My Fair Godmother

My Fair Godmother After her boyfriend dumps her for her older sister sopho Savannah wishes she could find a true prince to take her to the prom Enter Chrysanthemum Everstar Savannah s gum chewing cell phone carrying

  • Title: My Fair Godmother
  • Author: Janette Rallison
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After her boyfriend dumps her for her older sister, sopho Savannah wishes she could find a true prince to take her to the prom Enter Chrysanthemum Everstar Savannah s gum chewing, cell phone carrying, high heel wearing Fair Godmother Despite a few wish granting mishaps, Savannah s fairy tale ending might not be as far off as she imagined.

    My Fair Godmother My Fair Godmother, by Janette Rallison My Fair Godmother is the most delightful fairytale of the current century This book first caught my interest just because of the cover art and yes I know you should never judge a book by it s cover Well I will be happy to say that the story within is even better than I could have possibly expected and where were books like this when I was a teen. My Fair Godmother Godmother, Book Aug , My Fair Godmother is a fairy tale gone terribly wrong As a matter of fact, it is the Murphy s Law of fairy tales If something could happen to our hapless protagonist, Savannah, it My Fair Godmother Series by Janette Rallison My Fair Godmother My Fair Godmother, , My Unfair Godmother My Fair Godmother, , and My Fairly Dangerous Godmother My Fair Godmother, My Fair Godmother Series primary works total works Book My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison . Ratings Reviews published editions. My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison NOOK Book eBook She is the author of several books, including My Fair Godmother, It s a Mall World After All , and All s Fair in Love, War, and High School She lives in Arizona, with her husband, Guy, and their five children janetterallison janette rallison My Fair Godmother Janette Rallison CJ Hill Books Jul , My Fair Godmother Trailer Posted on October, by Janette Rallison I admit right off that I didn t make this trailer but I think it s absolutely darling, and Andie, the rent a teenager I used to make the it, did such a good job of finding the PERFECT

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      Check out my awesome book trailers My Unfair Godmother youtube watch v 4AlRg0My Fair Godmother youtube watch v up1jF8Just One Wish youtube watch v oP1NceMy Double Lifeyoutube watch v hzuswpJanette Rallison has five children who keep her well supplied with plot ideas, sometimes even making cameo appearances in her novels She likes to write romantic comedy because there is enough angst in real life, but theres a drastic shortage on both humor and romance Playing the Field was named Society of School Librarians International Best Book Award Honor Book, and both Alls Fair In Love, War, and High School and Love, Life, and the Pursuit of Free Throws were included on YALSAs Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults list Fame Glory, and Other Things on My To Do List, was just chosen for IRAs YA Choices list for 2007

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    1. All little girls (ok so maybe not all, I shouldn't be making glittering generalites). Let me rephrase, most little girls dream about becoming the princess in all those wonderful fairy tales. What would happen if you had the chance to obtain that childhood wish? Our protagonist Savannah gets to find out.Poor Savannah is having a rough time right now. Her boyfriend Hunter has just dumped her for her older sister Jane. Things aren't looking to good either to find a replacement for prom. Here enters [...]

    2. My Fair Godmother is the most delightful fairytale of the current century. This book first caught my interest just because of the cover art and yes I know you should never judge a book by it's cover. Well I will be happy to say that the story within is even better than I could have possibly expected and where were books like this when I was a teen.Savannah Delano is sweet sixteen, extremely pretty and watched by all the hot jocks. Unfortunately she is so wrapped up in herself that she doesn't re [...]

    3. Savannah is having a bad month. First her sister steals her boyfriend, now her fairy godmother is too busy to let her finish a sentence. She only hears the part of Savannah's wish where she says she wants her life to be like a fairy tale. . . . and voila! Savannah is back in the middle ages, scrubbing floors and milking cows as Cinderella. Further attempts to sort out her wishes only result in more mayhem, as Chrissie the godmother can barely be bothered to stop shopping or partying long enough [...]

    4. This was a fun, light read, a teenage love story in a fairy tale/time travel setting. Really I'd rate this a 3.5. The beginning of My Fair Godmother is AMAZING - I re-read it three or four times just for the sheer pleasure of it. The story of how Savannah's boyfriend was stolen by her older, smarter and formerly frumpy sister was clever, funny and surprisingly profound (I really loved the description of certain teenage jocks as "sharks"). The story lost a lot of steam for me when Savannah's voic [...]

