Vienna Waltz

Vienna Waltz Nothing is fair in love and war Europe s elite have gathered at the glittering Congress of Vienna princes ambassadors the Russian tsar all negotiating the fate of the continent by day and pursuing p

  • Title: Vienna Waltz
  • Author: Tracy Grant Teresa Grant
  • ISBN: 9780758254238
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nothing is fair in love and war.Europe s elite have gathered at the glittering Congress of Vienna princes, ambassadors, the Russian tsar all negotiating the fate of the continent by day and pursuing pleasure by night Until Princess Tatiana, the most beautiful and talked about woman in Vienna, is found murdered during an ill timed rendezvous with three of her most poNothing is fair in love and war.Europe s elite have gathered at the glittering Congress of Vienna princes, ambassadors, the Russian tsar all negotiating the fate of the continent by day and pursuing pleasure by night Until Princess Tatiana, the most beautiful and talked about woman in Vienna, is found murdered during an ill timed rendezvous with three of her most powerful conquests.Suzanne Rannoch has tried to ignore rumors that her new husband, Malcolm, has also been tempted by Tatiana As a prot g of France s Prince Talleyrand and attach for Britain s Lord Castlereagh, Malcolm sets out to investigate the murder and must enlist Suzanne s special skills and knowledge if he is to succeed As a complex dance between husband and wife in the search for the truth ensues, no one s secrets are safe, and the future of Europe may hang in the balance.

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    1. " this city where, every day, borders were redrawn and lovers changed partners as lightly as if they were dancing the waltz"In 1814 the Congress of Vienna was convened to redraw boundaries after the Napoleonic Wars and to redress the balance of power in Europe. Malcolm Rannoch, diplomat and intelligence agent and member of the British delegation, is accompanied by his wife Suzanne and their 17 month-old baby Colin to Vienna. Suzanne has been sent a note by Princess Tatiana Kirsanova, rumoured to [...]

    2. The year is 1814 and Europe's leaders have gathered in Vienna to redefine the boundaries from Napoleon's now defunct empire. As the book opens, Princess Tatiana Kirsanova is found brutally murdered and the suspects are as numerous as her lovers - and that includes Malcolm Rannoch, attaché to the British ambassador - everyone in Vienna is convinced he's Tatiana's lover, including his wife Suzanne. Or did Tsar Alexander do Tatiana in? Prince Metternich, the Austrian foreign minister? Might the in [...]

    3. 4.5 stars Vienna Waltz is a real treat for fans of meaty, intricately plotted and well-researched historical fiction. Set during the Congress of Vienna in 1814, when the ambassadors from the major powers in Europe – Britain, Austria, Prussia, Russia and France – gathered in order to seek a long-term peace following the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars, the book is the first in a series of mystery/espionage novels featuring Malcolm Rannoch, attaché to the British delegation, [...]

    4. Vienna Waltz is a historical mystery set at the Congress of Vienna in November 1814. Our principle investigators are married duo Malcolm and Suzanne Rannoch. Malcolm is part of the British convoy of diplomats attending the Congress with Lord Castlereagh; he’s part attaché and part spy. Suzanne has her own skill set and proves to be a valuable asset when Princess Tatiana, a woman rumoured to be the mistress of some of the most powerful men at the Congress, is found murdered.Teresa (a.k.a. Trac [...]

    5. 1814. Vienna. A beautiful Princess has been murdered. The murderer could be anyone, for representatives from around the continent have gathered for the Congress of Vienna.Vienna Waltz opens right in on the action, no set-up here. We find out things as we go along, and I love books like that. The hero and heroine of our tale: Malcolm and Suzanne Rannoch are thrust in the middle of the murder investigation, because on the night of the murder, Princess Tatiana had dispatched messages to meet her in [...]

    6. This book was complicated for me. Every time I picked it up, I really got interested in what I was reading. But, for some reason, I didn't often want to pick it up. As a result, it took forever to read.Another thing is that I felt like I was being dropped into things in medias res - like I was missing something. When I came onto to figure out if I had missed some earlier books in the series, I found out that I had - but that this was a prequel. (For those of you interested, apparently Teresa Gr [...]

