Go, Dog. Go!: Book of Things That Go

Go Dog Go Book of Things That Go Whether by foot boat car or unicycle P D Eastman s lovable dogs demonstrate the many ways one can travel in this condensed board book version perfect for babies and toddlers

  • Title: Go, Dog. Go!: Book of Things That Go
  • Author: P.D. Eastman
  • ISBN: 9780679886297
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Board Book
  • Whether by foot, boat, car, or unicycle, P D Eastman s lovable dogs demonstrate the many ways one can travel in this condensed, board book version perfect for babies and toddlers.

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    1. P.D. Eastman

      Philip Dey Phil Eastman was an American screenwriter, children s author, and illustrator As an author, he is known primarily as P D Eastman A prot g of Theodor Geisel Dr Seuss , Eastman wrote many books for children, in his own distinct style under the Dr Seuss brand of Random House, many of which were in the Beginner Books series From 1936 to 1941, Eastman worked at the story department of Walt Disney Productions From 1941 to 1943 he worked at the story department of Warner Bros Cartoons From 1945 to 1952 he worked in the story department of United Productions of America He contributed to the Private Snafu World War II training films, wrote for the animation Mr Magoo, and the Gerald McBoing Boing series for UPA.

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    1. I know this is a classic and all, but I had a hard time making it through this book. It's full of needless repetition, which makes it longer than it needs to be. What's more, the plot is a mess, leaping from event to event almost randomly at times. I respect what the author is attempting to do here, thematically. Eastman is asking bold questions about how things are related to one another. Are we a green dog or a yellow one? Is it day or night? These are big questions, and they need to be asked. [...]

    2. Truly, nothing has captured the scope of emotion that encompasses Romance such as Go Dog. Go! Part tragedy, part romantic comedy this is a love story for the ages. With such memorable wit and dialog such as the belly laugh inducing "Do you like my hat?" and the heart wrenching reply, "No I do not." You will laugh, and you'll cry. It's not all romance though, the book deftly weaves in several subplots which serve as complex metaphors for various political and philosophical debates. For example, t [...]

    3. Fantastic illustrations. Good for teaching children about numbers and colors. Hilariously humorous at few points.Do you like my hat?I do not!

    4. Go Dog Go is an exciting tale about a dog on his journey through life. It encompasses all of the major obstacles we confront in our modern western society from his first period to a heart attack at thirty. Most of the text requires use of a dictionary however if you have an internet connection available then looking up the more obscure words becomes a snap. Overall, I found the overarching message of this masterpiece insightful and full of ethically sound judgments. I would without question reco [...]

    5. Since the school year started, I've been forced to read this to (or, more accurately, read along with) my daughterabout 4 million times.Ok. Maybe I'm exaggerating.She's a BIG girl now, so they have to read for 15 minutes every day after school, which I think is GREAT!Except for the part where I have to listen to this story, and others like it, for the rest of the school year.Yes, the end result (hopefully, a literate child) is totally worth it.And for whatever reason, Go, Dog. Go! has become her [...]

    6. Neo literally sped through this book, leaving no word unpronounced or page unturned. Dogs are all over zooming around town in cars, sometimes obeying traffic laws, but also hard-pressed to listen. They congregate together in parks and on the outskirts of town, reds with blacks, greens, and blues. There is no rhyme or reason, but there sure are dogs. Neo loved this one, even after he told me that he’s read this book at school many times, so he knew all the words. Still, it was a fast-paced stor [...]

    7. A fantastic colorful book filled with wonderful illustrations and little sub-stories.It stimulates a child's imagination while teaching him numbers, colours and social skills.How about the child is counting the dogs in the bed and the ones underneath the bed.Or seeing all the things the dogs are doing in their treetop party-the big dogs, little dogs, yellow,red, blue, pink and green dogs.This will be great fun for any child aged 4-8 , and will not only be educational , but it is somethingshe wil [...]

    8. When I first met Erika, for some long forgotten reason and situation, someone said, "Do you like my hat?"I answered: "No. I do not." There was an awkward pause and I added, "Good-bye. Good-bye again," with some totally bizarre, guttural, kiddie voice. It became a fun inside joke for Erika and me, but for the life of us, we couldn't remember where it came from. It sounded familiar; it didn't sound me-invented, but we couldn't place it. Then we had babes, and I picked up a bunch of board books -- [...]

    9. All of the plotlessness and pointlessness of One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish but none of the wild creativity or language play.I mean, I know an easy reader needs to have simple language, but there are tons of books that manage that without being this insipid.And why oh why does the female dog have to win the approval of the male dog by changing her hat, until they ride off into the sunset at the end when he finally likes her hat?I could go on. I wouldn't even bother to comment on this, exce [...]

    10. A great book for children to learn about their world on a bit wider scope, with opposite and colours that are not presented in the usual way. With plenty of colourful illustrations for the younger children to enjoy.