    5. 4 FAIRY STARS!!!Jika kamu mendengar kata ibu peri pasti yang ada di pikiranmu adalah wanita tua dengan pipi tembem baik hati yang akan mengambulkan apapun permintaanmu. Well in this book that’s not the kind of a Godmother that you got. Meet Chrysanthemum Everstar, a not so impatient fairy Godmother in training. Untuk mendapatkan extra credit agar bisa lulus ke Godmother University, Chrissy harus menjadi FAIR GODMOTHER nya Savannah dan mengabulkan 3 keinginan Savannah. Savannah sendiri merupaka [...]

    6. Janette Rallison is my automatic go to author for something funny. Her humour is always on point and I don't think I have read any comedy books that top hers. Sadly My Fair Godmother is a dissapointment.What started out as a decent high school romance turn into a wild goose chase through the medieval ages. Its sooo boring. Savannah jumping from one place to another. Savannah and Tristan fighting monsters stupidly. Its too juvinile for me and not to mention I didn't even laugh once while reading [...]

    7. Lessons to be learnt?1.) Be super, duper careful what you wish for and HOW you word your wish!2.) Don't make superficial wishesey backfire3.) If you call your FAIR godmother's name and she doesn't answer, odds are she's on a eight-month long shopping spree4.) Computer gremlins? They're real.5.) Shampoos kills ogres6.) Snow White is not too bright7.) The dwarves are probably names after Snow White's traitst theirs!8.) Wizards are weird9.) Goats are evil10.) Godmothers wear sunnies and go to proms [...]

    8. 4.15 Stars!There was a time when i was a total idiot. It was when i didn't have any interest to pick any of Janette Rallison's books. What a fool.(it was me regretting why i neglected all of Janette's books before)If i had known her books were all this amazing, i would have read it waaayyyyy sooner. Seriously guys, i never laughed so hard in my life reading any of YA books. I swear. This book not only made my day, but also made me happy and made me remember why i loved reading books in the first [...]

    9. Highly entertaining. This is a fresh twist on fairy godmothers. It has pretty much every thing I needed to get back on reading. It was very fun, had princess, magic, dragons and one very mischievous fairy godmother.Full review to come (I pinky promise!)

    10. I've known Janette Rallison for several years and have been delighted with her sense of humor and her charm. Despite knowing her, I have to admit, I didn't read one of her young adult books until this last summer, and let me say, I've been regretting that procrastination. All this time I could have been a huge fan, and now I feel like I have to go back and retroactively enjoy all her books. I'm serious - I just came home from the library with four of her titles. I've got to make up for all I've [...]

    11. I don't generally have a high opinion of YA lit, so it took me a little longer to begin this book. Actually, to be honest, I was intrigued by the whole incompetent fairy godmother concept and the cover art. The better than average reviews helped, sort of, but my thoughts usually don't match most of the YA reviews I've read, so I wasn't really going to start trusting them now. Considering it all, this book was surprisingly good. The story begins as a report by the novice godmother to her professo [...]

    12. This book is just totally hilarious and I laughed out loud too many times to even count! If you're ever in the mood for a good laugh, read a book by Janette Rallison. Overview: Savannah has just been dumped by her boyfriend, Hunter, for her perfect older sister Jane. Now she's stuck without a date to prom after she's just finished using up her last penny on her dream dress, and has very recently embarrassed herself in front of most of the school. Now how will she ever get a worthy date to prom?( [...]

    13. This was a great blend of fairytale, YA romance, and silly humor!The story starts with two sisters. Jane, the older sister who is studious and smart. Savannah, the younger sister who is beautiful andt so studious.Along comes Hunter, who is both handsome and smart. He also happens to be Jane's longtime secret crush. Unfortunately, he doesn't even know she exists. But he has noticed the beautiful Savannah, and much to Jane's disappointment they begin dating.Enter Chrysanthemum Everstar (Chrissy fo [...]

    14. Edit 5/11/14- After much consideration, I have decided to add another star to both the books in this series. Why? IM NOT ABLE TO GET THE TWO BLOODY BOOKS OUT OF MY HEAD! (In the best way possible) So I think any book that has that effect on me deserves a full 5.Yesterday, I had one of my many weird, spontaneous craving, and this time, it was for a quick, light contemporary. And I'm glad I chose this one.This is everything it promised it would be: cute, light and fluffy. I've been reading too man [...]

    15. I liked this fairy tale-ish book. I read it out loud to my 8 year old, and there were parts at he beginning when I wondered if it was appropriate for her, but once it got into fairy tale mode, it was just up her alley. Funny, sweet, perhaps a bit heavy-handed on the "hot guy" thing, but in the end thoroughly enjoyable.