    7. Oh, I LOVED this book! Vienna Waltz is one of those books that can be tricky to classify. It's not strictly historical fiction or mystery, but neither would one consider it a genre romance. Really, it's a brilliant mix of all of these.Set at the 1814 Congress of Vienna, the author skillfully mixes the real intrigues of the time with a mystery of her own. The leads, Malcolm and Suzanne Rannoch, are in attendance as Malcolm serves as a diplomatic attache. As the book opens, a notorious Russian cou [...]

    8. I am not sure why this author made reading this series so confusing. I enjoyed quite a bit about this book but the entire time I was reading it I knew that there was a great deal of background fact that I knew nothing about, so chunks of this story made very little sense. The gaping holes meant I had difficulty following the plot and understanding the characters. So I went to her website hoping there would be a FAQ or some other section that would explain what I clearly didn't get. That made it [...]

    9. It's funnyI put off reading this book for awhile, because I was really bothered by the name changes of the two main characters. (They went from Charles and Mélanie Fraser to Malcolm and Suzanne Rannoch.) But once I got started reading, I quickly realized the only things that changed about these characters were their names. Everything else was the same. And truthfully, I still thought of them as Charles and Mélanie even as I was seeing Malcolm and Suzanne on the page.With that out of the wayI e [...]

    10. To say I enjoyed this book would do it and the author a great disservice. I usually have a lot of trouble expressing exactly how I feel/felt about a book but with this one, I'll give it my best shot. I love the books I can just fall into, enjoy it, and then flip the last page with a smile on my face and The Vienna Waltz was just that. It isn't a suspenseful "my goodness I'm going to stay up until 3am" type of read but more "Wow I really enjoy the characters and want the book to go on forever eve [...]

    11. I'm giving this a 4 of 5 stars, which is a rare rating from me. The characters were all well-drawn, including the numerous secondary characters. Most characters were complexly drawn as well--they had redeeming points or aspects with which we could empathize, but they also could be self-serving or selfish or nasty or whatever. The setting (The Congress of Vienna) was a more unusual setting than many historical fiction novels, and the research seems quite solid, though I have trouble believing tha [...]

    12. I knew I would like this book when I saw reviews on the back by Lauren Willig, Tasha Alexander, and Deanna Raybourn, and I was right. Once I started reading, I couln't put this book down! What I liked most was that the relationship between the two main characters, Malcolm and Suzanne, was as multi-layered as the murder mytery they were solving together. They had been married for two years and had a son, but both had major secrets that they were keeping from each other. As they solved the mystery [...]

    13. A prequel, of sorts, to Tracy Grant's earlier novels Secrets of a Lady and Beneath a Silent Moon. Set at the Congress of Vienna (fascinating) and full of mystery, intrigue and romance. Perfect vacation reading!

    14. This was a suspenseful and dramatic story set during the Congress of Vienna in 1814. The main characters, Malcolm Rannoch (fictional British diplomat) and his wife Suzanne discover the body of Princess Tatiana, (also fictional)mistress to a number of players in Vienna, and Malcolm is suspected of her death. Trying to find the real killer, Malcolm uncovers a number of threatening secrets and an assasination plot that would upset and influence the Congress if not thwarted.Weaving her story among t [...]

    15. This is a Charles & Melanie Fraser prequel, with both author and characters renamed, one presumes for marketing reasons. It's an okay historical mystery, but Malcolm and Suzanne are so repressed that their emotional arc is completely uninteresting -- and it suffers the same issue as Beneath a Silent Moon, which is that the secrets of Daughter of the Game are so explosive prequels seem besides the point. Also, I am a bit tired of how every single book involves some secret about Charles' famil [...]

