Los suspiros de Haruhi Suzumiya

Los suspiros de Haruhi Suzumiya Haruhi Suzumiya fund la misteriosa Brigada SOS con el objetivo de interactuar con extraterrestres viajeros del futuro y personas con poderes especiales por lo que un acontecimiento tan trivial como

  • Title: Los suspiros de Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Author: Nagaru Tanigawa
  • ISBN: 9788416512737
  • Page: 204
  • Format: None
  • Haruhi Suzumiya fund la misteriosa Brigada SOS con el objetivo de interactuar con extraterrestres, viajeros del futuro y personas con poderes especiales, por lo que un acontecimiento tan trivial como el Festival Cultural de su instituto no puede menos que aburrile Intentar animar un poco el evento no tiene nada de malo, pero por qu se traduce en que nosotros tengamos qHaruhi Suzumiya fund la misteriosa Brigada SOS con el objetivo de interactuar con extraterrestres, viajeros del futuro y personas con poderes especiales, por lo que un acontecimiento tan trivial como el Festival Cultural de su instituto no puede menos que aburrile Intentar animar un poco el evento no tiene nada de malo, pero por qu se traduce en que nosotros tengamos que filmar una pel cula Cada vez que Haruhi abre la boca para decir algo, la extraterrestre, la viajera del futuro y el chico con superpoderes pagan las consecuencias.

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    1. Nagaru Tanigawa

      Nagaru Tanigawa Tanigawa Nagaru Nagaru Tanigawa is a graduate of the Kwansei Gakuin University School of Law In 2003, he won Kadokawa s Grand Prize for Literary World for his work on the Haruhi Suzumiya series.

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    1. First let me say that I loved the first book. I've read it like 5 times and I was so excited to get the next one yet after reading I'm not so excited anymore. The book had potential to be good. Haruhi's antics never fail to amuse, and I love the characters, but lately Kyon's dry sarcasm has been getting a little whiny. No one is forcing you to be in the SOS Brigade. If you can't stand what Haruhi does, LEAVE! Honestly. No, the main problem with this book is that the whole thing is basically Kyon [...]

    2. While it didn't suck, I can't recommend it. I was wondering how they could sucessfully stretch such a weak plot for 200 pages and yeahey couldn't. I still like Kyon (though I'm starting to think he really just needs to grow a pair) and Nagato (always saving everyone and not making a big fuss about it) but I'm officially tired of Asahina and Koizumi. Probably because Kyon wasted so many pages obsessing over Asahina and hating on Koizumi. I get it, he's like 17 but SHUT UP ALREADY! I think I'm aba [...]

    3. The making of a movie where everything come to lifeThis is the second book in the Haruhi Suzumiya series. This book is very hard to describe. The best way I can put is "second verse same as the first", but that really doesn't do it justice. This book is basically in essence the same as the previous book when the main character, Kyon is bossed around and bullied by the other main character, Haruhi, while the side characters all do their own weird alien, time traveler and esper things. Then it rai [...]

    4. So, the SOS Brigade is back, and this time Haruhi decides they should make a film for the school's cultural festival. The fact that she knows nothing about film-making doesn't deter her in the least -- that's what her favorite buttmonkey, Kyon, is for. She tells him what to shoot, and he damn well better shoot it, or else. As for what he shoots -- no surprise, it involves Mikuru in a variety of absurd costumes.The film's plot (to the extent it has one, which it doesn't really) centers on a battl [...]

    5. Certainly less compelling than the rather-smart original, this is however an entertaining sequel that's not scared to both have fun with the premise and to throw a few ideas around of its own. The major problem with the book lies in how good the central premise is but how, ultimately, not a great deal is done with it. The eternally bored Haruhi decides to shoot a motion picture and because, for some reason, she is prone to altering the world around her according to her whims, strange events occu [...]

    6. Years ago I tried to read this second book in the Haruhi Suzumiya series, but at the time I couldn't finish it. I thought it was dull because nothing happened, it is basically the efforts of the SOS Brigade to make a movie following the unreasonable orders of Haruhi. This time I knew what it was about and I was prepared to just read about the interactions of the characters (I was inspired by the movie, which was SO GOOD!). Mind you I was surprised by how much I liked it this time; compared to th [...]

