Sex and Character: An Investigation of Fundamental Principles

Sex and Character An Investigation of Fundamental Principles Otto Weininger s controversial book Sex and Character first published in Vienna in is a prime example of the conflicting discourses central to its time antisemitism scientific racism and biolo

  • Title: Sex and Character: An Investigation of Fundamental Principles
  • Author: Otto Weininger
  • ISBN: 9780253344717
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Otto Weininger s controversial book Sex and Character, first published in Vienna in 1903, is a prime example of the conflicting discourses central to its time antisemitism, scientific racism and biologism, misogyny, the cult and crisis of masculinity, psychological introspection versus empiricism, German idealism, the women s movement and the idea of human emancipation, tOtto Weininger s controversial book Sex and Character, first published in Vienna in 1903, is a prime example of the conflicting discourses central to its time antisemitism, scientific racism and biologism, misogyny, the cult and crisis of masculinity, psychological introspection versus empiricism, German idealism, the women s movement and the idea of human emancipation, the quest for sexual liberation, and the debates about homosexuality Combining rational reasoning with irrational outbursts, in the context of today s scholarship, Sex and Character speaks to issues of gender, race, cultural identity, the roots of Nazism, and the intellectual history of modernism and modern European culture This new translation presents, for the first time, the entire text, including Weininger s extensive appendix with amplifications of the text and bibliographical references, in a reliable English translation, together with a substantial introduction that places the book in its cultural and historical context.

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    1. Otto Weininger

      Otto Weininger 3 3 1880 10 4 1903 was an Austrian philosopher In 1903, he published the book Geschlecht und Charakter Sex Character which gained popularity after his suicide, aged 23 The book is generally viewed as misogynistic antisemitic in academic circles however, it continues to be held up as a great work of lasting genius spiritual wisdom by others like Ludwig Wittgenstein Otto was born in Vienna as a son of the Jewish goldsmith Leopold Weininger his wife Adelheid After attending primary school graduating from 2ndary school in 7 1898, he registered at the University of Vienna in 10 1898 He studied philosophy psychology, taking natural science medicine courses as well He learned Greek, Latin, French English early, later also Spanish Italian, acquired passive knowledge of the language of Strindberg Ibsen In the autumn of 1901 he tried to find a publisher for his work Eros the Psyche which he submitted to his professors Jodl M llner as his thesis in 1902 He met Sigmund Freud who wouldn t recommend the text to a publisher His professors accepted the thesis he received a PhD Shortly thereafter he became enthusiastically Protestant In 1902 he went to Bayreuth where he witnessed a performance of Wagner s Parsifal which impressed him Via Dresden Copenhagen he made his way to Christiania Oslo where he for the 1st time saw Henrik Ibsen s liberation drama Peer Gynt Upon his return to Vienna he suffered from fits of depression The decision to take his own life gradually took shape after a long discussion with his friend Artur Gerber, however, he realized that it s not yet time In 6 1903, after months of concentrated work, his book Sex Character A fundamental investigation an attempt to place sex relations in a new decisive light was published by Braum ller Co of Vienna The book contained his thesis to which three vital chapters were added XII The Nature of Woman her Relation to the Universe, XIII Judaism, XIV Women Humanity While the book wasn t panned, it didn t create the expected stir Weininger was attacked by Paul Julius Moebius, Leipzig professor author of On the Physiological Deficiency of Women, was accused of plagiarizing Disappointed tortured by doubts, he left for Italy Back in Vienna he spent his last five days with his parents On 10 3, he took a room at Schwarzspanierstra e 15 where Ludwig van Beethoven died He told the landlady that he wasn t to be disturbed before morning since he planned to work late That night he wrote two letters, one to his father, the other to his brother Richard, telling them he was going to shoot himself On 10 4, he was found mortally wounded, having shot himself thru the heart He died in Wiener Allgemeines Krankenhaus at 10 30AM He was buried in Matzleinsdorf Protestant Cemetery in Vienna An epitaph by his father translates This stone closes the resting place of a young man whose mind never really found peace on earth after imparting revelations of his mind soul he could not bear any longer to be among the living He searched for the death realm of one of the greatest minds that dwelled in the house in Schwarzspanierstrasse put an end to his bodily existence.

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    1. I can't believe I never really reviewed this book, only gave some really long quotes from it. Possibly one of the more interesting cultural phenomenas of the 20th century. The book is at times idiotic on its misogyny, but yet its also erudite on the anxiety of living a life amongst decadence and the need for genius amongst the general depravity of society (kind of in the way we as an American Idol voting, Joel Olsteen and The Shack reading, text messaging at all times society are decadent and de [...]

    2. I remember, when I was in my late teens, I had finally worked my way into the bedroom of a schoolmate I had a crush on since my pre-teen years. He was a brown skinned, confident athlete with an air of cool and an incredible body that I couldn’t wait to discover. Everything was going swimmingly in our newfound courtship, until I unzipped his pants for the first time. After a fair amount of eager fumbling and foolish adolescent foreplay, I took off his pants, only to find attached this tiny, alm [...]

    3. Otto Weininger's 'Sex and Character' appeared in the early years of the 20th century, conceived and written in an intellectually riled up Vienna. It was the atmosphere that gave birth to Freud, Wittgenstein, Kafka, and Jung, and it the book in question profoundly influenced at least 2 of the mentioned luminaries. On first glance, the book seems an unlikely candidate for having such a reputation. It is, without doubt, one of the most violent books that I have read ; I do not mind violence in the [...]