    11. A classic!--Do you like my hat?--No, I do not.--Good-bye again.--Good-bye!.--And now, do you like my hat?[do not want to have to put a spoiler alert! so I'll stop now]

    12. Basic plot: Dogs doing things!I know it isn't really a plot, but the book doesn't really have one. This book uses simple repetition and clear pictures to teach kids about prepositions (under, over, in, on, etc), sizes, and a few other basic concepts. The pictures are funny and have lots of details to talk about with little ones beyond the words on the page. There's a lot of good repeat factor in there because of this. I took this book on a 2-week vacation with my 5-year old and read it almost ev [...]

    13. i learned what opposites were. i learned that dogs have enormous parties atop trees. i learned that it is "hot out here in the sun" and that it is "not hot here under the house." and most of all, i loved that two page spread of all the dogs in the bed, and that one is lying there with those wide eyes! yeah, i like that dog.

    14. This was one of my favorites as a girl, and became a favorite again as I raised two daughters. Fun story, easy vocabulary for little ones, great illustrations, opposites, colors, fast cars, swimming, sleeping, hats and of course (view spoiler)[a dog party in a tree (hide spoiler)]!

    15. My 5 1/2 year old grandson wanted to try reading this book today on his own. The pictures are very supportive and he really enjoyed being able to read most of it on his own. This is a great read aloud book for younger children as they enjoy the crazy antics of all the dogs.

    16. This is my all time favorite book to read to my kids, even down to the size of the book. It uses some tricky moves to get children to learn, and its an incredible story without being a story. Why is one dog still wide awake with his big, white eyes when the rest are asleep? What is he thinking about? And is this the same dog who is asleep when it is time for the dogs to get up? And how about playing checkers on the boat while your buddy plays guitar? Dreamy. And the poor bird crossing the street [...]

    17. Waitis book isn't by Dr. Seuss:Upon reading it, it became painfully obvious that this was no Dr. Seuss book. Being deceived like that makes me wonder if I'll read another book

    18. I have no idea why kids like this book. I guess it would be better if I were 5 and someone were animatedly reading it to me. Not much of a plot. Nice colors.

    19. This is a simple review because I'm a simple guy. Go Dog Go kicked ass. It was the sole trophy of social hierarchy in our kindergarten class. When it was book time, everybody rushed the shelves and the dominant alpha males immediately trampled the girls and other weaklings to instinctively fight (at times, nearly to the death) over GDG. Whomever lay claim to the "conch" held rule over class for the remainder of the day, only to repeat this same process day after day. Eventually the wheat was sep [...]

    20. There's a lot going on in this classic from PD Eastman. I read it to my son (three years old) this past week and it's all that he talks about come bedtime. He calls it "Go Dog, Go Dog" and when I now open it for storytime he can read it to me! Here's what works in this book very well in my view:1) the pacing - tight and almost staccato like. Seuss-esque all the way.2) the "Do you like my hat" subplot (and brilliant resolution) - a hook my son talks about during the day, in fact. Well done.3) col [...]

    21. My Dad read so many books to me, but this is one of the few that I remember. I still remember puzzling about what was so much better about the girl dog's hat at the end? I thought it was the ugliest hat she'd worn so far! The illustrations of the dogs sleeping were very thought-provoking to me as well. I wondered why the one dog didn't have its eyes open. Was it sleeping with its eyes open, or staying awake all night? Why did it say,"they will sleep all night", when obviously at least one of the [...]

    22. Let's just have this book represent not only all of the Dr. Suess-level books that were read throughout my earliest of childhood but also the dedication my father showed me, from the time I could open my eyes, going through flashcards with me, reading silly books like these with me, to the point where I knew each and every word by heart and wouldn't hesitate to call him out on a missed passage -- granted, it was simply becuase of the pictures and the repetition, not that I was reading -- so let' [...]

    23. I found this book while rooting around at my parents' house. This was one of the first books I ever read. I think the only competition as to whether it was actually first comes from either Hop on Pop or The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I really loved it back then. My enjoyment this time was a little hampered because one of my sisters (I think I know which) evidently decided that this copy of the book also made a good coloring book and colored in all the dogs' eyes. But an un-scribbled copy would pro [...]

    24. You can really feel right away that this book was written in the 60's, not just because of the style of the drawings, but because it has the wacky non-linear story quality of a Peter Sellers movie. You know how in those movies there will be a bunch of non-related scenes and then suddenly everyone is dancing at a party while wearing fez hats and the movie ends? That happens in this book. Big hedonistic dog party, end film. It's just joyous and silly and lots of fun. And it doesn't matter that Ham [...]

    25. Bought this book for my kids (ages 3 and 1) they always want me to read this one to them! They like it when I ask them, "Do you like my hat?" They both scream "I DO NOT" it's the cutest thing ever. And my daughter who's in headstart likes to find the yellow, blue, white, black dogs. We love this book!

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