    16. I have not finished this. I may come back to it some day. I really like the setting of the Vienna Convention in 1815, where the fate of post-Napoleon Europe was being decided, but the excessive description bogs the whole story down too much. I don't need a complete depiction of everything that could be seen if I were plopped into the story. I don't need to know every characters' fidgets either. Ms. Grant's writing is fine, but she needs a ruthless content editor; her story loses all momentum.In [...]

    17. Although there is a change in the names of author and primary characters, Grant’s fans will find Vienna Waltz recognizable as Tracy Grant’s work and Malcolm and Suzanne Rannoch as Charles and Mélanie Fraser. Set at the Congress of Vienna in 1814, this book chronologically comes earlier than the Fraser books. It opens with the murder of Titiana, a beautiful Russian princess whose numerous lovers include VIPs in attendance at the Congress, including Malcolm, attaché to the British delegation [...]

    18. I used to read a lot of historical fiction, but I've recently gotten away from the genre. This book reminded me of what I LOVE about historical fiction: the opportunity for a glimpse at the world in another time. I particularly enjoyed how VIENNA WALTZ was seamlessly cast with both real and fictional characters. It gave the book the feel--almost--of a history text, but so much more fun!The descriptions were wonderful, the storyline intricately twisted, and the intrigue was diabolical! It was a s [...]

    19. I ended up enjoying this a great deal. It's sort of historical romantic suspense and yes, the central figures are British diplomats, but there is such scope to this book. Plus, it's set in Vienna which is not a typical historical setting and there are main characters from practically every nationality, including Russia which is a personal favorite of mine. The character name swapping is still weird and the only reason that I didn't give it five stars, but it's a pretty minor complaint and anyone [...]

    20. I absolutely loved this novel by new-to-me author Teresa Grant (aka Tracy Grant). Set in 1814 during the Congress of Vienna, where the leaders of Europe gather to decide the fate of the continent after Napoleon's abdication, it's awash with actual history, and the mysteries Ms. Grant manages to weave among the attendees, both real and imagined, are intriguing and realistic. It's been quite some time since I was so riveted by a story. Ms. Grant is a truly gifted author, and I have every intention [...]

    21. Vienna Waltz is a very enjoyable murder mystery set during the Vienna Congress of 1814. It has a fascinating mix of true historical figures, such as the Russian Czar and Prince Metternich, and imaginary characters such as our heroine, Suzanne Rannoch, who has a rather shady past. With lots of descriptions of gorgeous clothes, diplomats dancing at glittering balls, and skulduggery in dark, stinking alleyways, the setting is vivid and believable, and the mystery itself an intriguing puzzle.

    22. Teresa Grant = Tracy Grant (the daughter of the team that wrote as Anthea Malcolm)Set in 1814, at the Congress of ViennaMalcolm Rannoch = Charles FrazerSuzanne Rannoch = Melanie FrazerWonderful story, even though we who have read Daughter of the Game/Secrets of a Lady know what happens to the couple later.

    23. An intriguing historical fiction set during the Vienna Congress. Great scenes of the parties/night life of the Congress. I loved the husband/wife pairing in the book. It probably could have used some editing but Susanne and Malcolm kept me reading.

    24. Loved the book. Great mystery not easy to find out. The chemistry between Malcolm and Suzanne is wonderful and their past is slowly revealed. The setting is adds intrigue to the plot and a wonderful bit of history. Highly recommend. Can't wait to read book 2.

    25. Starts out strong with an Interesting mystery- who killed Princess Tatiana?But then the plot becomes overly convoluted and theatrical. By the last 1/4, I just wanted to be done and find out whodunit. Could have been edited down, but author shows promise.

    26. Loved it. Only problem is with publisher [Kensington] wanting the names of the main character changed along with the author's name. Tracy Grant has written several other books about this couple and to have their names change abruptly [on the whim of an editor] is outrageous.

    27. Loved this book! Loved it! If you want a great historical novel that has romance, intrigue, and mystery, don't look any further than this book.

    28. Good historical fiction with engaging characters. But one major historical error---Last chapter---Silent Night was written in 1816.

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