Clifford The Big Red Dog

Clifford The Big Red Dog Read all about Clifford s BIG ideas Classic Clifford reissued It only takes a little to BE BIG Meet Clifford and Emily Elizabeth in the original Clifford book Clifford is big Clifford is red But most

  • Title: Clifford The Big Red Dog
  • Author: Norman Bridwell
  • ISBN: 9780545215787
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback
  • Read all about Clifford s BIG ideas Classic Clifford reissued It only takes a little to BE BIG Meet Clifford and Emily Elizabeth in the original Clifford book Clifford is big Clifford is red But most of all, Clifford knows how to BE A GOOD FRIEND The BE BIG campaign invites everyone, big and small, to take action and raise awareness for how CLIFFORD S BIG IDEAS can mRead all about Clifford s BIG ideas Classic Clifford reissued It only takes a little to BE BIG Meet Clifford and Emily Elizabeth in the original Clifford book Clifford is big Clifford is red But most of all, Clifford knows how to BE A GOOD FRIEND The BE BIG campaign invites everyone, big and small, to take action and raise awareness for how CLIFFORD S BIG IDEAS can make the world a better place.

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    1. Norman Bridwell

      Norman Bridwell is an American author and cartoonist, best known for the Clifford the Big Red Dog series of children s books Bridwell attended John Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, Indiana He currently resides on Martha s Vineyard, MA, where he continues to write an average of two books a year.

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    1. This has all of the ingredients of the ideal book for me:1) It is about dogs2) The dog is RED3) There is a long family history of loving this book. Behold, my dad:So what happened? Why didn't I loooove it? I think those three factors just resulted in the perfect storm. And I am easily prone to over-stimulation. Maybe I just need to wait until I'm a bit older. Maybe I just need to wait until I'm sitting on the can.

    2. When I was little I loved everything Clifford! You cannot go wrong with any of the books in the Clifford the Big Red Dog series :)

    3. A classic kids book, and a must read. This book is all about expectations--Clifford does all the same things that a normal dog does, but on a different scale, with different consequences (for example, he likes to chase cats, which means he scares a lion at the zoo). The constant reversal/twisting of expectations is what makes the book delightful, and makes me not mind reading it aloud again and again. (The "trouble" Clifford makes is something that is maintained in all the spin-off books, but yo [...]

    4. great bookeasy read. Compelling story about a very large animal-I think it was a dog and its owner Emily Elizabeth. I did't know a dog could grow so big. Does anyone know what type of dog Clifford is? One problem I have with the story is it never explains how Emily cleans up after him- that would be one big pile of stuff!

    5. Oh, Clifford! I've always been a softie for dogs and dog books. I loved the Clifford series as a child! I owned them all, and read them so much! I loved the idea of a big dog. And red? Get out of here! It had such an impact that when I was so fortunate as an older child to get to pick out a dog and breed from my parents - my final choice was between an Irish Setter (red) or a Newfoundland (big). I went big with the Newfoundland, and have never gone back from the breed. I'm not nearly as cool as [...]

    6. Now that's what I call a big dog. It's the size of a house. I'm just glad I don't have to feed him, but walking him would be interesting. All in all, I think it's a nice funny and children's book.

    7. I love reading novels to my children, especially when they are ones that promote more reading to my kids, because they relate to something that they already know and enjoy- like a popular kid's TV show. However, I have found that the older my son gets, the more he's beginning to realize when they just don't make since. The ending in each of these Clifford stories were abrupt and sudden, and some of the things that Emily E. and Clifford were doing just didn't make since (like playing with bear cu [...]

    8. Clifford the big red dog by Bridwell Norman Genre: Comedy, Humor, Reading level: P-2 grade Format: good General fiction, animal stories Clifford the big red dog is a book about a girl named Elizabeth and her dog named Clifford. Elizabeth talks about how she has a big dog compared to the other people around her neighborhood and how she enjoys playing with Clifford. The book is also about Clifford doing tricks and how the dog isn’t perfect in how he chases cars and cats. As I was reading the b [...]

    9. One of the better novels that I have ever read. It has so many clear, and simple details. Overall, if you are looking for a quick, and easy read to pass the time. This book is for you.

    10. Personal ResponseMy cousin enjoys the book. She sat down and I read it to her and then she read it to me. She really likes the pictures and colors. She thinks Clifford is an awesome book. The quality of the writing was pleasing and my little cousin enjoyed the pictures.PlotThe plot tells how Emily talks about her dog, Clifford. She says that her dog is a big red dog. She also talks about how he chases cars and chews on shoes. My little cousin loved how the pictures went with the words so she cou [...]

