A Vintage Affair

A Vintage Affair Every dress has a history And so does every woman Phoebe Swift s friends are stunned when she abruptly leaves a plum job to open her own vintage clothing shop in London but to Phoebe it s the fulfill

  • Title: A Vintage Affair
  • Author: Isabel Wolff
  • ISBN: 9780553386622
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback
  • Every dress has a history And so does every woman Phoebe Swift s friends are stunned when she abruptly leaves a plum job to open her own vintage clothing shop in London but to Phoebe, it s the fulfillment of a dream, and her passion Digging for finds in attics and wardrobes, Phoebe knows that when you buy a piece of vintage clothing, you re not just buying fabric anEvery dress has a history And so does every woman Phoebe Swift s friends are stunned when she abruptly leaves a plum job to open her own vintage clothing shop in London but to Phoebe, it s the fulfillment of a dream, and her passion Digging for finds in attics and wardrobes, Phoebe knows that when you buy a piece of vintage clothing, you re not just buying fabric and thread you re buying a piece of someone s past But one particular article of clothing will soon unexpectedly change her life.Th r se Bell, an elderly Frenchwoman, has an impressive clothing collection But among the array of elegant suits and couture gowns, Phoebe finds a child s sky blue coat an item with which Mrs Bell is stubbornly reluctant to part As the two women become friends, Phoebe will learn the poignant tale of that little blue coat And she will discover an astonishing connection between herself and Th r se Bell one that will help her heal the pain of her own past and allow her to love again.Look for special features inside Join the Circle for author chats and RandomHouseReadersCircle

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      Isabel Wolff s ten bestselling novels are published worldwide Ghostwritten , set in present day Cornwall and on wartime Java, was published in the UK in March 2014 and will be published in the US in February 2015 as Shadows Over Paradise The Very Picture of You was published in the UK and the US in October 2011 A Vintage Affair , was an Best of 2009 title and was shortlisted by the American Library Assocation for their Reading List awards Women s Fiction Isabel lives in west London with her family Visit her Isabel Wolff Author Page on Facebook, follow her on Twitter IsabelWolff or visit her website, IsabelWolff Thank you

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    1. Enjoyable! I wish there were pictures of the clothes. FYI, this is light on the romance side but heavy on the story, which I think was a good thing in this case. (But if you're looking for chick lit heavy on the sexy side this is not it.) I liked the story and was (frankly) glad she wrote it that way(I wasn't crazy about the men, anyway.) Her books are harder to get in the U.S. but I recommend them if you can find them. They strike that nice balance between fluffy and somewhat substantive.My Sna [...]

    2. Very cute! I liked that it focused more on a storyline than just romance. As Tammi mentioned, this would make an adorable movie. I'd love to see all those beautiful dresses on film. This made me want to go vintage dress shopping ASAP!

    3. I have a hard time coming up with a genre for this one, reviews have said it's a lovely romantic comedy and she is described as writing chick-lit. But first there is no humor in this one, and yes it has romance but not any more than a normal book. It's not focused on the romance and i don't want to call it chick-lit. Let's just call it a "normal" book with romantic tendencies. But the book is so much more than that, it's about friendship and loss, and there is a story about WWII that almost brea [...]

    4. After the untimely death or her best friend Emma Kitts, Phoebe Swift decides to start over. She breaks off her engagement, quits her job, takes out a massive bank loan, and opens her own vintage clothing store, all while struggling to overcome her feelings of responsibility for Emma's death. The daily running of Village Vintage soon brings her in contact with many interesting people including:Dan, a color-blind, spontaneous, film-buff and news reporter, who wants to open his own movie theater an [...]

    5. I am not going to rate this book with stars. I'm beginning to think this star business is dicey at best anyway. In reading this book I am reminded of the many gifts to be found between two covers. This is a book club readd one I would not have selected. Two-thirds of the way through, having grumbled and grown impatient with the writing, much to my surprise I found tears spilling. It was dawning on me that this book was more than the words on the page and the romantic genre so many ways it is my [...]

    6. B&N Recommends:Among B&N booksellers who helped choose the book, Amy Abst of Duluth, Minn said, "I want to share it with my mother, my sisters, and my friends. And don't even get me started on the vintage clothes! Lovely!"B&N said the book "tells the story of Phoebe Swift, a young Londoner whose decision to quit her job, break her engagement, and open a vintage clothing boutique strikes some as peculiar. 'I felt I needed a change,' Phoebe explains to an attractive journalist just bef [...]

    7. A Vintage Affair is a wonderfully written novel. I really didn’t want the book to end. Hearing Phoebe’s and Mrs. Bell’s story was sad but also very enjoyable. Their stories were eerily similar in the reasons why both felt so guilty. Isabel always managers to create such interesting back stories for her characters and both Phoebe’s and Therese’s were well crafted. Therese’s in particular must have taken a lot of research because it was very well explained.I thought Phoebe was a brilli [...]

    8. 3.5 stars This was one charming story! it worked for me in some aspects, alas didnt in other regards that i thought were fundamental for this kind of theme to make a "wow" effect.Firstly let me start with the fact that Wolff did an amazing job showcasing the Vintage fashion from all its angles. She goes into great detail of the designers of this era and what lead them to success. She really represented them as a competitive art not as the frivolous passion society has the tendency to embrace. Sh [...]

    9. This well-written and moving book tells the story of the power of love and of friendship. Phoebe, struggling to overcome the loss of her best friend (and subsequently her fiance) uproots herself from the life she has known and follows her heart to start a business focused on her passion for vintage clothes. Therese is approaching the end of her life, and seeks to pass along her clothes and her stories, and to alleviate her guilt for an error committed long ago. These two stories intertwine in wa [...]