    7. There wasn't much of a plot in this one. It was mostly the SOS brigade shooting a movie and Haruhi causing crazy things to happen. I kind of want to stop reading the series because everything I've read so far was covered in the anime, but I read someone's review and they said that everything comes together as you get closer to the end of the series. Hmm. We'll see if I get that far. This series won't be a priority.

    8. The first book was interesting enough, but this one was justally bland. I'm amazed this series spawned such a phenomenon. This has to be a translation thing.I enjoyed the pop culture references, though I think the translation team could have presented them better. I'm assuming they may not have gotten them all either.Though this book is really short, it felt like it took ages to read. I just wasn't that interested. I think this is where I'll leave the series.

    9. This was one of the funniest novels I’ve ever read. It’s a short book but took awhile to read as I had to stop at times I was laughing so hard. Long Live the SOSReread and re-laughed my through this novel again, is it the talking cat, is it the Data Entity is it Kyon, I don't know just love this series.

    10. Secuela graciosa pero que no está al nivel de la primera parte, quizás porque se pierde bastante del factor sorpresa. Lástima que sólo se editó en España y nunca salió la versión argentina corregida, porque claramente iba a ser una mejora con respecto a esta traducción hecha a las apuradas.

    11. Hm, not as good as the first one, but still pretty good. I would recommend reading this before watching the episode. When I watched the episode, I was a bit confused about what was happening.

    12. (originally posted on my LiveJournal account: intoyourlungsvejournal/)Back in April, I read and reviewed the first book in this light novel series, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and it was there that I described my tumultuous relationship with the Haruhi franchise. After many attempts at watching the anime and reading the manga, I finally came around to this Japanese cultural phenomenon and while I wouldn't describe myself as a rabid fan, I still like it all quite a bit. So, because of this [...]

    13. Alright, before I start this review, I just want to mention thatI HAVE SEEN THE ANIME FOR THIS BOOK.I watched all of Season 2, episodes 10-14 anime for The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya. And I don't USUALLY recommend for my fellow review readers to just watch the TV-version of the books that I recommend (because USUALLY the books are better, right?)I mean have you SEEN the Toilet Twilight movie? And New Moon was rated 4 out of 10 stars on . (Whichn't that awesome of a movie.)I mean shirtless guys, spa [...]

    14. .Maybe it was just me?Okay, so I watched the anime first, both seasons and the movie. I like it a lot. By the time I had watched, season 3 had been begged for for several years, and the movie had been out for about 3. When rather giving a proper third season they went with the Nagato spin-off, I figured the only way I'd really get the whole story was to read the light novels. I don't do so well with light novels. I like good prose. It seems the prose here was incredibly simple, even before trans [...]

    15. My least favourite book in the series so far. It was still very entertaining, with the usual character antics shining through, but it was definitely a lot slower than it needed to be.I still recommend this book, but if you don't like the characters, I don't see you liking this one.

    16. Stopped at 60%. It's unbelievably boring. NOTHING happened for 60% of the book. I can't torture myself with this any longer.

    17. The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya is a solid sequel to Melancholy, and covers the misadventures of Kyon and the SOS Brigade as they (attempt to) make a movie for the school festival.This books features more comedic moments and unexpected supernatural occurrences than the previous, and for many might be more enjoyable. I don't want to spoil these occurrences but I will say some of them are more comedic in the anime adaptation due to the presence of audio. Definitely something fans of the series will en [...]

    18. En este segundo tomo, Haruhi se propone algo muy sencillo: hacer una película que impresione al mundo entero. Obviamente, ello dará lugar a todo tipo de situaciones cómicas y ridículas. Una directora excéntrica y despótica, una protagonista muy tímida y sin idea de actuar, una villana inexpresiva, un co-protagonista que solo sabe sonreír y un cámara/editor/chico-de-los-recados que desearía estar en cualquier otro sitio ¿Qué puede salir mal?Aparte, se nos darán a conocer un poco más [...]