    11. Clifford is one of the most popular series for many children! I used to read it a lot when I was younger and i still would recommend it to many young readers. Clifford is one of the biggest red dog that you will ever read about. His size is enormous but don't let that fool you, he is the softest and most playful pet you could ever meet! In this fantasy book of Clifford you will meet what kind of dog he is and the games that he enjoys playing. At first, some kids and neighbors are shocked by his [...]

    12. I also read this book to my little sister. She loves "Clifford the Big Red Dog". I like this book and the other Clifford books Norman Bridwell wrote because they aren't all about things that are so unrealistic, except for the fact that the dogs talk to the humans and the size of Clifford. Amanda liked this book because Emily, Clifford's owner, talked about all of the things she likes to do with Clifford. My sister, including me, agreed it would be cool to have a dog that you could talk to and so [...]

    13. I sometimes wonder at what the story was behind this book. How was it the author came up with such a monstrously huge dog as the pet for a little girl. I think sometimes that every child at some point wishes they had a pet that would be loyal and fun and also a protector from whatever bullies plague them. I think we love Clifford because he embodies so many traits of what makes the 'perfect pet.' Whatever the reason, Clifford is fun even after reading about him to my children for the millionth t [...]

    14. Once there was a puppy called Clifford. He grew and grew until he was really big. He grew so big that he could not fit in his home any longer. He is owned by a little girl who loves him more than anything in the world. When Clifford goes out, everyone is scared by him but really Clifford is a kind dog with a caring, loyal heart.This is a great EYFS book for introducing size vocabulary such as 'big' and 'small.'It is also great for introducing different types of animals as part of developing KUW. [...]

    15. "I hate Clifford the Big Red Dog. There’s seven books about Narnia that cover the birth and death of a nation, and mice with swords and a lion who’s a god. They did it in seven books. There’s fifty books about Clifford the Big Red Dog and they all tell the exact same story: Look how big this dog is! That’s it! That’s the whole book! Here’s how big he was at the fire house! Here’s how big he is at Thanksgiving!’ Who gives a shit! You just drew him big! You, on purpose just made hi [...]

    16. Clifford, the big red dog, is probably one of the most loved and recognizable children's book character. He is lovable, and like them, has trouble fitting in as he makes his way through life. His person, Emily Elizabeth, loves him and the Clifford books subtly send positive messages about caring, loyalty, friendship, and responsibility. In this first book, Emily, introduces the reader to her dog, Clifford, and traces the ups and downs of life raising a jumbo size dog. Even though Clifford is fif [...]

    17. Clifford the Big Red Dog was most certainly an adventure to read, one that i am sorry to say must come to a conclusion. It was truly inspirational to read a novella covering the topic of overcoming adversity based on ones size alone, something very underdiscussed in literature. HOWEVER i must say that i found the authors basic use of language and imagery to be quite trite, and while used enticingly, i regretfully say i'm unlikely to partake again. 4/5 Stars

    18. I love the Clifford books. They teach perspective and compassion to little children who can't even yet read. Besides the fact that I believe dogs are a gift from God. Clifford has heart so he is, most appropriately red. How that is shown is always clever and creative. I would buy the whole series for my grandchildren.

    19. Clifford is Emily's dog, whose bigger than most dogs. Clifford is not perfect he gets into mischievous acts like any other dog. Ex. chewing shoes, chasing cars, etc. This book is a great book to introduce to emergent readers because this book has simple words and great visuals. I would use this book in my classroom library.

    20. A wonderful read from my childhood, one I’d certainly suggest for other youngsters. Whilst it is not my all-time favourite childhood read I can still recall all the details of this one meaning it certainly left a lasting impression upon my young mind. And isn’t that what we want with children’s books, for them to leave a positive lasting impression?

    21. Who didn't grow up loving Clifford the Big Red Dog ???? I always wondered how they cleaned up thebig brown poop . * Don't judge me *.Classic book and must have for every children's library.

    22. everything about this book is totally unbelievable yet we are ga ga about the big red dog. if someone really had a dog this big they would be in so much trouble! there is just no way! i would say we have read this book 1000 times so far and it is a top pick every night night.

    23. I needed something short for the booktubeathon and I had an idea to visit my childhood. Best idea ever.These were honestly my favourite set of books, and they'll remain to be my first ever set of favourite books until I'm gone.

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