    10. I'm really not in the least bit interested in fashion. Once I accidentally bought a second-hand quirky skirt by a well-known Kiwi designer, and the women at work all noticed it and asked, "Is that a ?" which surprised me. Yes, the label was still on it and yes, they were right, but none of them had seemed to me to be clothes-horses. But then, I'm so not a follower of fashion that I can't even identify those who are.One would think, therefore, that this book would bore me. It didn't. It didn't c [...]

    11. I have owned this one for a number of years and finally decided to take it down from the shelf.It was EXCELLENT!!!! If you love fashion and vintage clothes, this one is for you. Phoebe Swift after working for an auction house decides to strike out on her own by opening Village Vintage. The shop immediately starts doing business.Meanwhile Phoebe has broken up with a man whom she was engaged to be married but then her best friend who had also been interested in the same man dies. Phoebe blames her [...]

    12. I thoroughly enjoyed A Vintage Affair – from the moment I saw the cover I knew that it was going to be a book for me. I was fascinated by all the Vintage fashion and the author did a wonderful job showcasing it. The friendships that are formed as a result of Phoebe’s decision to pursue her passion of opening a Vintage shop are heartwarming and touching. I really enjoyed watching the interaction with all her customers and was especially endeared to Katie, a young girl trying her best to earn [...]

    13. I really enjoyed the historical aspect of this book about vintage clothes. I did not realize it was a thriving business. On the downside, I don't think the author had much depth to her secondary characters-even though most played major parts in the book. Also-some parts of the book were too coincidental & convenient vs realistic.

    14. Tengo que decir que el libro me ha sorprendido. Me ha enganchado más de lo que pensaba y ha sido una lectura dulce y entretenida.

    15. I had high hopes for this book, especially because the inner jacket allowed for some mystery and intrigue - unfortunately, there wasn't as much mystery in this book as there were loose ends.The first half of the book started out very slow. It was basically the telling of Phoebe, the main character, setting up her vintage clothing shop. There's a preface that doesn't make much sense at first. It's from when Phoebe was a little girl and her best friend, Emma, played a prank on her, tricking Phoebe [...]

    16. Three and a half stars. Feeling guilty over what she perceives as her part in her friend Emma’s death, Phoebe quits her job at Sotheby’s and opens her own business called Village Vintage, where she sells vintage clothes and accessories. Phoebe likes the idea that vintage clothes have a story and she finds plenty to interest here when she meets Therese Bell . Therese starts to tell her a story about her Jewish friend from World War, and a child’s sky blue coat which Therese refuses to part [...]

    17. Review to come as I had so many thoughts I don't want to rush through but this was a very special book. I got it on sale or maybe free a couple of yrs ago on nook but I buy them faster than I read and so I hadn't gotten to it sooner although I must say the lovely cover called to me many times. I think I expected fluff of some degree as I had never read this author. While the writing isn't THE most lyrical and a few times repeats the same word or phrase the overall story was wonderful and poignan [...]

    18. It was a fun, light read into the world of vintage clothes, a romance, family life, and even WWII German occupation of France and subsequent deportation of French Jews. Phoebe falls in love with her best friend's crush. It's love but of course, making this choice to follow through hurts her friendship. Through no real fault of her own, something tragic follows and Phoebe decides to change her life, to move forward and follow her dreams, while still holding onto guilt. She helps her mother go thr [...]

    19. It's very difficult to rate this book. I sped through it, so I obviously enjoyed the subject matter and the writing. The voice was enjoyable.However, a lot of the time I had no clue what it was supposed to be about. Was it a romance? Women's fiction about an independent woman opening her own business? A semi non-fiction tribute to vintage fashion and how wonderful it is? A slice-of-life story about a young woman's friendship with a dying senior?It was all over the place, with so many disjointed [...]

    20. The story centers around a woman, Phoebe, who opens a vintage clothing store. She likes to think about the woman that owned a garment before her, what her life might have been like. When she encounters an elderly French woman who wishes to sell some of her garments, Phoebe finds a new friend with a story of her own. There is a connection between the two women in that each blames herself for circumstances beyond her control. The revelation of these circumstances to each other helps each woman to [...]

    21. Although the details of the vintage clothing industry were interesting, I was frustrated by Phoebe's romance with a doting, rich, over-protective father of a teenage daughter. As she pursues the relationship Phoebe misses clue after clue that she will always play second fiddle in this triangle. Lucky for her there's a less attractive, more down-to-earth guy waiting in the wings ready to step in. But, for me, the interplay of both relationships feels contrived--and Phoebe seems much too smart to [...]

    22. Loved it! Phoebe opens a vintage clothes shop and through it meets the fasinating Therese who has terrible regrets over her actions during WWII. This reflects Phoebe's own regrets about the death of her best friend. Loved the detail of the clothes and although Dan was written a bit "thinly" apart from his curly hair for my taste, I thought it was a great read.

    23. This is one of those books that I likedbut didn't like aspects of it. The story was very good but so much time was spent on describing all of the clothes that it was very off-putting. Yes, I know the title was "A vintage Affair", but just too much on the clothes! I'm glad I stuck with it because I did enjoy the actual story of Phoebe and her life.

    24. Too Good To Be Called Chick Lit - The Very Best In Woman's Fiction.A Vintage Affair - Isabel WolffA ghastly title for a really very well written,engaging novel.As the author herself said it is about fashion,friendship,regret andredemption.The perfect end of summer read!

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    26. A fantastic read! A great story line and overall very well rounded. I agree with allwish they would make a movie out of this one!

    27. No es que sea una maravilla de libro en cuanto a cómo está escrito, pero la historia es realmente preciosa, me ha gustado tanto que en apenas dos días me lo he ventilado.

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