    19. 3 saoCuốn này sử dụng mô tuýp giống như cuốn 1, tức là phần đầu thì chậm rãi, nhẹ nhàng, hài hước, đến lúc cuối mới nảy sinh vấn đề cần giải quyết. Có điều cuốn 1 có lợi thế là các nhân vật đều mới, chỉ cần giới thiệu từng nhân vật với những đặc điểm khác thường và hé lộ ra bí mật của họ là đã thấy thú vị rồi. Còn ở cuốn 2 này thì các nhân vật đều đã quen thu [...]

    20. I started reading this book for more reality-bending madness and only finished because character (view spoiler)[Shamisen the Talking Cat (hide spoiler)] was that good. Meowgnificant, even.It's worth noting that, in the book's afterward, author Nagaru Tanigawa adds that he hadn't intended on this book existing - he had no plans for a series of 'Haruhi' books. Keep that in mind when, and if, you read this book because the lack of a plan definitely shows. This volume saw a noticeable drop in qualit [...]

    21. Unlike the first volume of the series, The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya faces several problems in its narrative, making this the weakest release in the series, in both an individual and collective way. For the former, the main issue here is the overall plot: the attempt to narrate the making of a film isn't exciting at all, especially when readers have just come from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, in which fast-paced action ruled during the second half of the novel. Moreover, it fails in this asp [...]

    22. As fun as Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was, The Sigh of Harushi Suzumiya seems to fall short of the feeling of fun and excitement that was prevalent in the first book. In some ways that's not surprising since (from my understanding), Tanigawa never originally anticipated in creating a sequel, and this book in some ways feels a bit light in content and plump in filler. After all, how can one top a (potentially) world ending cataclysmic event that occurred in Melancholy?Compared to that, the 'cri [...]

    23. This is the second book in a series of 12+ about a strange group of friends and their club.Set in Japan, Haruhi Suzumiya is a kind of crazy high school girl who dreams of meeting aliens, time travelers, espers, etc. Unbeknownst to her, she has some god-like abilities and has subconsciously drawn these very people to her. She starts a club, and recruits 4 members. Yuki Nagato- a silent and emotionless alien. Mikuru Asahina- a time traveler from the future. Itsuki Koizumi- an esper from a secret o [...]

    24. While I read & liked the first volume, I'll admit that this one was a little tedious at times to read.I just couldn't help but feel that Haruhi was a little too obnoxious of a character in this book & didn't really see a huge amount of growth as a character. The first novel established her as a quirky character who might have been a little irritating, but more importantly was someone who made the effort to live her life as she wanted it. I couldn't help but like that about her & I fe [...]

    25. I really should have knocked this one out in a couple of days (certainly not as many as ten!). It has only five chapters and moves pretty well. It’s—well, it’s Haruhi Suzumiya, which means that it’s a juvenile novel (more irritatingly so here than in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, what with reminding the audience who everyone is every page or so)—but it’s also surprisingly smart. As a matter of fact, it occurred to me that Haruhi finds herself in a similar predicament to that of [...]

    26. I instantly bought this after reading Melancholy, and can I just say? I'm thoroughly disapointed. Melancholy was great: it had humour, suspense, brilliance, it was just really good! Sigh takes a turn for the worse, definitely. Kyon's just babbling about Asahina all the time - we got it, she's cute. Keep your pants on. For heaven's sake for the hundredth time we know your a pervert who's only there because Asahina looks likes a waitress, give it a rest already!Haruhi also wasn't as entertaining. [...]

    27. The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya is the second volume in the series following the lives of the members of the SOS Brigade and their extraordinary adventures. In this volume, Haruhi vows to make a student film for the school's cultural festival, with all the parts filled by SOS Brigade members and friends. However, to everyone except Haruhi's annoyance and dismay, when filming begins, her powers and unconsciously manifested which could lead to the rewriting of reality itself. Tanigawa provides both li [...]

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