Blood & Volts: Edison, Tesla and the Invention of the Electric Chair

Blood Volts Edison Tesla and the Invention of the Electric Chair Book by Metzger Th

  • Title: Blood & Volts: Edison, Tesla and the Invention of the Electric Chair
  • Author: Th. Metzger
  • ISBN: 9781570270604
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book by Metzger, Th.

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    • Best Download [Th. Metzger] ☆ Blood & Volts: Edison, Tesla and the Invention of the Electric Chair || [Paranormal Book] PDF ↠
      489 Th. Metzger
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      Th Metzger is a writer and musician who lives in Western New York He teaches writing and literature at the State University of New York at Geneseo his Alma Mater and Brockport In the 1980s, he performed solo under the name Blind Dudu Process.

    626 thoughts on “Blood & Volts: Edison, Tesla and the Invention of the Electric Chair”

    1. It's a pleasure to plug this wonderful study that is positively shocking in many ways. I have enjoyed Thom Metzger's collected rants (This is Your Final Warning) and well-crafted horror novels (his Shock Totem is thematically linked with Blood and Volts, making it a good follow-up read) but this is something different. By turns lurid, wry, and amazing, Blood and Volts is a treasure that focuses on the juicy bits, jolting the reader with passages of true crime, mad science, and the fierce competi [...]

    2. Excellently done history of the invention of the electric chair. Addresses the idea of the executed as scapegoat for society's ills, and also the push for “progress�” that led to the switch from hanging to electrocution for capital crimes. Describes the fascinating personalities of those involved as well as the greusome crimes that led to the first electric chair.

    3. An interesting piece about the race for electricity (AC vs DC) across the United States and it's relationship to the invent of the electric chair as a "humane" form of capital punishment. As a nerd/electrical engineer, I found it very interesting, but not necessarily a good read. I will attempt to read a book about Nikola Tesla, who is a bad ass, in the near future.

    4. Over all I really liked this book, though from time to time was left wondering - what is the point of this part?I would have appreciated a stronger conclusion or that the themes could have been tied together more thoroughly. I also wish the Tesla / Edison chapters (about 1/4 to 1/3 of the book) were more concise.3.8

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