    4. Give early 20th century Austrian Jew Otto Weininger credit for intellectual consistency. After penning the anti-Semitic, violently misogynistic, proto-Nazi screed "Geschlecht und Charakter" he followed his own theories to their logical conclusion and killed himself at age 23. The book, published after his death, was something of a hit throughout Europe.We wizened postmodernists want to dismiss Weininger out of hand, but what's so cringe-worthy about his text is once you spend ten pages on it you [...]

    5. One of the most controversial, most influental (although very few thinkers had the courage to pay their due) and most insightful works of the early 20th century.An indisputable genius, perhaps the last of his kind, captures the zeitgeist of the declining European civilization through the lens of his own psychosexual pathology. Rejecting both plebeian empiricism and lotsofbigwords(tm) approach of modern quasi-philosophy, Weininger may be the last representative of the classical Western thought, w [...]

    6. Possibly, my most hated book in my library that has had some significant influence on my own belief system. Otto Weininger was a brilliant, depressed, cult figure who committed suicide at the young age of 23 in the previous household of the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Disregard his brief life span. There has been an immense amount of literary acknowledgements of influence from different artists, writers and philosophers. According to one source some of these people are said to be, "For [...]

    7. Издоброволствах да прочета "Пол и характер" за семинар в университета относно маргиналното в българската култура в началото на XX в. и междувоенния период, когато тя е била забележително популярна. В книгата присъстват впечатляващо много от идеите, четенето на които ме ядос [...]

    8. If you like books that are bat-shit crazy, and I certainly do, then this one should be at the top of your list. It rivals Martin Luther's On the Jews and their Lies, Houston Stewart Chamberlain's The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century, Charles Carroll's The Negro as Beast, and Hitler's Mein Kampf for its bizarre twists and turns in logic and for the absurdity of its content. More significant is its popularity: published in 1903, it went into its seventeen printing by 1918, which tells you som [...]

    9. This book is really terrible, just unimaginably trashy, but it does have an intriguing backstory, and there's the odd fact that Wittgenstein apparently counted Weininger as one of his influences. I'm slightly annoyed by some of the reviews here that say things along the lines, Whether or not you agree with him, you must admit he was brilliant Because no actually this book is an embarrassing morass of mysogny, racism, bad science, romantic cliches, and it's all very badly written. I once made a g [...]

    10. In regards to gender egalitarianism, feminism, Mgtow and the battle of the sexes. This book is a must read, this is the ultimate Mgtow book it annihilates the aids known as feminism at the root. Man must be indifferent to feminism and women in general in this day and age. The Suffragettes and Second Wave Feminist's are mere imitators of Males, and could never see their efforts bear fruit. Equality between the sexes is a lie. A genius like Weininger is very rare, he is one of the few writers of E [...]

    11. This book really made an impression on me. More than I thought it would. It is difficult to rate this book, since there are so many interesting ideas and new angles of looking at the psyche of Man (and Woman) and at the same time it contains quite a few, almost vulgar, statements that one struggles to take seriously. Some parts of this book also seemed unfinished. I really wished he wrote this book when he was a older, since this book is the ground work of something really great. This book shoul [...]

    12. In attempting to demonstrate the metaphysical connection between genius, masculinity, logic, memory and ethics, he sought to solve the "woman question".He showed a proposed relation between genius and masculinity and the moral and intellectual inferiority of women and Jews and other minorities. Additionally, his writings on the subject of Protestantism and Judaism have been seen as reflective of both his own personal self loathing of his Jewish identity and his rebellion against the Catholic cul [...]

    13. este es un libro extremadamente polémico por su "antisemitismo" y "misoginia". Me parece que puedes reclamarle a Weininger, en todo caso (que no es mi opinión) de tener opiniones erradas, de hacer malas observaciones de la realidad y generalizarlas, de idolatrar valores insípidos, en general de ser un imbécil. Sin embargo, lo que no encontré en este libro fue una pizca de odio, por el contrario, me pareció un autor extremadamente ético y consistente al menos en su lógica interna, libre d [...]

    14. A strange mixture of interesting and thoughtful arguments mixed with social and socio-political viewpoints that have not withstood the test of time. Some parts of the book are very much worth reading, while others are so outrageously outdated that they invoke either anger or humor, depending on your own outlook.

    15. A brilliant work at a very tender age of life. Analyses the characteristics of Human sexes like none before or after. You may not agree with all that Otto says but he definitely helps you see things in a very different perspective.

    16. Incredibly fluent between absolute, irrational condemnation and moderately- to strongly-insightful commentary on the dynamic of men and women.

    17. Липсва обосновка, позовава се на анекдотични доказателства, стига до абсурдни изводи.

    18. constructedheroisms.wordpressIt seems as though Otto Weininger is one of the most maligned and misunderstood thinkers out there. Half of this comes from the bucket-loads of misogynistic dudebro stuff that he slathered all over his main book – Sex & Character. Yet, Weininger was one of Wittgenstein’s influences – and he also happens to be one of my favourite thinkers. Wittgenstein proposed that Weininger was to be read with a ‘minus-sign’ in front of his writing in order to be under [...]

    19. OW was burned by a women before writing this. Nevertheless it captures a truth, not in the way Weininger thinks, but the opposite: men are slaves to women (and their children), the sustenance we work for the feed them and the culture we produce to entertain them, is what must be realized."It isn't necessary or rather not possible to agree with him but the greatness lies in that with which we disagree. It is his enormous mistake which is great." -L. Wittgenstein to G.E. Moore

    20. Rated by significance as opposed to any agreement with the arguments forwarded. I found the tone off-putting, but, at the same time, rather fascinating- indicative of a troubled character.

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