    16. 2.5 Stars This book wasokay I guess? But I'm glad about one thing and that is-I'm glad that it's over .I mean honestly, it was slow, not very interestingly written and can I just say I Did NOT like Tristan, like I'm so in love with the name Tristan for a male lead, (might be why I judged him extra hard) but no, this guy wasn't as bad as our male lead (I forgot the name of that dumb fucking idiot douche spoiled brat) from reckless magic thus why I didn't shelf him as a douche, he was just-um- no? [...]

    17. My fair Godmother musste ich nach dem grandiosen zweiten Teil dann natürlich auch noch lesen xD Das Buch ist ganz ähnlich strukturiert wie auch das zweite: Chrissy, die eine Extraarbeit tun muss und sich eine Dame in Nöten auswählt. Dieses Mal geht es um Samantha, welche das tragische Schicksal ereilt hat, dass sich ihr Freund und ihre Schwester ineinander verliebt haben. Auch sie hat drei Wünsche frei und wünscht sich einen Prinzen. Wie so oft versteht die gute Chrissy alles falsch und Sa [...]

    18. Мой главный совет всем, кто хочет прочитать книгу: воспринимайте ее как сказку. Не более. Глубокого смысла не найдете, зато получите возможность провести приятнейший вечер в окружении магии, драконов и вредной феи. Книга понравилась. Она подарила мне несколько дней приятно [...]

    19. Had potential, definitely didn't live up to it.I was really looking forward to a ditzy pretty girl protagonist blowing ditzy pretty girl stereotypes out of the water by having street smarts in place of her lack of book smarts. And I really thought this book would have that, when it started out contrasting Savannah and her super smart, bookish sister.But it quickly fell apart when everyone, from her sister to the ex-boyfriend to the love interest to the entire Middle Ages treated her as an idiot [...]

    20. 2.5 StarsSavannah gets a Godmother and three wishes, so you would think her life just got a whole life better right? Well not exactly. Her boyfriend has just dumped her to date her smarter older sister Jane, and then this high-heeled party-girl fairy shows up with wishes but Chrissy isn't a Fairy Godmother, she's only fair. She hasn't gotten the best grades in Godmother school and Savannah is supposed to be her extra credit. When Savannah wishes for a fairy tale-like life, she's sent back to the [...]

    21. Interesting story, that wasn't at all what I was expecting.Savannah is unhappy when her sister steal's her boyfriend. "Luckily" her fair godmother shows up and grants her 3 wishes. I don't want to tell much more as it would spoil the surprises. (view spoiler)[I'm not sure if Chrissy is totally superficial and lucked into the happy ending for Savannah or if she plotted it all out (hide spoiler)]

    22. Once again I'm torn between a 3 and a 4 star rating. I was leaning towards a 3 because I really liked the book, but it was a bit predictable. Then I remembered this part actually, wait. Let me set it up for you just a bit. This book is about Savannah - a girl whose boyfriend was stolen by her older sister. Enter the "fair" godmother - Chrissy. Chrissy hasn't done so well in school which is why she is only a fair godmother. But her professor has given her an extra credit project - to grant Savann [...]

    23. I wasn't expecting much with this book, but boy was I surprised! I was laughing out loud throughout the whole book. The scenes with Snow White and the goat scene at the ball were gasping-for-breath hilarious. The author's idea was well-realized and seamlessly combined time travel, fractured fairy tales, romance, and characters who were easy to relate to and sympathize with. Savannah grows throughout the book as she realizes how she was silly and gains confidence in her abilities. There is a seco [...]

    24. For some reason all girls want to be in a fairy tale and find the prince after a great struggle. Well, after reading this I don't think I want that anymore. What happens if your fairy godmother is just a "fair" godmother and she messes everything up? This was a fun book and a new twist on the classic fairy tales. I liked that she stuck to the original tales and not the disney ones. Funny.

    25. so, I read this book yesterday, and absolutely loved it! it was really hilarious a lot of the time, and overall was a great read! the the ending and the characters were awesome too!

    26. 3.5/5 starsThis book is just so cute. It reminds me of my purple sparkly Christmas tree (in a good way - I love my Christmas tree). It's TRYING to be lighthearted, silly and doesn't want you to take it seriously. If you're looking for something deep and brilliant maybe you didn't notice the pink haired fairy on the cover?Lately I'm into fairytales. My current obsession with Once Upon A Time is probably the reason. But not all fairytales are made equally. Some have more serious undertones (Once U [...]

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