. The love scenes were lush and detailed. I could see and feel why this book was so popular.Matthew had suffered childhood abuse from someone who is unnamed (at the beginning of the book). He cannot women to touch him in certain ways. He cannot have someone on top of him and he cannot have sex in a bed, only up against walls. Jane is the one to change this. Jane [...]

    16. I have been looking forward to this book for months and I wasn't disappointed.What amazing characters. When Wallingford is in residence, he is mean, vane, cynical and hurtful. At those times in the book, I would actually gasp at the things he said and did and want to slap him and tell him, What's the matter with you? But when Matthew is in residence, he is so caring, loving and sensitive. At those times I would just melt and want to hold him. After reading about all the things he has gone throug [...]

    17. What an incredible moving story. I only wish that it didn't have to end. There is nothing remotely cliché about Matthew or his actions throughout his journey in this book. He is often times cruel and more times than not heartless, as he so often refers to himself. In reality he has been so damaged by his past that instead of making peace and moving on, he lets him define who he becomes as an adult. Jane is a tortured and damaged soul also, but instead of wallowing in self pity she moves on from [...]

    18. (This review was originally posted on Book Lovers Inc)I read Addicted a few weeks ago (here is my review) and I couldn't pass the chance to read Sinful, which is Lord Wallingford’s book. I received this ARC for review from NetGalley. I should wait for the tears to dry before attempting to write this review, but I can’t. I need to share with you why this book moved me so much. I am torn, because just like Addicted it left me crying and I hate to cry but Sinful is wonderful, it’s heart-wrenc [...]

    19. I did some unthinkable things.First of all, I never read Sinful up till now.I know! Evil me!But then I did something more wicked.I hated it.Yes, I confess!I hated Sinful!OMG!Why,right?Well,find out at your own peril:(view spoiler)[Miss Featherstone? Do you want us to keep shoveling the characters with misery?Yes, yes! Yeeeees! (Insert evil laugh) I want them to sufffffer!Yeah. Ok, but why did they suffer?Why did Miranda have sex with the hero?Why did she want to drown Sarah?Why did Constance wan [...]

    20. Wowee, I really enjoyed that. Matthew a Duke with a sordid past and sinful ways, but with a heart of gold when he meets his true love, Jane. This book had me totally absorbed, that I couldn't put it down. I also felt teary in parts for what he had to endure growing up. All in all a great read.

    21. This book was some straight up Bull Sh*t!1st of all I need to make it known that I am not big on historical romance/Erotica. But there have been a few times, very few times, that I have been pleasantly surprised with this genre. So since this book was on my Kindle already, I decided to finally read it.The 1st 6 chapters I was like "This is gonna be awesome!"It had the right set up, the right Hero and enough intrigue surrounding him I couldn't wait to find out what closed him off from emotions? W [...]

    22. 4.5 stars."I know the man you were," she whispered as she closed her eyes and tilted her head to the side. "I've glimpsed him since. Where is he, Matthew?""He's broken," he rasped as he ran his lips down her cheek to her jaw. "He's fucking ruined, Jane, and he'll destroy you."-----"I don't want to hurt you, but I will. But I can't let you go." He pressed his eyes shut and fisted the hem of her chemise in his hands. "God," he growled, fighting the memories, the fierce wave of emotions that crashe [...]

    23. How do you begin to explain the power of emotion this book spills through youHow do I write in words the agony and pain my heart has endured whilst reading this amazing bookThe truth is I cant… I simply can not provide it in words And so I will tell you as I write this review with the best of my ability what it is and how it is to feel completely attached to a book character so much that a HEA ending is just not enough to bring you out of your heartache… After reading this book I felt down [...]

    24. I didn't like Featherstone's writing style; I loved it! It was emotional, melancholy, lyrical, heartwrenching and poignant. I also liked the characters in this one much better than in her first novel. However, this was in truth more like 3 stars than 4 stars for me. Why? My bad mood during this weekend is probably reason enough for me to not appreciate this as much as it deserved (that's why I rated it with 4 rather than 3 stars which was what I felt like when I finished it). But, there was some [...]

    25. Why I read: I have been wanting to read Charlotte Featherstone for some time now and this was offered through NetGalley.Favorite Quote: Yet somehow he knew she was different from all the others. Somehow he knew she was forbidden. Forbidden to be tainted by someone as debauched and amoral as himself. But damn him, he could not resist this temptation – this woman who made him yearn.Matthew, Earl of Wallingford is a very talented artist – but his art is of the disrespectful kind, usually includ [...]

    26. 3.5This book had a good start then fell flat for this reader. The dramatic last third of the story saved it from tedium. The conflict felt authentic and the obstacles realistic. Then, the author unexpectedly delivers an unconventional ending. Kudos!The StorySinful contains a dark tortured hero and a plain Jane. (Ironically, the heroine’s name is Jane.) Matthew, Earl of Willington, is a libertine. He believes women are good for one thing (view spoiler)[”fucking” (hide spoiler)] and every wo [...]

    27. 4.5 starsI was going back-and-forth on the rating, so I just decided it'll be 4.5 stars. I liked the premise of the book, liked both Matthew and Jane. I'm not sure what, exactly, I think about the writing style. It'sdifferent.Statements like this appear often“I am a creature of darkness, whose element is night and shadows. I belong in the dark with the other sinful creatures.”It soundsa bit off and melodramatic. Yet in the context of the book, it fits perfectly.Seeing the other side of Victo [...]

    28. To say that Matthew, Earl of Wallingford is a rakish, skirt-chasing scoundrel is the understatement of the century. After chasing the wrong skirt -- seeking a celebratory shag, a most unfortunate incident lands him in the hospital for a prolonged period. During his stay, he falls for Jane, thewell, plain Jane nurse from the wrong side of town who care for and nurses him back to health. Once his health returns, the royal ass returns as well. Honestly, I really despised the handsome but snobby Ear [...]

    29. I will say that the epilogue saved this book for me. Had I not ventured off and read the epilogue on her site, I would have had mixed emotions. I can absolutely say that CF's writing was different than what I had expected. The beginning moved quite slowly but once I got into the story, I could barely put the book down. The deep issues that Matthew displayed throughout the book was somewhat dark. He was the tortured hero that made you want to get deeper inside his head. I liked Jane's character v [...]

    30. This book is truly amazing. It is breathtakingly beautiful, extremely heart breaking, the epitome of true and perfect soul baring love. Sinful has a portion of my heart and a place among my favorite books.

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